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Mon Aug 28 2023
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Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian YouTuber and entrepreneur known as the co-founder of the YouTube channel NELK. He is also known for sharing a close relationship with Dana White, the president of the UFC.

You can get to know if Forgeard is single or sharing a romantic relationship in this article. His net worth, early life, YouTube career, and other interesting topics like controversies are also entertained.

The Relationship Status Of Forgeard: Does He Have A Girlfriend? 

Speaking of Kyle Forgeard's relationship, he is presently leading a single and doesn't have a girlfriend. He makes sure to keep his relationship details under wrap away from online platforms. 

Kyle Forgeard with the model Paulin Jackson.
Kyle Forgeard with the model Paulin Jackson. (Source: Instagram @ kyle)

The details of Forgeard's past romantic affairs or former girlfriend are unknown glancing through the Internet. Kyle's privacy has only fueled the curiosity among his fans about his girlfriend. 

While surfing through Kyle's Instagram, he is seen spending time with different women. However, he hasn't officially announced someone as his girlfriend or romantic partner on social media. 

Forgeard is presently focusing on building his co-founded YouTube channel NELK and Full Send Podcast. He continues to entertain his fans rather than being in a romantic affair with someone. 

Unmasking Forgeard's Net Worth: Is He Secretly a Millionaire?

Kyle Forgeard has successfully accumulated a net worth of $25 million just like Karen Gravano. He has made this financial success due to his YouTube career and entrepreneurial work.

Kyle Forgeard promoting the brand Happy Dad.
Kyle Forgeard promoting the brand Happy Dad. (Source: Instagram @ kyle)

Forgeard founded the clothing brand Full Send which is the brand of the NELK. The brand makes money through the massive sales of its merchandise like hats, t-shirts, and hoodies.

Forgeard also makes money through his co-founded YouTube channel Full Send Podcast. According to Social Blade, the YouTube channel makes $32.5K to $520.5K yearly. 

Furthermore, Kyle is also the co-founder of the hard seltzer brand called Happy Dad. It offers a variety of flavors, including Wild Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple, and Watermelon.

Kyle's Parents, Age And Early Life

Kyle Forgeard was welcomed by his parents on July 12, 1994, and is the age of early 30s right now. The name of his father is Rick Forgeard and his mother's name is Gayle Forgeard respectively. 

Forgeard is not the only kid of his parents and has a sister named Chantal Forgerard. She has kept a low-key profile and the details of her personal and professional life are undiscovered right now. 

Kyle hasn't shared many details about his parents but has featured in some of his YouTube videos. He attended Ryerson University but didn't receive a degree as he dropped out of college. 

What Happened Between Kyle And Bob Menery? 

Bob Menery is famous for his viral sports commentary parodies and has massive followers on his Instagram. He was the former host of the Full Send Podcast but left due to some disputes.

Bob claimed that he was owed thousands of dollars for his work on the podcast Full Send. He also made some criticism of the NELK Boys for the way they treated his departure including Kyle. 

After the claims of Menery, Kyle didn't stay quiet and made some statements that it was false news. He instead claimed that Bob was fairly paid $1.2 million for his ten months of work. 

The dispute between Menery and Forgeard got attention and quickly spread like a fire. Overall, the controversy was sparked by Bob's dissatisfaction with the Full Send podcast team. 

The Physical Appearance Of Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard, known for his charismatic presence and distinctive style has captured the hearts of millions. He weighs around 74 kg and stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches. 

Forgeard's fashion choices reflect a blend of modern streetwear and casual elegance. He possesses an approachable personality and is a cherished figure in the world of digital content creation.

Kyle's teeth are the major concern of people after he admitted spending  $15,000 for fake teeth as per aGOODoutfit. Unfortunately, there are no further details on his dental work.

Is Kyle Often Active On Social Media? 

The YouTube star Kyle is a social media personality who is active on social media sites. He understands the importance of connecting and interacting with fans on social platforms. 

People are always wanting to know about his Instagram searching massively on the Internet. For those looking for his Instagram, it is available with the username @ kyle with over 2 million followers. 

You can often grab glimpses into Kyle's through his podcast Full Send and YouTube channel NELK. He is also seen making guest appearances in podcast shows of other YouTube creators. 

Who Is Salim The Dream And Steve Will Do It? 

Salim The Dream aka Salim Sirur and Steve Will Do It aka Stephen Deleonardis are members of the prankgroup NELK. They are associated with Kyle as his team members of NELK. 

Salim The Dream with the billionaire Elon Musk.
Salim The Dream with the billionaire Elon Musk. (Source: Instagram @ saliimthedream)

Steve Will Do It is a full-time YouTube prankster and social media personality. His net worth is estimated at around $5 million and has earned this through his successful YouTube career. 

On the other hand, Salim The Dream rose to fame after joining the prank group Nelk in February 2020. He was also a vital member of NELK Entertainment and has a net worth of $800 thousand

However, it seems like Steve Will Do It is possibly not associated with NELK anymore but the reason is unknown. Regardless, Salim The Dream is still part of NELK and appears in their videos. 

Has Forgeard Faced Imprisonment? 

Yes, Kyle Forgeard was arrested and imprisoned in Dallas, Texas, on April 19, 2021. He was arrested for allegedly impersonating a security officer in one of NELK's YouTube prank videos. 

Likewise, Forgeard was held in prison over a night but was soon released after paying a bond of $750. As of now, he hasn't suffered any imprisonment or legal issues.

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