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Mon May 22 2023
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Kylie Strickland, like many influencers, got her fame from social media. She is a former Tiktok personality who used to post comedy kits and lip-sync videos. 

Along with the Tiktok handle, Kylie was also an Onlyfans model. She used to post adult content on her official Onlyfans handle for a large fan base. 

Is Kylie Strickland Single Or Shares A Married Life With Someone?

No details are available about Kylie Strickkand's present relationship or whether she is married. Nevertheless, it is known she was in a romantic affair with Cody Weems

Kylie Strickland used to have a relationship with Cody Weems.
Kylie Strickland used to have a relationship with Cody Weems. (Source: Kemi Filani)

Kylie and Cody didn't have what one would call "a lovely" romantic life. They used to have constant conflicts, and eventually, she decided to part ways with him for her good. 

Kylie has kept all of her social media handles private as of now. The unavailability of her social media presence makes it difficult to glance into her personal life. 

Did Cody Weems Use To Abuse Kylie Strickland?

While glancing at the online domains, Kylie Strickland accused Cody Weems of domestic violence. The public knew about it when the Tiktok video of her bruised face went viral in 2021. 

The picture of Kylie Strickland's bruised face.
The picture of Kylie Strickland's bruised face. (Source: tvovermind)

It was said that Cody attacked her after breaking and entering the house through a bathroom window. At the time, Strickland was pregnant, and Weems had accused her of seeing another man. 

The police investigated the incident and charged him with burglary and kidnapping. Moreover, he was subsequently arrested for assault on an unborn child. 

Is Kylie Strickland a Mom?

The former Tiktok star Kylie Strickland is the mother of four children and mom to all her kids. Yet, the names and birth dates of Kylie's children remain hidden. 

However, Kylie has maintained the privacy of her personal life, including her children. No online media sites have covered detailed information about kids, and they remain unknown for now. 

How Much Net Worth Does Kylie Have?

Kylie Strickland is estimated to have an admirable net worth of $300 thousand, similar to Vania Nonnenmacher. She has gained all this wealth through her former social media career and other works. 

Kylie amassed a good amount of money through her OnlyFan career. Allegedly, Strickland earned $80 thousand from sexually explicit posts on her Onlyfans handle. 

Kylie Strickland has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand.
Kylie Strickland has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. (Source: citMuzik)

Strickland also used to work as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) before having a social media career. She earned money through her job as EMT working multiple shifts.

Presently, there are no details on the income sources of Kylie. Likewise, details on her real estate, business ventures, or other professional ventures stay behind the curtains.  

Strickland's Early Life 

The former social star Kylie was welcomed by her parents on October 18, 1991. She was born and raised by her parents in LaGrange, Georgia, United States. 

Unfortunately, Kylie hasn't revealed the name of her parents. The family may have wanted to keep a low-key profile away from the unnecessary media reach. 

Looking through, we learned her father is a businessman and owns a Pizza Villa. It was a popular local restaurant in Georgia state, and Kylie used to work with her father. 

The DownFall Of Kylie's Social Media Career: An Overview

Kylie used to be one of the famous creators on TikTok platforms. She is nowhere seen on all the social media platforms at present who had a massive social media influence on social platforms. 

It all started with her Tiktok live stream, where she was in a swimming pool. She exposed her breast to two minors in the same swimming pool. 

Many criticized Kylie for this careless incident. She was the topic of different controversies, and this incident eventually went to the authorities, which they investigated. 

Strickland was arrested by Pike County police officers charging electronic pornography and child exploitation. These charges are vital in Georgia. One could receive 20 years imprisonment for such an offense.  

Kylie's Physical Appearance 

The former Onlyfans model Kylie Strickland attracted some fanbase due to her beauty. Strickland is a stunning lady weighing 50kg and standing at 5 feet 7 inches, the same as Kylie Jefferson.

Kylie's blonde hair complements her striking brown eyes. Her fashion and clothing sense is also impressive, suggesting that she takes pride in her appearance and fashion sense.

Is Strickland Spending Time In Jail? 

Kylie Strickland had to spend twenty years in imprisonment after being arrested. However, this scenario didn't happen to her, and Strickland was released on bail sometime after the arrest. 

Kylie Strickland was released from jail on a three-year probation.
Kylie Strickland was released from jail on a three-year probation. (Source: The Newnan Times-Herald)

Nevertheless, Kylie was released on bail with a clause from the authorities. The clause was to have no presence on all the social platforms like Instagram and TIktok. 

As a result of the authorities clause, there are no social media handles of Kylie. All of her social platforms, including Tiktok and Instagram, are deleted.

The Aftermath of Kylie's Tiktok Stream Incident

Kylie Strickland said that she was drunk from tequila shots before the stream. People were unhappy with the answer Kylie gave. Instead of accepting her fault, Strickland wanted to cover it with alcohol actions. 

Strickland said having no control over behavior due to alcohol during which that incident occurred. However, people didn't believe her and saw this as an excuse for her unadmirable actions.

Is Kylie On Social Platforms? 

Kylie Strickland is unavailable on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She doesn't have any social sites because her charges are not dropped. 

If researching through, it's not known when Strickland will come to social sites. According to tvovermind, she was released from jail considering a three-year probation and fined $500

Strickland's Life Before Fame?

As mentioned earlier, Strickland used to work as Emergency Medical Technician(EMT). She was a hardworking lady who used to work multiple shifts. 

Moving forward, Strickland opened her Tiktok platforms in May 2020. Her video titled Slice of Life related to many audiences, which went viral and had no stopping after that. 

Educational Background 

Kylie has kept her personal details as private as possible. Regardless, she may have completed her primary schooling in some local schools in Georgia. 

After primary schooling, Kylie went to Callaway High School and completed her high school studies there. No details could be found on her further studies after that.  

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