Lacey Wildd Before & After Plastic Surgery

Fri Dec 31 2021
By   Orish Thapa

Only a few in a million people would like to go extreme with the things they want to do and seek. Some people also aspire to be animated characters like Barbie and dolls in real life. 

You might have heard the name Lolita Richi and Justin Jedlica (Ken doll), but today we will talk about Lacey Wildd, who is extremely obsessed with plastic surgery. Because of her extreme body modifications and numerous plastic surgery, she's now closed to what we call 'real-life human barbie.'

Another cartoon character, but real. How much pain and surgeries has she been through for this? It's hard to sum it up. Let's explore Lacey Wildd's plastic surgery before and after photos.

Lacey Wildd After Her Plastic Surgery

Lacey Wildd's craziness for the biggest bust and extreme modification is hard to tame. She has been through 36 different plastic surgeries involving twelve breast augmentation surgery, liposuction, nose job, chin surgery and a lot more work to support the extreme ones.

It's a little crazy to live life on the edge, but she's in for the thrill and the feeling she gets after every plastic surgery. 36 plastic surgery, extreme diets, she could hardly do things normally, but she's ready for more. She's ready for the thrill of looking different after every plastic surgery.

Why Is Lacey Wildd so obsessed with plastic surgery?

She's an A cup before. Barbie's cartoon character inspires her obsession with having the most extreme body. As per Lacey, she wanted to have the most extreme body in the world and be a walking cartoon character.

To add more, she said her obsession kicked in when her siblings teased her about being flat-chested. And, I don't think she's careful enough about her bodily changes. Within a year or two or a few more years down the lane, she would face severe bodily features and figure problems.

What's the Breast cup size Of Lacey Wildd?

Before the surgery, Lacey had a flat chest and used an A-cup bra. But after 12 breast implants and other complicated breast surgery, she's since moved to an LLL cup. I know, hard to guess/imagine the size of an LLL cup.

If you could assess this information in weight, then her lady lumps weigh 21lbs each. She can't run, provided the size of her breasts. To sleep, Lacy has to lie at a thirty-degree angle, or she feels like she "is being suffocated. 

She had to have pig skin sewed inside her abdomen. Also, an internal bra surgery supports the weight and size and implants in place.

What's Lacey Wildd upto? 

With 12 plastic surgery revolving around her breasts, she's in for another to boost her bust up to the size of QQQ size. It's crazy, and it's extreme. And after the 13th breast augmentation surgery, she'll be the only woman with the world's biggest breasts.

For that, she's already been on an extreme diet of apples, lemon juice and water for a few weeks. She's been preparing for her 13th breast augmentation surgery since the mid of 2014. She is losing and trying to lose weight at an alarming rate, which isn't good for her health. Few doctors have already been alarmed about it.

Personal Life

Lacey has six children from different relationships but is still single. She has not remarried following her first marriage and divorce, as proven by the fact that her ex-boyfriend was one of the people who encouraged her with her current psychic business. 

One of her daughter's names is toristrails, as per her social media account. She is a Blogger.

Her children have been interviewed on television, and they admit that the attention has surrounded their life on their mother's boobs. Her children don't believe in her plastic surgery enhancements for the most part, and seeing her photos of the past; they believe she was much prettier back then.

Lacey Wildd's Television Appearances

Because of her breast size, Lacey's gained opportunities to appear in minor roles in films, with the first being in the independent feature "Dr. Ice." Later on, she would appear in "Blonde Squad" and "Beauty and the Beholder," mostly working on various B films, so not gaining any mainstream attention for her acting.

In 2011, when she was featured in an episode of "True Life," – the documentary series follows a particular topic, often related to addiction or issues about sex, money, or drugs, and has gained numerous awards over the years.

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