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Fitness Trainer (1997)
Tue Jul 25 2023
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Lean Beef Patty is an American TikTok star and fitness guru. The social media star has amassed millions of followers from her amazing fitness tips.

Additionally, Lean Beef Patty has described herself as a sportsperson on her Instagram bio. If you are also amazed by the fit body of this gym freak, keep scrolling to know her diet, workout plan, and intriguing personal life.

Who Is Lean Beef Patty's Boyfriend? Is She Dating?

Lean Beef Patty is flying solo, making her current relationship status single. The famous TikToker is fully focused on building a body rather than dating someone.

Lean Beef Patty is single as of now.
Lean Beef Patty is single as of now. Source: News Unzip

There is no single clue of her being in a relationship. She mostly posts clips and pictures of herself only on social media. Although Lean Beef Patty is seen hanging out with friends and colleagues, she does not seem to be dating any of them. 

Is Lean Beef Patty A Transgender?

No, absolutely not, Lean Beef Patty is not transgender. She is in fact a woman who is just a fitness freak. Many guys believe Patricia to be transgender from her strong guy-like physique.

However, it is not the case and Lean Beef Patty's sexual orientation is straight. It's just like, the TikToker and fitness instructor likes to maintain a huge strong body.

How Old Is Lean Beef Patty? Also, Know Her Early Life, Real Name, & Parents

Presently, Lean Beef Patty is in its mid-20s in terms of age. The fitness-freak TikTok star was born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California.  

Lean Beef Patty's real name is Patricia.
Lean Beef Patty's real name is Patricia. Source: Instagram @leanbeefpatty

Now, many people were curious about Lean Beef Patty's real name. As per some outlets, her real name is Patricia. The internet personality has kept her early life details including, her parents, out of media reach. However, it is known that Patricia graduated from the University of California.

Lean Beef Patty's Started Going Gym In 2018

Now the fitness freak, Lean Beef Patty did not start going to the gym until 2018 when she realised being unhealthy. Patricia found an amazing transformation in her body after joining the gym.

Lean Beef Patty joined Gym in 2018
Lean Beef Patty joined Gym in 2018. Source: Instagram @leanbeefpatty

In 2021, Lean Beef Patty shared her body transformation over the year in TikTok. Many appraised it and her account got lots of views and likes. Some people wanted to know what diet and workout Patricia followed to have such a unique physique. 

Thus, the fitness freak, Patricia, started selling Gym and Home fitness instruction which gained her lots of followers as well as money. The social media celebrity even shared her Spotify gym playlist.

What Is The Workout Routine Of Lean Beef Patty? Secret Of Her Great Physique

Lean Beef Patty's workout routine and plan are all available on her fitness app and website. She gives tailored plans according to people's current bodies. 

Besides, Lean Beef Patty also keeps sharing fitness instructions overtime on her Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.  She has created numerous fitness programs like the Abs & Core Program, the Lean Beef Patty Bodyweight/Home Program, and the GYM PROGRAM.

Lean Beef Patty Net Worth

How much does this gym freak make in a year? Well, Lean Beef Patty's net worth is estimated at $1.5 Million. She is yet to disclose her earnings yet but looking at her lifestyle and profession, she makes a hefty money.

Patricia, A.k.A, Lean Beef Patty earns a huge amount of money from her fitness instruction. She charges at least $30 for her basic fitness plan. 

Lean Beef Patty is a fitness trainer.
Lean Beef Patty is a fitness trainer. Source: Instagram @leanbeefpatty

With a great physique comes great sponsorship and brand deals. yes, Lean Beef Patty is a model and does brand endorsement as well. The fitness guru provides a discount code for YoungLA clothing with the code "BEEF". 

Further, the social media celebrity Patricia also has gotten engagement on YouTube and TikTok. It also contributes to increasing the amount in her bank account. Lean Beef Patty earns an average of $3k from sponsored Instagram posts.

Insight Lean Beef Patty's Body Measurements: Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Lean Beef Patty has made everyone shocked with an amazing body transformation within 3 years. Once an unhealthy person, Patty now has a body like a Greek god.

Lean Beef Patty has tattoos on her legs and abdomen.
Lean Beef Patty has tattoos on her legs and abdomen. Source: Instagram @leanbeefpatty

Patricia has a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). The fitness instructor has a lean body build with a weight of 70 kg. Speaking of physical stats, Lean Beef Patty has a body measurement of 31-24-35 inches respectively.

Did you know? The TikToker fitness guru also likes inking her body. She has a tattoo on both sides of her abdomen. Likewise, Patricia has a tattoo on her both legs as well and it says "This".

Is Lean Beef Patty Natty Or Not?

Many people believe Lean Beef Patty's steroid use is the result of her Greek god-like physique. While it is common to take steroids in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, has the fitness freak model also used it?

There is no proof to back up the claim of Lean Beef Patty being Natty. The muscle that the TikTok star loves to flex indeed seems to be the legit one.

Lean Beef Patty likes Playing Games

Apparently, Lean Beef Patty also likes playing games besides making her body. After her success in TikTok, Patricia also created an account on Twitch where she streamed playing games.

Lean Beef Patty's Twitch account is @pinheadpatty where she streams 1-2 times a week. She streams by playing games such as Cuphead, Mighty Goose, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, etc

Lean Beef Patty Instagram, YouTube, & TikTok

Lean Beef Patty is a social media personality who has gained lots of fans and followers on her social media platforms. Talking specifically, she has over 5M followers on Instagram with user-id @leanbeefpatt.

Likewise, the fitness freak has over 7M followers on her TikTok. And, last but not least, Patricia is on the verge of getting 2M followers on her YouTube Channel.


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