Leighton Kim Oshima, Husband of the U.S Senator Mazie Hirono

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Sun Apr 23 2023
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Who is Leighton Kim Oshima? 

Leighton Kim Oshima is an attorney and the spouse of the first immigrant U.S Senator Mazie Hirono. He is staying in Hawai with his second wife and children. Leighton and his wife is currently at their three decades of marital relationship.

With a very few wiki data, Leighton's birth and family information remain unavailable. However, he was born in the territory of America, unlike his wife who migrated from Japan which makes him of American nationality.

Image: Leighton with his client

As per bio, Oshima graduated with a law degree from the George Washington University. He is a veteran in the field of law who is regularly seen supporting his wife in all her campaigns. 

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Additionally, Kim worked as a litigator in the state attorney general's office. Also, he has acts in private field. Currently, he works as an lawyer specializing insurance defense in Honolulu.

How did Leighton Kim Oshima's Love Bloom?

The love birds first met at a Young Democrats meeting that was held in 1973 at the Waikiki library. Oshima states that, 

“We were duly unimpressed with each other: Mazie in her rubber slippers and pedal pushers with all these tablets and notepads, a huge stack of notebooks. And I’m just like, who takes notes at a Young Democrats meeting?”

Well, it seemed to be an interesting patch up. Kim claims that her sarcastic way of conversing made him embarrassed. In fact, he was the president of the congregate then.

Image: Leighton and Oshima at the time of their wedding

The husband wife dated and broke up many times in between a period of thirteen years. Hirono claims that,

“It was one of those breakups where I burned all of his pictures.” 

Eventually, both of them got married in 1987, moreover, Leighton was already divorced and had a daughter named Malia from his previous wife. However, the identity of Leighton first spouse is a mystery.

Facts about Leighton Kim Oshima

  • Kim is not active in politics and tries to be anonymous in Hirono's field.
  • Kim sticks with Hirono, supporting her in her ups and downs.
  • Leighton likes to visit Washington.

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Leighton Kim Oshima's wife, Mazie Hirono Bio, Wiki

Lawmaker Mazie Hirono started her political career as a Liberal consumer advocate in the Hawaii legislature in the early 80's.

Hirono was born in Fukushima, Japan on November 3, 1947. Although being born in Japan, her mother was of an American citizen. She moved to Hawaiian Island along with her mother and her brother. Further, she follows Buddhism.

Leighton Kim Oshima's Net worth and Salary

All through his career, Leighton has supposedly gathered a net worth in eight figures. However, the exact sum of his bank balance is still under review. As a private attorney, he receives an annual income of $120,000 approximately. Also, his law firm provides him a handsome amount remuneration.

Image: Mazie in the assembly

Leighton's wife Hirono has a net worth of around $5 million. She has a total liabilities of between $800,000 and $1.6 million which includes mortgage debt of up to $1.6 million. Eunice Yoon earned $800000 net worth from her career.

Further, she has an investment in mutual funds worth $100,000 in brokerage, retirement accounts and $800,000 in real estate as well. She has stakes in Manulife Financial and Sun Life Financial. Possession of such a tremendous wealth, she is ranked as the 52nd richest person in the U.S. Senate.


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