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Wed Apr 12 2023
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Modeling Industry is one of the most demanding industries to enter, let alone have a career in it. Leni Olumi Klum makes it look easy with her successful modeling career. She is a top American model who is also the daughter of the famous supermodel Heidi Klum.

Leni is one of the world's youngest models, having been born on May 4, 2004. The New York model is one of the fastest-growing names in the modeling world.

Leni's Educational Qualifications

Leni Klum has decided to focus on education, while her modeling career has taken a bit of a backseat. She is leaving her mother (for now) and moving to a new location for her college as she starts a different phase of her life.

The model did her school education at Pacifica Christian High School. She graduated in the June of 2022.

She is wearing a blue graduation gown while showing her degree.
Leni Klum with her graduation degree (Source: Instagram @leniklum)

Mother Klum is both sad and happy at the same time for her daughter. Happy because her daughter is now choosing to live independently as she grows. Sad, knowing that her daughter is moving to a new location and leaving away from her.

About Leni's Father: Flavio Briatore

Flavio Briatore is a businessman from Italy. He is known for having worked for companies like Renault and Benetton. People also know him as an ex-partner of Heidi Klum.

The tycoon Businessman also has an interest in Formula One racing. He took over an F1 team of the Toleman in 1986. Briatore is a famous figure in Hollywood, having been spotted hanging around with favorite celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Gordon Ramsay.

In Relationship With Aris Rachevsky

Leni Klum is in a relationship with hockey player Aris Rachevsky. The romantic couple seems to be in love with each other, as these two are often spotted hanging out together.

Aris has her hand over her head as they are lying down and taking this selfie.
Leni Klum and her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky (Source: Instagram @leniklum)

The couple's relationship has been going strong for a while, although they hadn't revealed when these two met. Aris is a private guy who hasn't told much about his life in the media.

However, they have been seen hanging out in numerous places, from dinner dates in New York to Coachella to Milan Fashion Week.

Leni Is The Only Child of Briatore & Klum 

Although Leni was the only kid of her father, Briatore, and mother, Heidi Klum, she has siblings from her stepfather, Seal. Her step-father, Seal, and her biological mother, Klum had three kids from their marriage. 

Leni may not have a biological sibling, but she does have siblings from her mom and her stepfather, Seal. They are Henry Samuel, Johan Samuel, and Lou Samuel.

How Much Is Leni's Net Worth?

At a very young age, Leni Klum has become a millionaire with her own effort and dedication. The top model has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Although her mom's fame may have helped, it is worth mentioning that not every famous child becomes rich and famous. Leni has successfully stepped out of her mother's shadow to establish herself.

He is posing holding a fancy perfume bottle.
Leni Klum on the promotion of Dior (Source: Instagram @leniklum)

She has done photoshoots with top magazines like Vogue, Hunger, and Glamour. She is also the brand ambassador of Dior beauty, which has helped her gain a considerable fortune.

About Leni's Mother Heidi Klum

For anyone interested in models and their lifestyle, the name Heidi Klum would not need any introduction to them. The German American model has left a massive mark in the industry, and her word is spoken in the same breath as some top supermodels like Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr.

Both are posing with Bazaar magazine with them on the cover.
Heidi Klum and daughter Leni Klum (Source: Instagram @leniklum)

Klum has a perfect modeling CV. She has previously been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. She was also one of the Victoria's Secret Angels (the company famous for its top models like Candice Swanepoel) and the first one from Germany.

Found Herself In Hot Water For a Photoshoot

Leni Klum is not immune to criticism. She has found herself at the center of talk for her photo shoot with her mother, former supermodel Heidi Klum.

Everyone has talked about a photoshoot featuring Leni and her mother. The shoot featured both of them in lingerie. Some have loved the shoot, whereas others seem not to like it. The photoshoot was part of the promotion of the Italian brand Intimissimi. Though there may not have been any bad intentions from them, it did not stop people from talking about it, not in a good way.

A controversial photoshoot of Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni Klum.
A controversial photoshoot of Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni Klum. Image Source: The Sun 

The people were weirded out looking at the pictures. They felt the image was sexualizing Leni, who turned legal only a while back. Mother Klum was criticized for the shoot saying she should know better. Some also criticized her, saying she is a mother of four and should be more responsible and her children will grow up learning from her.

With all these criticisms, some people have come in their defense, saying there is nothing weird about the picture as it's just a mother and daughter sharing their bond.


Body Measurements

You can tell Leni has some of her mother's genes in her. One of the prominent features about Klum is her height, and her daughter has gotten some of it.

Leni is a tall woman with the same height as Emily Ratajkowski at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). Not a surprising feature, knowing she is a model.

Her height is complimented by her well-maintained body as well. Models have to maintain their diet to stay in that photoshoot body. At a weight of 56 kg, you can tell the woman takes good care of her body.

The Split Of Her Parents

Leni didn't have luck with her parents, Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore. The couple called it an end to their relationship while Klum was still pregnant with her daughter.

Heidi is wearing white suit and Flavio in black suit as they both are smiling and looking at each other.
Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore at an event (Source: Gala)

The pair started dating in 2003. Shortly after, these two were about to be parents, with Leni on the way. Unfortunately, they split up, and Leni never got to be with her father.

Social Media Presence 

Leni already has a huge fan following at such a young age. The professional model right now may be focusing on her education away from the celebrity limelight, but she still regularly uploads on Instagram for her fans.

Her Instagram is filled with modeling photoshoots, paid promotions, and pictures with her boyfriend, mom, and friends. She sometimes updates about the events happening in her life through her Insta handle @leniklum.

Leni Found Father's Love in Seal

Leni's biological mother, Klum did not take long to move off from her previous partner. After splitting with Flavio while pregnant with Leni, she started seeing British Musician, Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel aka Seal

Seal and Klum first met in 2004 at a hotel lobby in New York. They connected and started seeing each other. Seal also adopted Leni Klum. Klum did not take the time to tell him about her pregnancy as she revealed about Leni after their first date.

The couple tied the knot in 2005. Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be, as, after seven years of being together, they went their ways in 2012.

But at least Leni did not grow up with a single mother, as she found her father in Seal. Seal only adopted Leni after talking to Flavio. Flavio, in one of his interviews, brought this up. He stated: 

Leni is my natural daughter, but the three of us happily agreed that it made more sense if Seal adopted her, because a child needs to grow up in a family.


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