Who is Lennox Hastie's Wife? Know about his Married Life and Kid

Tue Feb 08 2022
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Lennox Hastie is a Sydney-based married chef who is originally from England. He is married to Di Hastie. Currently, they are settled in Sydney, Australia. They are enjoying their married life with their son and their first restaurant.

Di and Lennox welcomed their first child while they were in a plan of opening a restaurant. Since then, their life has changed dramatically. They have to rush for their work, look after their house, and raise their child with care.

Hastie's Wife

Even though Lennox told his wife's name, he has not described her profession. However, she might be working along with him in his restaurant, Firedoor, in Sydney.

As the couple had a son at the very time of their restaurant's openings, Di might also be raising her baby instead of being engaged to her work.

Hastie's Child

Lennox Hastie and Di Hastie were blessed with a lovely son in 2015. His name is Alexander Hastie. Alexander was born healthy through normal delivery. He has had good behaviors since his early hood.

Black and White photo of Lennox Hastie holding his son in his arms and kissing him on his cheeks.
Photo of Lennox Hastie with his son (Photo Source: www.broadsheet.com.au)

More, in an interview with Broadsheet Media, Hastie said, "Alexander is a beautiful little boy with a chuckle and has the loveliest engaging nature."

Hastie's Fatherhood

Lennox Hastie opened his restaurant six weeks after his son was born. In his early days, he had difficulties separating time for his work and his young one. 

Since Hastie loves to travel, his traveling plans also got entangled between parenting and running his business.

Nevertheless, these days he is happy with what he has welcomed together: his first restaurant and his first child. He spends enough time with his son and even takes him to amusement parks and the places he visits.

Lennox's Married Life

Lennox has always remained a secretive person when it comes to his married life. He had probably married in Australia as he shifted from England to Australia in 2011. Therefore, he probably married between 2011/12 and 2014.

However, Hastie has not revealed how he met Di and his exact marriage date.

Who Helps Hastie in Parenting?

Hastie has many friends who are chefs along with being a father. His friend James Kidman who works at Cafe Sydney often provides him with tips for good parenthood. Similarly, he also gave him his daughter's camp bed and change table for his baby.

Lennox Hastie in a green helmet with his son in a green helmet and black goggles with green borders.
Photo of Lennox Hastie and Alexander Hastie (Source: Instagram@lennoxhastie)

Further, Tim Johnstone who has three kids provides Hastie with enormous support and assists him in his restaurant making his work fast and saving time for his son.

How Hard Is It To Become a Dad?

According to Lennox Hastie, he has not got sound sleeps after the moment he became a dad. He has to work the whole day and spend time with his child in the morning and evening. This made him kinda short of energy and time for himself.

There are times when he even does not get time to rest. But, apart from all these kinds of stuff, he is immensely happy and cares for his son greatly.

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