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Sun Feb 26 2023
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Leo Hijazi is a celebrity son thanks to her mother Jaime Pressly. You might know her as Jill Kendall from the popular show Mom. Some of her other notable works are Welcome to Flatch, BoJack Horseman, and My Name Is Earl among others.

Leo is one-half of her twin sons, with the other one being his brother Lenon Hijazi. They also have a stepbrother named Dezi James Calvo, who Jaime famously admitted is her favorite child. His father's name is Hamzi Hijazi. His mother, Jaime is a successful actress who has an estimated net worth of $7 Million.

Who Are Leo Hijazi's Parents?

Leo Hijazi is the son of Jaime Pressly and Hamzi Hijazi. The two have been together for a very long time but they are yet to walk down the wedding aisle. Their first encounter happened in 2011 in Santa Monica, California in a shoe store.

Hamzi Hijazi is wearing a suit whereas, Jaime Pressly is wearing a white dress.
Leo Hijazi parent's, Hamzi Hijazi and Jaime Pressly (Source: CNN)

Jaime has said that their relationship happened by a chance but she is glad that it happened. She had just gone shopping with her friends at a shoe store and Hamzi also happened to be there. They shortly started seeing each other and have been together since.

What Is Leo Hijazi Parent's Net Worth?

Leo Hijazi is fortunate to have been born into a well-off family with his mother, Jaime Pressly having a $7 Million net worth. His father, Hamzi Hijazi is slightly less rich, with an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Acting is Jaime's biggest source of income. Her wealth can be credited to the success of shows like My Name is Earl, Mom, and Welcome to Flatch. Besides acting, she is also involved in modeling works. Her wealth was slightly affected when her home was robbed once, and jewelry worth $200,000 was stolen.

Hamzi, on the other hand, is not involved in the entertainment industry and is an entrepreneur by profession. He is believed to own multiple businesses and one of them is a shoe shop in California.

Leo Is The Loud One Among The Twins

Leo Hijazi is the loud and the crazy one among Jaime's kids, while his brother, Lenon is the reserved one. In every family with multiple kids, the kids have slightly different where one is loud and the other one is a bit reserved. And, in this family, Leo is the loud one.

Jaime Pressly is carrying Leo Hijazi on her lap, and Lenon Hijazi is sitting on a cycle.
Leo Hijazi (left) with his brother, Lenon Hijazi, and his mother, Jaime Pressly (Source: Jaime Pressly Instagram @jaimepressly)

Leo's mother Jaime wasn't surprised by how their kids turned out as she knew it would happen based on how they were in her womb. While speaking to ExtraTV, she said that Leo would jump up and down all the time in her womb. She said that her son would jump up and down in excitement.

But, his brother Lenon was exactly the opposite of that. She said that Lenon was always sitting in her womb in a fetal position. He would be in that position, hugging her ribcage the entire time. She also said in the same interview that Lenon was the lover whereas, Leo was the crazy one. And, her kids are like this even today.

How Did Leo Get His Name?

Jaime has revealed how her son Leo and his twin brother Lenon got their names. Leo got his name after a zodiac sign. Both his parents, Jaime and Hamzi share the same zodiac sign, i.e., Leo. That's how they came up with the name.

Like Leo, his brother, Lenon also got his name from something common that his parents shared. Both his parents are huge fans of the classic rock band, The Beatles. John Lennon, the guitarist of the band was the inspiration behind the name Lenon.

One-Half Of The Twins, And Has A Stepbrother

Leo is one-half of the twin sons of Jaime and Hamzi, with her other son being Lenon Hijazi. Jaime had her two precious children on October 16, 2017. Besides that, he also has a stepbrother named Dezi James Calvo, who was born on May 11, 2007. Dezi's biological father is Eric Cubiche.

Leo Hijazi is in a bathtub, Lenon Hijazi is on a beach with his mother, Jaime Pressly, and Dezi James Calvo is holding a fish he caught.
Leo Hijazi (top on right) and his brothers, Lenon Hijazi (bottom on right) and Dezi James Calvo (Source: Jaime Pressly Instagram @jaimepressly)

But Jaime's pregnancy with Leo and Lenon wasn't all smooth. It's because there were some difficulties, she was going through to conceive her twin sons. She was even worried at the time that she had to go through In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) for the baby delivery process. 

Jaime had previously experienced what it's like to be a mother with Dezi. But, while speaking to Extra, she did say that it is still a lot of work to raise her twins as she is getting a bit older which doesn't make it any easy. Dezi also started smiling when he was just five weeks old as most babies only start smiling when they are around two months old.

Leo's Mother Used To Suffer From Bulimia

Leo's mother, Jaime has been a victim of an eating disorder during her modeling days. She did this because of all the pressure she felt to look in a certain shape at the time. Bulimia is a serious issue and has even cost the lives of people.

She has even played the character of an eating disorder while shooting for Mom. This also helped her to hide her pregnancy with Leo and Lenon at the time. Yahoo reports that they gave her character a prosthetic fat face, neck, and eating disorder to hide her pregnancy.

Leo Isn't His Mother, Jaime's Favorite Child?

My Name Is Earl actress, Jaime received some backlash for saying that she has a favorite child and that is her oldest son, Dezi. In her controversial statement, she said that even though she loves all of her three sons, her bond with her oldest one is a bit special as they grew up together. She revealed it via a post on her Instagram.

Jaime Pressly has her arms around Dezi James Calo as she is taking the selfie.
Leo Hijazi's brother, Dezi James Calo with his mother, Jaime Pressly (Source: Jaime Pressly Instagram @jaimepressly)

Many people weren't happy with this and they even let her know. They believed that having a favorite one could affect their other kids negatively, once they grow up and start learning to read or write. They believed it could have a long-term effect on the future and called the Mom actress out for it.

But, Leo's mother didn't apologize for what she said and also defended her controversial statement. People have reported her saying that all three of her kids are special to her and she likes her oldest one when it comes to certain things. She loved Dezi, in things like traveling on a plane, or while getting dressed as she didn't have to worry about dressing him.

About Leo's Grandparents

Leo Hijazi is the grandson of James Liston Presley and Brenda Sue Presley from his mother's side. However, the identity of his grandparents from his father, Hamzi's side remains to be known.

It is known that his grandma, Brenda used to work as a dance instructor back in the day. And, his grandpa, James used to be a car salesman. Leo's mother, Jaime also had to go through a legal emancipation process with James and Brenda, to fly to Japan for her modeling work as she had no one to go with her on the trip.

A Brief On Jaime's Career

Leo's mother, Jaime is a famous name among TV audiences, thanks to her performances in shows like Mom, My Name Is Earl, Joe Dirt, and Welcome to Flatch. But her career in the entertainment industry started as a model and not as an actor. She was only 14 years old when she started her modeling career.

But her acting career is what people recognize her for. She first left a huge mark in the acting world with her performance as Joy Turner in My Name Is Earl. The performance for which she even received a Primetime Emmy Award in 2007. She has also won the Gold Derby TV Award, Golden Nymph, and a couple of other awards in the past.

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