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Actress, singer, model (1978)
Tue Oct 10 2023
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Lisette Morelos is a versatile Mexican actress, singer, and model. She has been gracing the screen since a young age. Lisette's work in the entertainment field has been able to captivate the hearts of many.

Although Morelos shines brightly on her professional life there are still some well-guarded aspects behind the curtains. So, keep scrolling through the article to lift up that curtain and explore her enigmatic life.

Is Lisette Morelos Married?

No, Lisette Morelos has not tied the knot with anyone currently. But this does not mean the Mexican singer-cum-actress is flying solo. She is dating Rigoberto Castañeda, a filmmaker, since 2013.

Lisette Morelos and her boyfriend Rigoberto Castañeda.
Lisette Morelos and her boyfriend Rigoberto Castañeda. Source: Twitter @rigocasta

Morelos and Castañeda are a sneaky couple who keep their romantic life away from the prying eyes of the media. However, they both are fans of the football club Barcelona.

Actually, the Origin Unknown actress, Lisette has always been tight-lipped about her relationships. She has also not disclosed much about her former relationship.

Lisette Morelos Was Married 

Previously, Lisette Morelos was married to the author John Bainbridge. The former husband and wife exchanged wedding vows in 2005.

As time passed by, the love between Bainbridge and Morelos gradually became lesser and lesser. Thus, they ended their relationship with a divorce in 2012.

Lisette Morelos Bio/Wiki: Age, Parents & Early Life

Lisette Morelos was born on May 21, 1978 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Her full name is Lisette Garcia Morelos-Zaragoza. Morelos was an early bird with a lot of potential to shine in acting like Alessio Scalzotto.

Lisette Morelos as a baby with her mother Isa Morza.
Lisette Morelos as a baby with her mother Isa Morza. Source: Instagram @lisette_morelos

At the age of 10, Morelos started playing the role of a little girl. By the age of 17, Lisette was already on the screen. Apparently, the Mexican actress's parents were quite supportive of her.

Speaking of Education, Lisette attended classes at CEA (Centro DE Educación Artística DE Televisa). The 173 cm tall Mexican artistic institution further helped to enhance and hone Morelos's acting skills.

Blended Family Of Lisette Morelos

Lisette Morelos grew up in Mexico City with her blended family. Her mother's name is Isa Morza. Morelos wished Isa on Mother's Day writing:

"Happy Mother's Day! Today I congratulate you for your great work as a mother, although you have to admit that having a daughter like me made things much easier for you 😬😇❤️ "

Lisette Morelos and her mom in pumas cap.
Lisette Morelos and her mom in pumas cap. Source: Instagram @lisette_morales

Lisette has yet to talk about her father. In addition to this, she has step-siblings. Yes, her step-brother's name is Rodrigo Garcia Morelos Z.

The two seem to have an amazing bond. Like Morelos, her step-brother Rodrigo is also a singer as well as a Film composer and musician.

Explore Lisette Morelos Net Worth 

Lisette Morelos is a wealthy personality having a command of $4 Million worth of assets like Cheryl Pepsii Riley. With her successful career in the Mexican entertainment industry, Lisette makes a good amount of money from her professional life.

The average salary of an actress in Mexico is MXN 412,112 per year which is around $23k. Being a veteran, Lisette surely earns more than this. Similarly, her boyfriend Rigoberto Castañeda has a net worth of $1 Million.

On top of that, Morelos has additional income-generating sources. She is a model and a singer. Lisette is recording songs is a CD in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Lisette Morelos Got A Break At The Age Of 16

As aforementioned, Morelos's professional struggle began at the age of 16. She was taking small roles and learning new things every day. At the age of 16, her supporting role in the serial Silent Love, impressed producers and directors, and Lisette got a breakthrough.

Following that, Lisette started getting several lead roles in the serials. Today, Morelos has 25 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. Some of her movies and TV Shows are;

1996Tú y yoLinda
1997El secreto de AlejandraCarola Lavalle
1998-1999CamilaIngrid Valverde
2001-2002Mujer, casos de la vida realVarious roles
2002¡Vivan los niños!Adriana Espinoza
2007-2018Como dice el dichoMariana Gallegos
2021¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?Ofelia del Olmo Gascón de Iturbide

Did You Know Lisette Morelos Is A Football Fan?

Yes, the Mexican actress, Lisette Morelos is a huge football fan. She supports her country Mexico during the play and watches the game at the stadium when she can.

Lisette Morelos and her mother in a Mexican football Jersey.
Lisette Morelos and her mother in a Mexican football Jersey. Source: Instagram @lisette_morelos

Besides Mexico, Morelos supports Argentina as she is a huge fan of Lionel Messi. She was happy when Messi lifted the FIFA World Cup trophy in 2022.

Which Breed Of Dog Does Lisette Morelos Own?

Lisette Morelos has two pitbulls which are black in color. She considers them her children and loves teasing them. Morelos posted a lot of pictures of her dogs on instagram.

Lisette Morelos's pitbull dog.
Lisette Morelos's pitbull dog. Source: Instagram @lisette_morelos

One of her dog's names is Lilith. Lisette mentioned that it was on February 8, 2015, that Lilith joined her family and she is so grateful for that. She wrote:

On this day in 2015, Lilith came home! Thank you black for these amazing years!!!! I love you!
Thank you @escul_can and @ericasanchezsu for making this possible!
Happy birthday Lilith!!!!! 🥰😍

Social Media Presence: Lisette Morelos Facebook & Instagram

Lisette Morelos does not want to be completely cut off from the world. Thus, she has accounts on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Morelos has over 180k followers on her Instagram account which she goes by the username@lisette_morelos. Likewise, Lisette's Facebook has 24k followers but she only follows 14 people on it.



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