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Entertainer, Pop singer (1978)
Wed May 11 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Lorna Bliss

Ex-boyfriend : Danny Lopez
Lorna Bliss is previously in a relationship with Danny Lopez

Lorna Bliss, a Britain's Got Talent and X-Factor contestant who gained fame after imitating her idol Britney Spears. She began mimicking Britney Spears in the year 2000 and made her international debut in 2011 on British Got Talent.

Her first television appearance was on GMTV in 2009. Lorna Bliss was born in England on July 7, 1978. The 41 years old pop singer falls under zodiac sign Cancer.

Reportedly, she is currently single. Even if she is dating anyone, she hasn't highlighted her relationship bond for now.

Past Affair with Danny Lopez

Lorna Bliss dated Johnny Depp look-alike Danny Lopez for 18 months. The couple met each other in 2007 when they both appeared on the same American TV chat show. According to Danny, his first impression of Lorna wasn't right. 

Lorna Bliss with her ex-boyfriend Danny Lopez
Image: Lorna Bliss with her ex-boyfriend Danny Lopez
Source: Mirror

He again added that she had a crazy look in her eye. The couple booked into the same hotel on the same night where Lorna turned herself into raunchy leopard-skin demanding to be let in by the Danny who was still married at the time. Later, Danny gets a divorce, and the couple started dating.

Odd chemistry of Britney Spears and Johnny Depp impersonators

Over the years the pair has an excellent connection they usually hang out with each other and had lots of fun. They even get drunk all the time, and Danny often carries Lorna to her home. Later she flew between the UK and the US visiting Danny. 

In January 2009 the pair visited Hollywood and Las Vegas where they were fans flocked. The couple dresses up like their impersonators Britney Spears and Johnny Depp and poses for thousands of pictures a day.

Crazy Love Ended Up with an Argument

Lorna, who is in deep connection with Britney Spears, thinks that she is a Britney. On early 2011, Lorna invited Danny to meet her family in the UK. But after Danny's comment on Lorna lead her into a rage which leads the couple to end their 18 months relationship in March 2011, when Lorna flew to Los Angeles to film a US reality show.

Brawl with Another Britney Spears Impersonator

Kitty Brucknell, who is 26 years old, also appeared in the X-Factor. Her get-up and song selection make everyone believe that she is also impersonator of Britney Spears. Both Lorna and Kitty tried to buy each other's online domain names to stop the other from setting up websites. 

Danny, who is an ex-boyfriend of Lorna and friend of Kitty, claims that he was stuck in the middle of a feud between the two women. Kitty joked and stated that she would buy all the Lorna Bliss domain names and turn them into x-rating sites. While on the other hand Lorna frequently calls Kitty at 3 am and shout at her. According to some pal of Kitty, she was so stressed by Lorna's calls that Kitty consulted a solicitor.

Early Life

Her parents raised Lorna Bliss in England. From 2000 she began impersonating Britney Spears. Later in 2011, she made her international debut on Britain's Got Talent and also in X-Factor mimicking her idol Britney Spears. 

Lorna Bliss during a show in Britain's Got Talent
Image: Lorna Bliss during a show in Britain's Got Talent
Source: tiskin

In 2009, She made her appearances on GMTV. In 2011, she was asked by David Hasselhoff to join Britain's Got Talent semifinals where she got three no's from the judges in the very first round.

Unbelievable Performance on the Worldwide Show

Lorna appeared in the X-Factor stage with a lime green bikini and fishnet body-stocking. She scared the Gary Barlow with her performance and annoyed Tulisa with her attitude. She also auditioned for Series 5 of Britain's Got Talent where she was eliminated in the audition round.

Lorna during an audition in X-Factor
Image: Lorna during an audition in X-Factor
Source: Mirror

Before her audition, she told that she had dedicated her whole life to become Britney, she explained to everyone how she loses her weight accordingly and also shave her head when Britney Spears do. In her audition, she performed Toxic where she completely turned herself into Britney Spears outfit which was in the video of Toxic

She then fell to the Judges panel and began to perform around them, which lead her to buzzed by the Judges. Though her voice is not good as a Britney Spears, it is sure that her outstanding and entertaining performance has to lead her to gain many fans around the world.

How Rich is Britney Spears Impersonators?

The great performer on the many talents shows Lorna Bliss has estimated net worth of $1,00,000 to $1 Million. She and her ex-boyfriend Danny claims that Bliss spent $1,65,000 over the years to look like her idol, Britney Spears which includes $550 to copy the star's nine tattoos in her lower back.

Lorna Bliss spending quality time
Image: Lorna Bliss spending quality time
source: Mirror

Lorna charges $1,100 for her appearance as a Britney Spears per day. Regarding her houses and cars, there is no information until now. Though she is not rich as other stars like Carnie Wilson and Aimee Osbourne, surely, she has a very quality lifestyle.

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