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Actor (1948)
Thu Jan 19 2023
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Lou Wagner is a famous American actor who has risen his fame through the movies like Galgameth, Making Apes: The Artists Who Changed, Hello Down There, Starry Night, Columbo: Mind Over Mayhem and Sodbusters.

He is probably best known for his regular role as mechanic Harlan Arliss in the NBC television series CHiPs from 1978 to 1983.

Early life

Galgameth actor was born on August 14, 1948, in San Jose a large city surrounded by rolling hills in Silicon Valley, a major technology hub in California's Bay Area. He was born and raised in his own hometown. Also, he chose to make his career in his own homeland.

Lou Wagner was captured in his young days in the little bit smile on his face.
Lou Wagner was captured in his young days in the little bit smile on his face. Photo source: Planet of the Apes Wiki

He was interested in dancing from an early age. He thought of establishing his career in the field of dance and he fulfilled his childhood dream. Additionally, he established himself in the field of acting too.

Family Details

Wagner has not shared any sort of information regarding his parents and siblings on social media. He prefers to have a low key in the case of his family and relatives.

His parents must be well supportive and caring because they have supported him to fulfill his dream and now he has established himself as an actor in the American entertainment industry.

Net Worth 

Lou Wagner has a total net worth of $5 million. He has access to such an amount through his successful career as a renowned American actor and television personality.

However, he does not have his own personal business or other kinds of stuff that generate money for him rather than his career. He is living a lavish and luxurious life through the money he has got access to as he has taken a break from the Movie industry and acting field.

Relationship Status 

Lou Wagner is one of the legends and multitalented celebrities who has kept a spot in the limelight at an early age and likes to keep his status low-key.

However, details regarding his previous relationships and affairs are still behind the curtains but there is not any assurance that the handsome Wagner was unmarried and single. He might be hiding his relationship status from the public or he might be single and focusing on his career.

Lou Wagner was captured in the smiley face and looking at the front side wearing yellow shirt and grey and black tie
Lou Wagner was captured with a smiley face and looking at the front side wearing a yellow shirt and grey and black tie. Photo source: Wikilogy

Similarly, he has also not shared his relationship and affairs and his past relationships or getting engaged or married on social media.

Wagner in Hello Down There

Wagner has starred as the reel character Marvin Webster in the American science fiction streaming television series Hellow Down There. It was made in the genre of science fiction, adventure, and family drama. It was first released on April 13, 2018, and finalized its episodes on December 1, 2021.

The story of Hello Down There roams around the unforeseeable circumstances to the Robinsons, a family of space colonists, crash-land on an unknown planet. Now, they must fight for survival and escape, despite the dangers surrounding them.

Famous TV Series

The actor Wagner has starred in many television series through his incredible acting skills and talent throughout his career starting age to yet.

His famous television series include The Millers, Yes, Dear, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, CHiPs, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and many others.

Physical Outlooks 

Lou Wagner has a very charming and alluring personality. He has got a good height too. He is 5ft and 4 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs around 75kg.

Lou Wagner was captured in the smiley face  wearing coat shirt and tie
Lou Wagner was captured in the smiley face wearing a grey coat and black s shirt. Photo source: Alchetron

Moreover, he has brown short hair and brown eyes which has made him more good-looking in his late fifties too. As he was in the sports field at an early age, he has got an athletic body type and has worked hard to maintain the body well fitted.

His zodiac sign is Leo, Latin for Lion and it is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It corresponds to the constellation Leo and comes after Cancer and before Virgo.

Lou in Star Trek

Making Apes: The Artists Who Changed actor Wagner has starred as the reel character DaiMon Solok in the Star Trek an American science fiction media franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. Wagner's character DaiMon Solok was liked by many people.

The story of the series Star trek revolves around James T Kirk, who is the captain of the Starship Enterprise, exploring the whole galaxy with his crew and going on several adventures as they fight evil forces together. The series has three episodes and it was first released in 2013.

Active on Twitter and Facebook

Sodbusters actor Lou uses Twitter and has an account too which has more than 8k followers on his official Twitter account @louwwagner. He tweets his dancing videos and movies on his account.

In addition to that, he is also active on his Facebook account as Lou Wagner. He uses Facebook and Twitter though he does not have a good fan following.

Known As Gabe Burton in Starry Night

Star Trek: The Next Generation actor has starred as the reel character Gabe Burton in the American Fantasy and Romance movie Starry Night. The movie was initially released in the year 1999.

Lou Wagner was captured in the smiley face and looking at the front side wearing coat shit and tie
Lou Wagner was captured with a smiley face and looking at the front side wearing a coat shit and tie. Photo source: Wikipedia

The story of the movie Starry Night revolves around the character Vincent van Gogh who is One hundred years after his death in Europe, and he is brought back to life by a magic potion. He finds himself in the modern metropolis of Los Angeles and is stunned to learn that the world considers him.

The movie was directed by Paul Davids an American independent filmmaker and writer, especially in the area of science fiction.

Mr. Booms in The Millers

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor has starred as the reel character Mr. Booms in the television series The Millers. His character was liked by many people in the movie. The series was first released in 2013.

The Miller story revolves around a divorced male reporter who eagerly looking forward to experiencing a wifeless life. But his parents' matrimonial crises impact negatively his plans. It has almost thirty-four episodes released so far.

Lou In Planet Of The Apes

Columbo: Mind Over Mayhem actor has starred as the reel character Lucius in the American science fiction media franchise Planet Of the Apes. The drama was released in the year 1968 initially. The drama was made in the science, fiction, and drama genre.

The story of the Planet of the Apes revolves around the consisting of films, books, television series, comics, and other media about a world in which humans and intelligent apes clash for control.

The film gives the message of an allegory on migration in America: Cornelius and Zira are ultimately viewed as illegal immigrants and a threat to the American way.


Lou is a controversy-free personality. He has not been involved in any kinds of controversies that have hit the media headline yet. 

Moreover, he entertains people with his amazing acting skills and talents and has won the hearts of millions than involved in any kind of controversy.

His life has not been controversial in the case of his relationship. He is balancing his career, and relationship with his wife and three children very smoothly.

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