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Tue Nov 15 2022
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Lydecia Holmes is a celebrity thanks to her son's fame. She is the mother of the Basketball star Richaun Holmes. He plays for Sacramento Kings in the NBA.

Holmes goes by the name of Dr. Lydecia Holmes, which is enough indication for you to learn that she is more than just the son of a Basketball player. She is an author and a teacher. The article will provide some information on the mother of the NBA Star.

Who Is Lydecia Holmes's Husband?

Lydecia Holmes shares the marriage bond with fellow teacher Dr. Richard Holmes Sr. The information on their relationship is unavailable, but their marriage is still strong. Richard is a devoted Christian, and his religious belief would have most likely helped him to keep their marriage floating.

Both are wearing black caps on this selfie.
Lydecia Holmes with her husband Richard Holmes on their trip to Europe (Source: Instagram @drlydecia)

Lydecia's husband is a teacher like her and is also a businessman. Both of them have maintained a successful married life so far.

She Is A Mother Of Four

Richaun may be the most popular but he isn't the family's only son. She has three other children alongside the NBA Superstar. Richaun was the youngest of four boys.

Dunkman, in an interview, recalled the time he grew up with his siblings. He also credited them for making him the player he is today. As a kid, he would play the dribble game with his brothers. And they did not make it easier for him. He said:

It was a tough game, but I always enjoyed it. No rules, no fouls; just try to make it. They’d beat up on me a lot, but they're part of the reason why I play the way I do now. I started playing angry, just to beat them, and I kind of kept that throughout my career. 

How Much Does Her Son Make Playing Basketball?

Lydecia Holmes's son, Richaun Holmes, is famous among NBA fans. Though he is not Klay Thompson or Stephen Curry, he has still managed to gain some fans through his game.

He is wearing a black headband in the picture.
Lydecia Holmes's son Richaun Holmes in a match (Source: NBA)

The Sacramento Kings star reportedly has a net worth of $15 million. He is currently on a four-year deal of around $45 million guaranteed income in the contract. That makes it an average salary of more than $10 million.

Lydecia Holmes Husband Is A Pastor

Besides working as a teacher and a businessman, Dr. Richard Holmes Sr. also makes time to preach about the teaching of Christianity. He works as a Senior Pastor at the Morning View Word Church.

Pastors have been under much criticism for how their preaching goes. Complaints mostly come from exploiting poor people to convert and accept Christianity, which many believe is the wrong method to spread their teachings. The hate has no impact on him, who has been serving as a pastor at Morning View since July 1990.

Is A Grand Mother

Lydecia is now a grandmother as well. Her son, Richaun, is now the father and has his son from his ex-wife Allexis. It's visible that she loves her grandson. She has posted a pic with her grandson on her Insta watching a match. She has captioned the post:

Hanging out with my grandson in his new glasses

They are in a stadium watching the game.
Lydecia Holmes spending quality time with her grandson (Source: Instagram @drlydecia)

The Allegations on Her Son Richaun Holmes

Richaun Holmes found himself on the news for all the wrong reasons. He became a topic of conversation when his ex-wife alleged that he had physically abused their son. 

His ex-wife Allexis said that his attack on their son was so bad that he was bleeding from his head. The news spread like wildfire, and Richaun, known for not entertaining much of trolls, heard enough and defended himself with a  series of now-deleted tweets.

The following is what he had to say in his defense:

I never respond to allegations but when it comes to my son I gotta speak. You have to be goofy as hell to believe that about me … my heart BEATS for my son I live this very life to see him happy and could never raise a hand to harm him EVER. My son adores me and I adore hear my name tarnished at his expense is where I draw the line!

Has Written A Book

Dr. Lydecia Holmes, apart from being a teacher, is an author too. She is a writer of a book titled Am I A Chosen Vessel?

The cover is in black with the text of the book name and the painting of a woman.
The cover of Am I A Chosen Vessel?

Am I A Chosen Vessel? is a book about dealing with your life. Lycedia tries to inspire and motivate men and women from all walks of life through the book. She tells a story that gives us a life lesson on perceiving your life when you are at your worst. 

Has Written Several Plays

Without a doubt, Lydecia loves writing. Her writing is not just limited to books; the woman is also known for writing several stage plays.

In addition, she has gained a lot of accolades for her plays. Some of her famous works are I've Been Delivered and Up, Up and Away.

A Brief On Her Son Richaun Holmes

Richaun Diante Holmes is a professional Basketball player born on October 15, 1993. He plays in NBA for Sacramento Kings. He started playing in 2015 and has been going on since.

The 6 Feet 8 Inch player wears the number 22 shirt. He plays as the Centre and Power Forward. Stats-wise, he has a defensive rating of 110.3. Previously, he played for the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns.

The Legal Battle Involving Lydecia's Grandson

Richaun's ex-wife Allexis filed a restraining order against him for the custody of their child. Fortunately for  Dunkman, the court gave the verdict in his favor.

Richaun was the hot topic of the town when his ex-wife accused him of being a son beater. The allegations that the basketball player denied.

After a stressful battle, Richaun finally got custody of his son on April 21, 2022. However, Allexis didn't give up on her son, which resulted in the court slapping her with a fine of $3000.

The Time Her Son Richaun Went To Jail

When Richaun played for Phoenix Suns, he got into trouble with the police. He was arrested for possession of Marijuana. He was with his friend and fellow Basketball star, James Webb III.

He has his eyes set on the hoop while the others are looking on.
James Webb III is about to dunk in one of his matches (Source: NBA)

The Miami Police arrested both. He did save his career, as he is balling in court today. But the stain will probably stick with him for the rest of his life.

Is Richaun Holmes's Mother On The Internet?

You will be pleased to know that her mother is on social media. Lydecia may not exist on Instagram, but she regularly posts tweets on Twitter. Her Twitter Handle is @DrLydecia.

You can tell she loves her son as she is regularly tweeting about her son. It's not just her that is tweeting about Richaun but her husband. His Twitter Handle is @drrichardd

She has not just limited herself to Twitter as the mother is on Instagram too. Her Insta page is @drlydecia.


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