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Tue Jul 04 2023
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Madelaine West Duchovny better known by her stage name West Duchovny is an American actress. She has mesmerized and captivated audiences through her outstanding acting work in the movie A Mouthful of Air playing the role of Cream. 

Duchovny comes from a family holding an acting background in the entertainment industry. Both of her parents David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are actors contributing to the showbiz industry appearing in movies and television series. 

Is Duchovny Still Single? Unveiling The Relationship Status

Madelaine West Duchovny is flying solo and doesn't have a boyfriend sharing a relationship. She hasn't spoken much on the topic of her boyfriend or romantic partner. 

Unfortunately, nothing is found regarding the past relationship and ex-boyfriend of Duchovny. The public domains are unknown and haven't placed any details regarding her romantic affair. 

One of the scenes of Madelaine West Duchovny from the TV Series Saint X.
One of the scenes of Madelaine West Duchovny from the TV Series Saint X. (Source: Instagram @ westduchovny)

Taking a close look at Duchovny's Instagram handle, she is not completely a private person. However, she hasn't uploaded any pictures that hint at her boyfriend or any romantic partner. 

The lady is possibly focusing on her acting career to become one of the sought actresses. She continues to work hard to entertain fans through her acting work in films and television series.

A Slight Glimpse Into Duchovny Parents: David And Tea 

As noted earlier, Madelaine West Duchovny's parents are David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. They first met each other in met in 1997 and hit off their relationship right from the start. It was reported that they only dated for eight weeks before completing their marriage. 

Madelaine's parents David and Tea completed their marriage by exchanging vows on May 6, 1997. After the birth of Madelaine, they welcomed their second child Kyd Miller Duchovnyon 
June 15, 2002. 

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are the parents of Madelaine West Duchovny.
David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are the parents of Madelaine West Duchovny. (Source: Pinterest)

In addition, the pair David and Tea separated in 2008 but later reconciled in 2009 and again separated in 2011 parting ways with each other. Sadly, David and Tea eventually ended their seventeen years of marriage by finalizing their divorce in 2014. 

After their divorce, the 6 feet David shares a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Monique Pendleberry. Nonetheless, Tea and Tim Daly were partners in 2014 and they are sharing their romantic relationship with no disputes as of now. 

Duchovny's Net Worth: Is She Living a Lavish Lifestyle or Just Getting By?

Madelaine West Duchovny lives a lavish life enjoying a net worth of at least $1 million. She has summoned up most of her money through a successful acting career in the showbiz world. 

Duchovny must have earned money through her acting work in the TV Series Sanit X. She is one of the main cast of that series playing the role of Alishon Thomas released in 2023.

Madelaine West Duchovny has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
Madelaine West Duchovny has an estimated net worth of $1 million. (Source: Instagram @  westduchovny)

The lady continues to add money to her net worth through an uprising acting career. Likewise, she must have earned money working on the upcoming TV Series Painkiller.

On the other hand, Madelaine's mother Tea Leoni has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Additionally, Madelaine's father David Duchovny has a staggering net worth of $80 million

Know About Madelaine's Brother In Brief  

Madelaine West Duchovny is the older sister of Kyd Miller Duchovny born on April 24, 1999. They have an age gap of only three years and get along with each other. 

Madelaine's brother Kyd made a self-appearance in VH1: All Acess but isn't seen pursuing an acting career. He is not involved in the entertainment field like his parents and sister. 

Madelaine West Duchovny's mother Tea Leoni and brother  Kyd Miller Duchovny.
Madelaine West Duchovny's mother Tea Leoni and brother  Kyd Miller Duchovny. (Source: Yahoo News New Zealand)

Madelaine is often seen hanging out with her little brother Kyd whenever it is possible.  Likewise, she makes occasional posts with Kyd to fans on her Instagram handle. 

Kyd is a private person and hasn't revealed much regarding him on the online platforms. He has an Instagram handle under the username @ the_kyd but has kept it in private mode. 

A Glimpse Into The Physical Appearance Of Madelaine

The actress Madelaine possesses an enchanting physical appearance that attracts people. For people showing interest in her height, she is 5 feet 6 inches tall similar to Ana Karla

Madelaine has maintained a toned and model-like body figure weighing only 56kg. She must have followed routine fitness training and a balanced diet to achieve this physicality.

The Sick actress Madelaine has grayish-blue appealing eyes with blonde hair. Overall, her harmonious blend of captivating features, grace, and undeniable allure, makes her an icon of beauty.

Is Duchovny Often Active On Social Media Platforms? 

The Linoleum actress Duchovny also has extended her captivating presence to the realm of social media too. She utilizes social media to connect with her fans on a more personal level. 

Madelaine West Duchovny posing in front of a vintage car.
Madelaine West Duchovny posing in front of a vintage car. (Source: Instagram @  westduchovny)

However, Duchovny is only active on Instagram not having accounts on Facebook and Twitter. People can find her Instagram under the handle @  westduchovny. 

Duchovny's social media presence is a vibrant reflection of her multifaceted personality. She shares glimpses into her daily experiences, behind-the-scenes peeks, and much other stuff.

Educational Background Of Duchovny 

West Duchovny also has achieved good academic qualifications with her acting career. She was enrolled at The Mountain School of Milton Academy completing her high school from there. 

After high school, Duchovny enrolled at Loyola High School in Los Angeles, California, for further education. She later joined Brown University earning her Bachelor's Degree in 2017. 

Take A Look Into The Acting Career Of Madelaine

Madelaine West Duchovny is an uprising American actress who has gained fame within a short period. She made her on screen-debut appearing in the TV Series The X Files in 2018. 

Madelaine gave a breakthrough performance a year later after her debut appearing in The Report. In that movie, she is seen portraying the role of Feinstein Intern giving splendid acting.

Some of Madelaine's notable acting attributes include Vegas High and The Magicians. Her latest acting appearance in the television series Saint X also falls among the list of notable acting credits.

People eagerly wait to see Madelaine's acting work in the upcoming project Painkiller. She will give a portrayal of Shannon Schaeffer entertaining for a total of six episodes. 

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