Maggie Lawson and James Roday Relationship

Mon Apr 05 2021
By   Bishal

Maggie Lawson is an American actress who has won the hearts of millions of fans from all around the world with her pure style of acting. Her role in the TV show Psych as Detective Juliet is loved and appreciated by every viewer of the show. 

Similarly, her fans often want to know more about her personal details. In fact, Lethal Weapon's actress, Lawson made her fan go crazy with her relationship with co-star, James Roday. Are they still together or not? Let's find out.

Maggie Lawson and James Roday relationship lasted for eight years

Maggie and James indeed had a romantic relationship which they announced publicly. However, they aren't together as of now, so, what happens to their relationship?

Maggie Lawson and James Roday
Image: Maggie Lawson with her ex-boyfriend, James Roday. Source: Pinterest

The Psych partner started their wonderful relationship back in 2006, at that period of time they were both characters of the series. They were not only the partner at the show but were also lovers in real life. That made their relationship so much popular and special.

Moreover, the beautiful duo stayed loyal for more than eight years. However, they got separated in 2014 and choose several paths in their life. Neither of the parties has broken the silence regarding their separation.  

Maggie Lawson married Ben Koldyke in New Mexico

In early 2014, Lawson started dating Ben Koldyke, a co-star from the American sitcom, Back in the Game. On 14th November 2014, they got engaged which they announced publicly through their social media account. 

Maggie Lawson and husband, Ben Koldyke
Image: Maggie Lawson with her ex-husband, Ben Koldyke. Source: Getty Images

Later on 8th August 2015, the two on-screen partners exchanged their wedding vows. The grand ceremony was held at Ben's family ranch in New Mexico where numerous high-profile celebrities' were spotted.

Why Ben Koldyke and Maggie Lawson divorced just after two years of their marriage?

Fans favorite couple, Ben and Maggie called quit to their wonderful nuptial journey, just after two years of their marriage. In early 2017, Lawson filed for divorce from her ex-husband which surprised the whole of Hollywood.

Maggie Lawson net wboyfrined
Image: Maggie Lawson enjoying drinks with her friend. Source: Instagram

According to the family, the pair were not so happy about their relationship and were always busy in their respective jobs. So it seems like, lack of quality time and lots of misunderstanding has led their relationship down. Hence, the ex-pair hasn't spoken about their broken relationship to date.




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