Major David Grusch "Confirms" That U.S. Knows About Alien Activities!

Thu Jul 27 2023

When the term alien comes into mind, we usually think about little green men or the 1979's classic movie, Alien. For almost a century or more, we have thought about the great beyond and the possibility of life in outer space. And Major David Grusch claims that the USA has been aware of these non-human and UFO activities from as early as the 1930s!

The whistleblower and a former US Air Force intelligence officer, David, came forth with a shocking tale. While many remain skeptical about extraterrestrials, Maj. Grusch of the US Air Force became somewhat of a beacon of hope to many believers. If David's claims are true, then the United States of America has been lying about UAP for almost a hundred years!

Maj. David Grusch Recent Testimony Tells The US Conceals A ‘Multi-Decade’ program that captures UFOs!

As a retired US Air Force Major, David Grusch does have a pretty heavy impact on the topic. Moreover, the ex-military personnel brought forth the longstanding US secret project. Grusch came forward with his testimony on July 26, 2023.

Major David Grusch talked about the UAP and UFO retrieval projects.
Major David Grusch talked about the UAP and UFO retrieval projects. Image Source: Wikipedia

On above stated date, the American Congress held a hearing regarding the UFO/UAP. (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) Many believers stayed glued to their seats on David's testimony at the hearing.

David's testimony raised many eyebrows. And not just regarding UFOs or extraterrestrials. The said hearing also pointed at the government's transparency with the taxpayers.

Maj. David Grusch's Experience With National Reconnaissance Office!

On the UFO Hearing, Maj. David Grusch spilled the beans on his time with the National Reconnaissances Office. Likewise, Grusch recalled that in 2019, he was called in by the head of a Gov taskforce on UAP. The ex-military man was called in to identify some highly classified programs on UAP.

David went on and claimed that while his time in the National Reconnaissance Office, he was informed about the multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program. However, the higher-ups denied access to the program to Grusch.

The former US Air Force officer also submitted evidence to the hearing along with his testimony. However, the said proof of his claims stays behind the curtains. Grusch also stated that Pentagon has covered up multiple incidents with UFOs.

While David shared his testimony, the Pentagon denied the ex-military's claims of a cover-up. While no little green men or an actual UFO/UAP were brought forth in the hearing, David and his fellow testimonies remain adamant that UFOs or UAPs are beyond what we are currently capable of.

Who is David Grusch the whistleblower?

The former Air Force officer David Grusch, currently in his mid-30s, is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native. His testimony holds a massive weight because of his accomplishments in the military. Likewise, due to the sensitive nature of his fame much about Grusch's info remains hidden.

David Grusch at the UFO UAP hearing on July 26, 2023.
David Grusch at the UFO UAP hearing on July 26, 2023. Image Source: NBC News

David is a decorated officer from the war in Afghanistan. Moreover, the UFO/UAP whistleblower is also a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency veteran. And as mentioned above, he worked with the National Reconnaissance Office. 

As mentioned earlier, Grusch keeps his life away from the limelight. Moreover, David is under whistleblower protection. So it's understandable that he and along with his family remain anonymous. 


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