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Wed Jul 26 2023
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Imagine if Mamoru Yoki Chung Li was born into a normal family, then he probably would not be famous as he is today. Mamoru came into the limelight after birth as a family to Gong Li. His mother is one of the finest Chinese-born Singaporean actresses in Asia today.

Mamoru's beloved mom, Gong made her appearance in 3 out of 4 Academy Award-nominated Chinese films. She is also the recipient of the Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres honor from the French government. Not just that, she became the most beautiful woman in China in 2006.

Is Gong Li Son Mamoru Yoki Chung Li Dating Anyone? Who is His Girlfriend?

Gong Li's only sired son, Mamoru Yoki Chung Li prefers to lead a private life like the American actress, Helen Colliander. Mamoru does not want to talk about his love life in the media. So, he is possibly single as of now.

Gong Li's son, Mamoru Yoki Chung Li is now fully grown up man. How old is Mamoru as of now?
Mamoru Yoki Chung Li is looking fabulous with his mother, Gong Li
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Talking about Mamoru's relationship with his beloved mom, she always spends quality time when she is not filming. At the moment, he is living in a sprawling city, Jinan in the Shandong province of China.

What Happened to Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's Parents, Gong Li, and Ooi Hoe Seong?

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's parents, Gong Li and Ooi Hoe Seong, a Singaporean tobacco business tycoon, immediately fell for each other at first sight in the mid-1990s. They then united as husband and wife on 15th February 1996 at China Club in Hong Kong. 

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's parents, Gong Li and Ooi Hoe Seong fell in love at first sight and then exchanged their wedding vows on the same year of their first meeting. Is Mamoru's mom, Gong Li married twicely?
Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's parents, Gong Li and Ooi Hoe Seong on their wedding day
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After 13 years of marriage, the pair decided to separate and file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Later, they finalized their divorce agreement on 28 June 2010. Following the divorce, Gong Li took custody of their son and raised him as a single mother.

Chung Li's Mother, Gong Li's Second Marriage

Ooi Hoe Seong's first estranged wife, Gong Li married twice in her life. She is now living happily with her long-term boyfriend-turned-husband, Jean-Michel Jarre, a French musician. Their marriage took place in Cannes, France on 14th May 2019.

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's mother, Gong Li tied the knot for the second time with a French musician, Jean-Michel Jarre. What led Mamoru's parents to divorce after 13 years of marriage?
Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's mom, Gong Li, and his stepfather, Jean-Michel Jarre on the cover of Paris Match magazine
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Prior to Chung Li's mom's second marriage, Gong was in an on-and-off relationship with a Chinese film director, Zhang Yimou from 1987 to 1995. They also reunited at the premiere of Curse of the Golden Flower in 2006 and Coming Home in 2014.

What is Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's Net Worth? 

Jean-Michel Jarre's stepson, Mamoru Yoki Chung Li is still learning while not focusing on earning. He is following in his parent's footsteps to become a successful person. But, it depends upon whether he is going to pursue the field of acting or business.

Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's mom, Gong Li loves traveling in her lavish black car. How much is Gong's net worth as of 2021?
Mamoru Yoki Chung Li's mother, Gong Li is looking outside of her expensive black car
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Chung Li will surely get the fortune of his mother, but he is learning to make money by himself. He is living a lavish life on his mom's earnings just like Sydney Brooke Simpson. Currently, his momma is one of the highest-paid actresses with $100 Million.



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