Marcella Francesca Hetfield

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Celebrity Daughter (2002)
Sun Mar 19 2023
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Marcella Francesca Hetfield is one of the celebrity children of the United States well-decorated singer, James Alan Hetfield. Alan is one of the founders of the music band, Metallica.

Alan's daughter Francesca was born on 17th January 2002. She hails from San Francisco, California. Marcella has golden hair and light grey eyes. She was 1 ft and 9.25 inches (53.975 cm) tall and weighed 3.77 kgs (8.311 lbs) at the time of her birth.

Where Is Hetfield Studying?

This celebrity daughter's educational details are still behind the curtains. By 2022, she has probably completed her high school education. 

Talking about her father's schooling, Alan completed high school at Downey High School and graduated from Brea Olinda High School.

Career Outset of Hetfield

The teenager seems to be a music fanatic too. However, her actual career path has not been clearly chosen at present.

Regarding her father, he began his journey in music and television in 1987. In the beginning, he produced music videos. Soon, he was also signed for television series.

Who Are Marcella's Parents? 

Marcella was born to her father James and her mother Francesca Hetfield. As known to all, Marcella's father is a lead vocalist while her mother is a costume designer from Argentina.

Black and white photo of James Hetfield in a t-shirt holding his daughter in a black dress.
Photo of James Hetfield with his daughter (Source:

James and Francesca raised their children together in San Francisco. 

Hetfield's Siblings

Hetfield is blessed with two siblings: a brother and a sister. Castor Virgil Hetfield and Cali Tee Hetfield are their names.

Virgil was born on 18th May 2000 while Tee was welcomed on 13th June 1998. Cali is the eldest child of the Hetfield family.

Net Worth of Marcella Francesca Hetfield

Even though her career goals have not been as clear as glass, little Francesca jas done well in recent years. She has a net worth of $500,000.

Besides, her mother is the owner of $1 million while her father has a wealth of $300 million. Meanwhile, Daniella Rose Rucker rose to fame as her father, Darius Rucker is well established singer who has a net worth of around $14 Million.

Francesca's Boyfriend

Ms. Hetfield is currently single. She is not dating anyone nor did she have any relationships previously. 

Further, Hetfield is concerned with her career development and self-improvement. Hence, she does not want to mess up her future with anything.

Married Life of Hetfield's Parents

Hetfield's parents first met during the promotional tour of Metallica's fifth album. Soon they started dating each other and finally married on 17th Aug 1997. 

James Hetfield in a black leather jacker and pants with his  wife in similar dress.
Photo of James Hetfield with his wife (Source:

Marcella's mother is a very supportive wife who always stood right beside James in every situation.

Marcella's Grandparents 

From her paternal side, Cynthia Hetfield and Virgil Hetfield are grandparents of Cella. Cella's grandmother was an Opera singer by profession.

Similarly, from her mother's side, the names of Cella's grandparents are not updated yet.

Francesca's Aunts & Uncles

Junior Francesca has an aunt and two uncles who are her father's siblings. 

Deanna Hetfield is her aunt while Christopher Hale and David Hale are her uncles.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield on Social Media

Marcella is still absent on social media. It sounds strange that despite belonging to today's generation, she doesn't have an account even on the most common sites.

Talking about her father's Instagram profile, James is followed by more than 384k adherents.



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