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Sun May 28 2023
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Marco Garibaldi has gained and lured people's attention for being the ex-partner of Priscilla Presley. His ex-partner Priscilla is the former wife of music legend Elvis Presley. 

Garibaldi has gained the limelight as an ex-partner, but Marco is an entrepreneur and film producer. He has produced the movie Across the Hall with cast like Mike Vogel and Danny Pino.

The Relationship Of Marco With Presley

Marco Garibaldi had a romantic relationship with Priscilla Presley. It may seem surprising but they shared their romantic life for over two decades before separation. 

Garibaldi and Presley's first introduction was made by their mutual friends in 1983. They developed some special bonding from that meeting, finally dating following that year. 

Marco Garibaldi with his former romantic-partner Priscilla Presley.
Marco Garibaldi with his former romantic partner Priscilla Presley. (Source: Pinterest) 

People speculate and confuses about whether Priscilla is the wife of Marco. However, the truth is they were never married but in a live-in relationship while searching on the Internet. 

Garibaldi and Presley had a secretive relationship away from the media reach. Not much information was known to explore their relationship, as they kept it low-key. 

The Reason Of Marco And Priscilla Split

Marco Garibaldi and Priscilla Presley had their separation after 22 years of relationship. Although the split reason is not fully disclosed,  we will cover some in this article. 

According to WDW, the former duo Presley and Garibaldi broke up due to disagreements over commitment. The arguments and hindrance in faithfulness caused him to vacate from her Beverly Hills Compound. 

Marco and Priscilla finally parted ways with each other in March 2006. After the split, Marco kept a low-key profile, and nothing is found on his present relationship status. 

Has Garibaldi Shared Children With Marco? 

Garibaldi and Presley are the parents of a son welcomed from their romantic life. He is Navarone Garibaldi, born to them in March 1987, and is professionally a musician. 

Marco Garibaldi's romantic partner Priscilla Presley and his son Navarone Garibaldi.
Marco Garibaldi's romantic partner Priscilla Presley and his son Navarone Garibaldi. (Source: Pinterest)

Garibaldi is often referred to as the stepfather of Lisa Presley. She is the daughter of Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley, born to them on February 1, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. 

How Much Net Worth Does Garibaldi Have? 

Marco Garibaldi may have made a hefty net worth, but exact round figures aren't disclosed. He is a technology entrepreneur, builder, and consultant earning money through it.

In addition, the film producer Garibaldi was also a software engineer and systems analyst. He is the founder of the production company Godfather Entertainment launched in 2008. 

On the other hand, Marco Garibaldi's son has an approximate net worth of $500 thousand. He is a professional musician, and Marco generates most of his wealth through it. 

Likewise, Marco's ex-partner Priscilla Presley has an estimated net worth of $50 million. She accumulated this wealth through acting, business ventures, and other work. 

Why Maroc's Son Was Arrested? 

Marco's son Navarone Garibaldi was a drug addict. He started taking drugs in his teenage years, including; fentanyl and heroin. 

Navarone was arrested for a case of drugs and speeding in 2004 in Los Angeles. Garibaldi was also sentenced to 36 months of probation and was approved to complete a three-month alcohol and drug prevention program due to his drug problem. 

Know About In Brief About Marco's Son 

Navarone Garibaldi is professionally an American Musician and his music genre is rock. He is famously known as the lead singer of the music band Them Gunns. 

Navarone with his band Them Gunns has released singles like Acid Plane. They have performed in The Viper Room and The Troubadour with numerous other rock venues.

Navarone Garibaldi with his mother Priscilla Presley.
Navarone Garibaldi with his mother Priscilla Presley. (Source: Instagram @ nava_rone)

Priscilla's son takes inspiration for his music from bands like Nirvana, Kings of Loen, and Chemical Brothers. His band member includes Kyle Hamood and Chuck Holiday. 

The musician is happily sharing married life with Elisa Achilli. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Schloss Hunigen Hotel in February 2022, but Marco was absent on his special day. 

Is Gracia The Last Name Of Marco? 

The last name of Marco is indeed not Garibaldi instead is Gracia. He was originally born in Brazil but faked being born in Italy, switching his surname to Garibaldi from Gracia. 

Marco changed his surname and pretended to be wealthy to cooperate with Hollywood celebrities. His son also has changed his surname to Gracis after learning his father's real identity. 

Does Marco Have A Social Media Presence? 

Marco Garibaldi is a private person and doesn't have a social media presence. He keeps his details under wrap from all these digital platforms away from the public eye. 

Navarone Garibaldi with the Brazilian comedian and television host Danilo Gentili.
Navarone Garibaldi with the Brazilian comedian and television host Danilo Gentili. (Source: Instsgram @ nava_rone)

Marco's son Navarone Garibaldi is active on social sites like Instagram. He is loved by over 30 thousand followers on Garibaldi's Instagram with the username @nava_rone. 

Maroc's ex-partner Priscilla Presley has an active presence on social media sites. She loves to share glimpses into her personal life and other details on her Instagram. 

The Fuss Of Marco's Funeral 

Marco Garibaldi is alive, and all the rumors about his funeral are false. People often confuse it with his ex-partner Priscilla's daughter Lisa Priscilla's funeral. 

Lisa Priscilla had an untimely demise leaving this world on January 12, 2023, at age 54. She faced death due to sudden cardiac arrest seeing the information on online sites. 

Lisa Priscilla's funeral took place at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Several family members and Priscilla paid tribute, but Marco wasn't present during that funeral. 

An Introduction To Marco's Ex-Partner Priscilla

Priscilla Presley is known for being the wife of legendary music artist Elvis Presley. Regardless, she is also an actress, producer, and businesswoman. 

Priscilla's acting performance in the television series Dallas brought her to prominence. She played the role of Jenna Wade appearing for 144 episodes. 

Priscilla Presley during the premier of the movie Elvis.
Priscilla Presley during the premier of the movie Elvis. (Source: Instagram @ priscillapresley)

Priscilla is a producer who has produced eleven projects still now. She is also the executive producer on the TV series Agent Elvis and Elvis, with one upcoming Priscilla on the line. 

Additionally, Priscilla is the owner of Graceland, the Elvis Presley estate. Also, she was the former chairman and co-founder of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

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