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Tue Feb 14 2023
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Maria Isabel Orszag is the daughter of famous journalist Bianna Golodryga. She works for one of the biggest news channels in America, CNN.

Maria was born on May 8, 2016. Her weight at the time of her birth was 6 lbs (2.72 kg). This article will provide insight into the life of a journalist's child.

Who Are Maria's Parents?

Maria Orszag is the daughter of journalist Bianna Golodryga and Peter Richard Orszag. He was the former head of the OMB.

Both are smiling in this selfie.
Maria Isabel Orszag's parents Bianna Golodryga and Peter Orszag (Source: Instagram @biannagolodryga)

Maria's parents have been living a successful married life for many years now. The couple tied the knot in 2010.

Her Parents Bianna Golodryga & Peter Orszag Net Worth: 

Without a doubt, Maria Isabel Orszag is a lucky child. Growing up in such a well-off family, the parents can fulfill her wishes. Her mother, Bianna Golodryga's net worth is roughly estimated to be $3 million. The journalist and news anchor is one of the faces of CNN, thus, commanding a considerable salary that has resulted in such wealth.

On the other hand, Maria's father, Peter Orszag, is an even wealthier man with a net worth of $25 million. Peter is an economist and a banker by profession.

A Brief On Maria Isabel Orszag's Mother Bianna Golodryga:

Bianna Golodryga is a popular name in the US regarding journalism. She is a journalist and a news anchor working in one of America's leading news networks, CNN. Her position in the company is Senior Global Affairs Analyst.

She is taking a picture with her medal.
Bianna Golodryga at NYC Marathon (Source: Instagram @biannagolodryga)

The Moldovan Journalist Bianna was born on June 15, 1978, in Causeni. She has been honored with an Emmy Award for the show GMA (Good Morning America).

Her Mother Works At A Controversial CNN

Bianna Golodryga is a celebrated journalist in the US. But many don't like her too. The hate she receives mainly comes from her association with CNN.

What was once a reputed name in journalism has become one of the biggest jokes in recent years. CNN has often been accused of spreading fake news in the past. People have also accused them of biased reporting and heavily left-leaning news when news channels are expected to be neutral. They are heavily trolled and have been called "Fake News Network."

CNN ratings are all-time low, and the hate people have for the network has translated to their workers, including Maria's mother, Bianna. She had previously talked about her family fleeing Moscow for the US during an attempted coup back when the Soviet Union saw their last leader Mikhail Gorbachev. One guy called her out, saying:

And now you are employed by the fake news media @cnn

A Little Bit About Her Father Peter Orszag

Peter Richard Orszag deals with finances. The banker currently serves as the CEO of Financial Advisory at Lazard. He has previously worked for companies like Citi Group.

He is standing next to slide show as he is speaking.
Peter Orszag speaking at an event (Source: Peter Orszag)

Maria's father has not only limited himself to private institutions. He has previously worked for the government as well. He has served as the United States Office of Management and Budget director.

Maria Isabel Orszag's Father's Legal Custody Battle

Peter's marriage with Bianna was not the first one. It was also not the first time he became a father in a relationship. The man found himself in a legal battle with his ex-wife Cameron Kennedy.

Kennedy and Peter had filed for divorce in 2006. They were also the parents of two: a daughter and a son. She wanted him to provide financially for her and her kid's stability. She asked for $22 thousand monthly payments.

After two long years of battle, the court gave the verdict in favor of Peter. The official statement from the court read:

Indeed, given the contentious nature seemingly of all interactions between the parties, it is likely in the best interest of the children for the Court to avoid putting in place any arrangement that would lead to increased contact between the parties.

The Time Peter Worked With Obama

Peter is a massive name in the world of finances. He is known for giving out brilliant financial advice. His impressive CV also landed him a job in then-US President Barack Obama's administration.

He is standing on the left of Obama as Obama is speaking standing behind podium.
Peter Orszag next to Barack Obama addressing the crowd (Source: Zimbio)

He was appointed as the director of the Office of Management and Budget. Post, he served for 18 months before resigning. His resignation is unclear, but many speculate it is because of some of his issues.

The Scandal Involving Maria Isabel Orszag's Father

Peter Orszag was part of a scandal that single-handedly ruined his reputation among many people. After announcing that he's engaged to Bianna, the news came out that his former girlfriend Claire Milonas gave birth to their child.

Although Peter defended himself, saying their relationship had ended a long time back. It didn't stop people from trolling him. Some alleged that he runs away from his father's duties since he is the father of many kids. It was not only ordinary people but even big names like Nathan Thomas Stewart's father, Jon Stewart, who made fun of his situation.

She Has A Big Brother

Maria doesn't need to feel alone when her parents are busy with their work. She has a brother. His name is Jake Spencer Orszag. Jake was born on April 1, 2012, which makes him roughly four years older than his younger sister. These two enjoy each other's company through their mom's Instagram.

Both of them have dressed up for Halloween.
Maria Isabel Orszag with her brother Jake Orszag (Source: Instagram @biannagolodryga)

Her brother is a huge sports fan. He can be seen attending Baseball matches and playing football on his Instagram. He also wore the Dallas Jersey at Halloween as his costume. He is already a good football/Soccer player for his age. His mom once uploaded a clip of him scoring a goal on her Instagram.

Where Can We Find Maria? Social Media Presence

You can find Mara Orszag on her mom's Instagram. Bianna is regularly posting about her daughter. Her Instagram page is @biannagolodryga.

There you will find Maria doing all sorts of activities, like going to theme parks, watching matches in a stadium, having fun in the lake, and so on. Her father is also on Instagram (@orszagp) but hardly ever uploads.

Her Mother Is An Immigrant

Maria Isabel Orszag's mother, Bianna, calls herself a proud immigrant. She is Jewish. She had to flee her land and resettle in the US because of her people's persecution in Europe and Russia. She was only 18 months old when she became a refugee. 

She has also talked about the organization HIAS. They were the ones who helped her family by providing them with a flight ticket to the US.

Being a refugee and seeing what her family went through, she now tries to help those left with no choice but to leave their homes. This is why she has come in defense of HIAS, which has been under criticism for a while.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, or HIAS, helped Jews leave Europe and Russia when attacked. Many people, especially anti-immigrants, have criticized them for how they function.

Bianna, in her defense of HIAS, said:

HIAS helped many families like mine. I remember my parents every month, as much money as they could, maybe $20 a month, they would write checks to pay HIAS back for bringing us here. It's helped millions of people like my family resettle, millions of Jewish refugees. It began in the 1880s to focus on Jewish refugees resettle around the world. Most recently it has expanded to helping refugees of all backgrounds." 


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