Married Life of Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez!

Tue Mar 05 2024
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Non-celebs being thrusted into the circus of fame and the constant spotlight isn’t a new story. Cynthia Scurtis is one of the many to have navigated the course of limelight after getting married to a big name.  

Best known as the former wife of Baseball mogul, Alex Rodriguez, Scurtis once lived a common life like any other girl next door. Her mundane, run of the mill life changed for the better or for worse after she got hitched to A-Rod in 2002. Before rising to fame with Alex’s credibility, Scurtis was a psychology teacher.  

A-Rod, on the other hand, doesn’t require much introduction. With a career spanning over two decades in MLB, the former Yankees shortstop is often described as one of the best MLB players of all time. Not only that, Rod is also one of the scarce to have successfully branched their sports career in other fields.   

A Look Inside Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez's Long-Dissolved Marriage!  

Scurtis and Rodriguez’s nuptial dissolved ages ago and yet, it somehow still pops in the headlines every once in a while. Scurtis, a young, learned dame of a prominent, orthodox Greek background, met the vigorous and famous Rodriguez at a gym in 1996.   

Cynthia Scurtis is Alex Rodriguez's first wife.
Cynthia Scurtis and A-Rod share two daughters. Photo Source: Instagram

Scurtis was reportedly not an easy catch for the baseball A-lister, who gave his all to woo the pretty blonde. Those were the time when Scurtis was pursuing her psychology degree and Rod was in the first leg of his notable career, playing for the MLB’s Seattle Mariner. 

Cynthia eventually cave in to Rodriguez’s persistent flirtation and the couple dated for six long years. A few reports on the couple long gone story cites that their relationship was met with vehement defiance from Scurtis’s family, who didn’t like their girl dating a non-Greek.  

But even the opposing side got on board with the couple’s journey as it was Scurtis’s grandfather, Rev. Demosthenes Mekras, a renowned Greek priest, who married them off at Rodriguez’s Texas mansion in 2002. All was well and flourishing in the couple’s paradise and Scurtis had even left her job to spend more time with her busy husband until Alex’s deal with New York Yankees.  

As per dated rumours, trouble hit their door when Scurtis and Rodriguez moved to New York in 2004 after signing a hefty deal with the Yankees. During their marriage, Scurtis and Alex welcomed two kids, Natasha Alexander, and Ella Alexander. The duo’s marriage gradually attracted the media firestorm after rumours of Rodriguez’s alleged infidelity emerged.  

Like any other doting wife, Scurtis stood by her husband and refuted the claims for as long as she could. “She always said he was not cheating on her. She always really believed in him,” an insider said after Scurtis’s unwavering trust in Rodriguez was broken.  

Cynthia’s then husband was reported to have an affair with a Las Vegas stripper and was also linked with Madonna at one point. After six years of marriage and two kids later, Cynthia finally pulled the plug on their marriage and filed for divorce in 2008. Their divorce was finalised within a span of three months and the split wasn’t pretty.  

Inside Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez's High-Profile Divorce!  

Scurtis and Rodriguez’s peaceful marriage had garnered substantial media attention and when it all ended with a lot of drama and renowned stars at the centre of their fallout, the media certainly had a field day. The former psychology teacher reportedly cited “emotional abandonment, extra marital affair, and marital misconduct” as the reasons for their divorce.   

Cynthia Scurtis and A-Rod share two daughters.
The couple ended their marriage after six years in 2008. Photo Source: Instagram

The accused baseball player at the time, didn’t hold back as he called their marriage “irretrievably broken” and even asked the allegations of extra marital affairs to be stricken off the court documents.  

At the center of Rod’s infidelity buzz and the breakdown of his marriage with Scurtis was singer Madonna, who Cynthia reportedly called one of the bevvies of mistress Rodriguez was entertaining. “I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez” said Madonna, whose marriage was Guy Ritchie also fell apart around the same time.  

The estranged spouses reportedly had a pre-nuptial agreement at place but the two underwent a long, and quiet legal battle as Cynthia asked for the primary custody of their kids.  

Scurtis had a short-lived romance real estate investor Laszlo Fazeka in 2009 and Rodriguez had since dated a host of Hollywood A lister, including Camerion Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. The long-estranged spouses have since underwent one roller coaster of a ride, with the two assuring an amicable co-parenting relationship at one point and head locking in a nasty spousal support disagreement, and public feuds the next.   

Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez Today!  

It’s no secret that Scurtis and Rodriguez have their share of ugly moments. From buzzing cheating rumors, hurting spiteful allegations at each other, and embroiling in legal fights over money, the long-estranged couple has done it all. Today, Scurtis and Rodriguez, have somehow found peace.   

The couple ended their marriage after six years in 2008.
Scurtis and A-Rod are on amicable terms today. Photo Source: Instagram

The former couple have been navigating a friendly relationship since last few years. The retired MLB player occasionally poses alongside his ex-wife and has nothing, but nice things to say about the mother of his two daughters.  

“You’ve always been a wonderful mother and role model to our two incredible daughters,” the baseball mogul wrote on Scurtis’s 49th birthday in 2021. In a relatively new interview, the former Yankee shortstop called Scurtis his “best friend.”  

Alex has been dating fitness expert Jaclyn Cordeiro since 2022, whereas Cynthia is believed to be married to realtor Angel Nicolas, with whom she welcomed a daughter in 2016.  

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