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Fri Feb 03 2023
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Martha Ludden is an American attorney who is well known among the public as the daughter of Allen Ludden. Her father was an actor and TV personality.

Furthermore, she is also known as Betty White's stepdaughter, a famous actress. Keep scrolling down to know more about Ludden's early life, family, career, and net worth.

Is Martha Dating Anyone At Present?

Martha Ludden is currently single at the movement. She is neither dating anyone nor married to anyone. Also, details regarding Ludden dating anyone have hit the headline. Nor is she seen with anyone, which we assume is her boyfriend.

Well, she might be dating or married to someone whom she adores the most. But, she might want to keep her loved one away from the media. Or, she might really be single at the moment.

Martha Has an Enormous Fortune of $5 million

Martha Ludden has a huge net worth of $5 million, including all her assets and royalties. She is a successful lawyer and has served in this field for over two decades. She made up to this point because of her hard work and dedication to her work.

Also, at this age, she believes that hard work is the major key to success in life. She has achieved a lot and is still doing her best to gain more fame and wealth. She is very happy with her profession and lives lavishly with her family in the United States. 

Martha Ludden late father, Allen Ludden, and her step-mother, Betty White.
Martha Ludden's late father, Allen Ludden, and her stepmother, Betty White. Image Source: Facebook @GroovyHistory

On the other hand, her late father, Allen Ludden who passed away on June 9, 1981, also had a total net worth of $5 million. He generated that enormous fortune through his career as an American television personality, actor, and singer.

Martha's Early Life: Her Age & Bio

Martha was born in 1950 in the United States of America. Her parents raised her in her hometown. When Martha was just eleven, her mother passed away due to cancer which was a tragic situation for the whole family.

However, to give Martha and her siblings a mother's love, Allen decided to marry for a second time. Her father tied the knot with one of the famous actresses of that time, Betty white. 

Moreover, she lived a normal life without facing many struggles because she is from a well-established family background.

Family Details

Martha was born to Allen Ludden and Margaret McGloin. Both her parents were famous personalities of that time where. Her father was an American actor, and her mother was an American television personality.

Photo of Martha Ludden with her father Allen Ludden and stepmother Betty White.
Photo of Martha Ludden with her father Allen Ludden, stepmother Betty White and her two siblings, Sarah Ludden and David Ludden. Image Source: Alamy 

After her mother's death, her father married the actress Betty White. Further, she has two siblings, Sarah Ludden, and David Ludden.

Relationship Of Martha With Her Stepmom

After the demise of Margaret McGloin, Martha's father married Betty White. However, Martha didn't like her father's decision.

As per a report by Pop Crunch, she was quite angry with her stepmom Betty, and the reason for that was her early age. Martha was still young and did not think properly as things did not go to her will. 

Despite the circumstances, Betty could create a space in her stepchildren's hearts. Martha later accepted her stepmom and got close to her.

About Martha Father

Allen Ludden was born on October 05, 1917, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, United States. He was popular among the public as an American television personality, television presenter, film actor, and singer.

Photo of  Allen Ludden during his young age.
Photo of  Allen Ludden during his young age. Image Source: The Famous People

Some of his outstanding work is hosting Password, Liar's Club, Win with the Stars, and Stumpers!. He married two famous personalities, Margaret McGloin and Betty White, and had three children. 

In the early 1990s, Allen Ludden was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He died from high calcium levels caused by cancer-fighting drugs. Despite his best efforts, Allen died of cancer on June 9, 1981, in Los Angeles. Martha's parents died due to heartbreaking cancer, which was for her.

Education Qualification

The American attorney Martha is a well-educated person. She completed her early education and high school in her hometown. However, she hasn't revealed the name of the school she attended.

After completing high school, she attended San José State University. It is a public university in San Jose, California, established in 1857. In 1974 she completed her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Graduate From Suffolk University

Martha went to Suffolk University to study law, one of the best institutions in New England. Suffolk has been hailed for its student engagement and career preparation in particular. 

In 1990, she graduated with a  degree in law 1990, and soon after finishing her education, she began to pursue her career in her respective field.

Did Betty Hate Her Stepchildren?

Betty was very sweet and caring by nature. During her lifetime, she had done a lot of charity work. During her last days, she said

"I would pray that my legacy would be a life of kindness and responsibility...not just to animals, but to each other." 

Gorgeous Betty White was posing for a photo shoot.
Gorgeous Betty White was posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: The Himalayan Times

Although Martha, Sarah, and David Ludden were not her biological child. She used to love the children like her own. She usually mentioned her stepchildren in many interviews. Betty even planned to celebrate her 98th birthday with her stepchildren in 2020. Sadly at the age of ninety-nine, she died due to aging.

Martha's Body Measurement & Physical Appearance

Martha Ludden appears youthful. Nobody would believe she is over seventy at first glimpse. Her skin is smooth and wrinkle-free. Her eyes are dark, and her hair is silver.

When she was young, she was quite beautiful. She had a white skin tone, with her blond hair enhancing her beauty.

Career Overview

After graduating from Suffolk University, Martha started working for Clearly & Komen as a trademark paralegal in 1998. She worked there for a year and left the job.

After that, she has been actively serving people with disabilities as a volunteer for AARP. She joined AARP, which is a nonprofit organization, in May 2016.

About AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a nonprofit organization established to help Americans nearing retirement age. 

AARP members receive a discount on everything, from health care and travel to financial services, shopping, and entertainment. The group also provides advice on careers, caregiving, and other topics important to people 50 and over.

Social Media Presence

Martha Ludden is currently not active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She seems to like to stay away from social media and enjoy life.

To add up, she might be focusing on her career and want to stay away from distractions.

LinkedIn Profile

Although she is not active on social media sites, she has a LinkedIn profile. Her LinkedIn profile contains her educational qualification and experience in different fields.

She describes herself as a volunteer attorney for AARP's Legal Counsel for the Elderly and is currently learning computer skills. She is hoping to work with several other organizations.


Martha has never been in any rumors or controversies. She likes to avoid unnecessary attention, which is why there are no rumors about her. 

She also keeps his personal life private and doesn't share many details about her family and personal life. She is also very humble by nature which makes her a rumor-free personality.


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