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Thu Aug 03 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Martha Philpotts

Wife : Dennis Page
Martha Philpotts exchange the wedding vows with Dennis Page.

One of the daily people who came to fame because of their children is Martha Philpotts. She is an average lady who came to be known as the mother of the Canadian singer and producer Elliot Page, the actor in the drama-comedy Juno.

Philpotts is a Canadian national who used to be a resident of Nova Scotia province. To be specific, she is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. On top of that, Philpotts is a lovely woman and a strong mom who set an example of good parenting by supporting her son Elliot Page. 

About Martha Philpotts Death: Was It True or Fake? 

On the web, there seems to be a rumor regarding the death of Martha. According to an article on a website, Martha already passed away in 2020. It said:

Martha Philpotts passed away on December 27, 2020, at the age of 73. Her death was announced by her son on social media. She died peacefully on December 27 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Elliot Page together with her mom, Martha Philpotts
Martha Philpotts and Elliot Page in a single frame. Source: Daily Mail

The news, however, is not valid according to our deep research. Moreover, in the TIME interview with Elliot Page in 2021, he revealed that his mother said she was proud of who he was just a day before the interview.

So, rest assured, as the rumor regarding the death of Martha is not true. Likewise, Philpotts is alive and well but away from the spotlight.

Net Worth of Martha Philpotts's Son Elliot Page:

As mentioned earlier, Martha Philpotts is an average lady born in Nova Scotia, one of the most rural provinces in Canada. Though the information regarding her income and net worth is unknown, it's a known fact that she was an average schoolteacher. So her income and net worth might not be much. 

Martha Philpotts son Elliot Page during an event.
Martha Philpotts' son Elliot Page during an event. Source: Instagram@elliotpage

Though she is an average daily lady, her son, Elliot Page, is a well-known actor and producer in the industry who has a very successful career. The net worth of Elliot Page is estimated to be around $8 million. Most of all, he is one of the most celebrities who came out as trans. 

Is Elliot Page's Mother, Martha Philpotts, Active on Social Media? 

From the speculations, Philpotts is a kind and sweet lady who can make friends everywhere she goes. But she does not use any social media. However, her son Elliot Page is available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

His Instagram account, under the username @elliotpage, has over 6.1 million followers. Similarly, Elliot's Twitter account, under the username @TheElliotPage, has over 1.8 million followers. Also, his page on Facebook has over 2.5 million followers.

Elliot Page on his Twitter.
Martha Philpotts' son Elliot Page on his Twitter account. Source: Twitter @TheElliotPage

Is Martha Philpotts A Daughter Of A Minister?

In an interview with TIME magazine, Elliot Page revealed that his mother grew up as the daughter of a minister. And only after that were we able to know that she was the daughter of Rev Gordon Wesley Philpotts and Gladys Jean MacKinnon. Moreover, Philpotts has one sibling.

Philpotts has never participated in an interview before, so she has never revealed anything about her parents. Hopefully, Elliot will reveal more regarding his grandparents,

Martha Philpotts Married Dennis Page

Martha Philpotts is married to Dennis Page, who is a graphic designer. However, there is not much known about their marital life. Hopefully, they had a good relationship and lived a beautiful life together.

Elliot Page with her parents
Martha Philpotts and Denise Page with Elliot Page before Elliot came out trans. Source: Daily Mail

Also, some other sources also claim that the couple got divorced when Elliot was still young. But there is still no proof to verify this information. Moreover, Elliot has not made this subject clear.

Martha Philpotts Has A Son

Elliot Page is the only child of Martha Philpotts and Denise Page. She gave birth to her son on February 27, 1987, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Elliot Page with his parents
Elliot Page with his father Denise Page. Source: biographypen

This lovely couple spends most of their time with Elliot. Not only that this family of three has been often spotted in restaurants and the public by paparazzi. 

Who Is Elliot Page?

The Oscar-nominated actor, Elliot Page is the star of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy and became the most famous trans man on the planet. He came to the limelight after he portrayed the title character of Juno in the coming-of-age comedy-drama film, Juno. For his character, he won the "Teen Choice Award" for Best Actress Comedy and the Independent Spirit Award. 

Elliot Page on Instagram.
Elliot Page on Instagram. Source: Instagram@elliotpage

Moreover, Elliot has appeared in numerous other famous films like X-Men: Days of Future Past, Whip It, and My Days of Mercy. However, he became more known and loved for his courage to come out as gay and later as trans.

The Time Elliot Came Out As A Trans

Elliot came out as a trans in 2020 after he came out as gay. He came out as gay in public in 2014. He gave a speech regarding his sexuality while nearly having a panic attack. However, he did the job well and he said that he felt comfortable and relieved.

Martha Philpotts and Elliot Page
Martha Philpotts with her son Elliot Page. Source: Twitter

After coming out as a Trans, Elliot revealed that he felt joy and presence that he never thought he could feel. He also revealed that sometimes it is overwhelming for him. And that he wants to connect and inspire people through his journey.

Most of all, he is embracing his experience, and on his way to becoming a better person every day.

Philpotts Fully Supported Elliot's Career

Without a doubt, Philpotts had always been supportive of Elliot's career ever since he was young. In addition, Elliot did everything in her power to make Elliot's dream come true.

Martha Philpotts and Elliot Page took a picture in their home.
Martha Philpotts and Elliot Page took a picture in their home. Source: Facebook

When Elliot was just eleven years old, Philpotts accompanied Elliot to Los Angeles and helped him secure an agent. Because she was so supportive, her relationship with Elliot was pretty close.

Martha Philpotts: Early Life & Education Details

The information regarding the early life and education of Martha Philpotts remains undisclosed. Moreover, even the identities and information regarding her parents are not available. However, through the fact that Philpotts was from Nova Scotia, assumingly she had a tough childhood.

Philpotts Acceptance Helped Elliot Come Out As Trans 

In 2021, Elliot had an interview with TIME where he talks about coming out as a trans because of his mother, Philpotts' acceptance and support.

Elliot Page, the first trans celebrity to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. Source: Instagram@elliotpage

In the TIME interview, the Umbrella Academy actor revealed that he had a difficult road to living authentically being who he is. And he also revealed that it was the love and support that he received from his mother, Martha that helped him.

However, Philpotts did not initially provide her full support to Elliot in regard to Gender. Though she never protested Elliot of his decision, she encouraged him to act more feminine when he was younger. 

And when she gradually came to accept Elliot, that's what made Elliot realize how people change. Just a day before the interview, Philpotts told Elliot that she was proud of her son. Elliot said to TIME;

She wants me to be who I am and supports me fully.


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