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Fur Trapping (1966)
Thu Feb 24 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Marty Meierotto

Wife : Dominique Meierotto
Dominique Meierotto was the wife of Marty Meierotto.

The famous fur trapper and survival expert, Marty Meierotto, is the actor from an American television series, Mountain Men. It was a 2012 reality TV show which was ranked 7.9 out of 10 in IMDb.

The birth date of Meierotto is 10 July 1966. He is a native of Wisconsin, in the United States. Meierotto is 5 ft and 8 inches tall, i.e. 172.72 cm, and shares cancer as his zodiac sign.

Who Are The Parents of Meierotto?

Meierotto was born to his father Thomas T. Meierotto, and his mother Karen Meierotto. Thomas was also a fur trapper. Marty was inspired by his father's deeds and moved on the same path.

Marty Meierotto in a dark brown jacket and black pants looking through binoculars.
Photo of Marty Meierotto (Source: Instagram@martymeierotto)

Marty loves his parents a lot. Even though he remains busy in his profession, he moves to his parents and family whenever he gets free time.

Meierotto's Siblings

Meierotto's parents had three sons. Marty was one of them. His two brothers are Jeff Meierotto and Steve Meierotto.

Jeff and Steve have still not revealed their professions. However, they are close to their brother Marty and sometimes give a company to Marty's tour.

Meierotto In Television Show

Meierotto was cast in a television show in History TV. He worked in Mountain Men where he acted for different survival stories and fur trapping skills.

The show began in the year 2012 and got appreciated by a number of audiences.

Networth of Marty Meierotto

Meierotto really had a harsh financial condition when he moved to Alaska. He worked as a smokejumper, cleanser, and more to earn a living. With this, he has a net worth of $300,000.

However, Marty has managed to buy himself an aircraft- Piper PA-18A-150.

Is Marty Married?

Meierotto is a married man. He wedded his long-time girlfriend Dominique Meierotto. However, he has not mentioned the wedding date yet.

Marty and Dominique are very much in love and are enjoying their married life.

Children of Meierotto

Meierotto has a daughter. Her name is Noah Jane Meierotto. Noah is a really affectionate girl and loves her parents a lot.

However, her birth date has not been mentioned yet in the public. She is with her parents in Alaska.

Where is Marty Now?

Currently, Marty is in Two Rivers, Alaska. He moved there with his family so as to practice fur trapping for a brief time. However, his plan changed when he and his family became familiar with the place and started loving their life there.

Meierotto also featured his places in his shows. Alaska is indeed a cold region and Marty's family probably had a harsh life in the beginning days.

Marty Meierotto met a Plane Crash?

In one of his journeys to his cabin in Northern Alaska, Meierotto almost got his plane crashed. However, Marty was an experienced man and anyway controlled the plane.

This happened in Closet Call- one of the Mountain Men episodes.

Meierotto on Instagram

Meierotto has an Instagram profile. He has more than 1300 followers and 17 posts. Meierotto is an adventurous personage and loves to stay under the influence of nature.

He posts interesting pictures which contain fishing, plane takeoffs, and more.

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