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Relationship Timeline Of Mary Kathryn Muenster

Husband : J. B. Pritzker
Mary Kathryn Muenster Married To J. B. Pritzker in 1993

Mary Kathryn Muenster aka M. K. is the beloved wife of the 43rd Governor of Illinois, Jay Robert "J. B." Pritzker. More upon this, she is well known for her notable contribution to the Democratic Party as the First Lady of Illinois state.

Apart from her political activities, Mary is an active fundraiser, who has made lots of charity for the development of manpower, women's health problems, and children's education in the unprivileged communities until now. Let's take a glimpse of Muenster's personal life in the following.

Is Mary Muenster And J.B Pritzker Still Married? Who Are Their Kids?

Mary Kathryn Muenster met her husband J. B. Pritzker on a blind date at the American Cafe in Washington, which was set up by their mutual friend. At that time, she was working for the Senator of South Dakota, Tom Daschle whilst Pritzker was working for Alan Dixon, Senator of the Illinois state.

During the first meeting, Pritzker realized that he forgot his wallet at home when they were ordering food from the menu. Later, he went out of the cafe and ran four blocks away towards his car to check his purse. Fortunately, he found his it and return to the restro 10 minutes after and thought it was over.

Mary Kathryn Muenster and J. B. Pritzker walking down the aisle at their nuptial in 1993. How many children does the couple share?
Officially married The Pritzker couple.
  Source: Twitter @jbpritzker

Mary then wondered why he was in rush, but he did not tell her about the incident. Furthermore, she ordered a chicken sandwich which cost Pritzker $4.80. Nevertheless, they both were aware of their initials was a symbol of their love, which is "written in the stars." The pair then walked down the aisle in an intimate wedding ceremony in 1993

The couple knows each other before their marriage for almost 30 years till now. Also, they celebrate their wedding anniversary every year and recently completed their 27th anniversary of marriage. Currently, they reside in the neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, Gold Coast district with their two children, Teddi Pritzker (born in 2004) and Donny Pritzker (born in 2006).

Mary Kathryn Muenster with her husband, J. B. Pritzker and their children, Teddi and Donny Pritzker. How much is Mary's husband, Pritzker's net worth as of 2021?
Mary Kathryn with her husband and two children
  Source: Twitter @jbpritzker

More to that, Mary is a partner of her beloved spouse, Pritzker in everything even political campaigns. As a matter of fact that the pair are avid supporters of the Democratic Party, they have been campaigning in their home state at the time of election. Not just that, Mary takes care of Pritzker's health issues like overweight and fatigue.

M. K. Muenster's Early Life 

The 54-year-old, Muenster was born in 1967 in the state of South Dakota, United States. Furthermore, she grew up in a political family, where her father, Theodore Muenster served as the chief of staff for South Dakota Governor, Richard Kneip, who unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in 1990. Similarly, her mother, Karen Muenster served as senator for South Dakota state from 1987 to 1993.

Mary Kathryn Muenster attended the 2019 Illinois Inaugural Ceremony in Springfield, Illinois. How old is Muenster as of 2021? Find out her age!
Mary Kathryn Pritzker at the Illinois Inaugural Ceremony 2019 in Springfield, Illinois. 
Source: Daily Egyptian

On the other hand, Mary has two siblings, Tom Muenster and Ted Muenster. Besides, she spent her childhood days in the Midwest with her paternal grandmother, who was the secretary in charge of the First Christian Church in Beatrice, Nebraska. Moreover, she learned the importance from her grandma, who taught her how to knitting and farming.

Muenster went to attend the University of Nebraska for higher studies after her high school graduation ceremony. Furthermore, she became an alumnus of the university after earning a prestigious honor with a Bachelor's degree. Likewise, CNN journalist, Jeff Zeleny is also a graduate of the University of Nebraska.

How Much is Mary Kathryn Muenster's Salary? Know Her Net Worth as of 2021!

J. B. Pritzker's wife, Muenster is serving as the First Lady of Ilinois state since 2019. Also, she is running the J.B. and M.K Pritzker Family Foundation, and Northwestern Memorial Foundation as a trustee and founding director. So, she probably garners a decent salary for her notable works so far. She maintains a whopping net worth of $10.5 Million as of 2021.

The Pritzker couple supporting at LGBTQ march.
Happy Pritzker couple celebrating the LGBT day by attending LGBTQ march.
   Source: Boom-Boom.LGBT

Muenster's husband, Pritzker holds a lucrative net worth of $3.5 Billion, according to Forbes magazine. His main source is investing in hotel lines, like Hyatt Hotel, and political campaigns of the Democratic party which gives him a big profit cheque in return. Not last but least, Forbes magazine listed Pritzker at #859 rank on the "Richest People on the Earth."

Real Estate Property of Pritzker's Family

Pritzker's mansion in the Cook County of Illinois state was found uninhabitable after removing the toilets from the residential property. Furthermore, Mary's husband, Pritzker showed up the legal papers of the newly built mansion in the court to appeal for tax assessment. 

Nevertheless, the Cook County assessor reduced the price of Pritzker's mansion from $6.5 Million to $1.1 Million that reduced 83% of tax reduction in his property and granted to pay $230,000 yearly. Later, some investigations were made by the federal prosecutors in Pritzker's mansion whether it is uninhabitable or not. Besides, Michael Jordan was determined by the judge of Cook County, Illinois for not owning a $5 Million breach of contract to his ex-girlfriend. 




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