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Thu Nov 28 2019
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Maryna Ponomarenko married life with her husband, Michael Caputo, is going smoothly despite a vast age gap. The couple, especially Michael, is linked with so many rumors and controversies because of his profession as a Political strategist.   

Maryna's husband, Michael Caputo's life, is not less than a thriller Hollywood movie. He is linked with rumors of being a rogue CIA agent to meeting Russian agents in favor of Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign. Some tweets suggest that Maryna is his mail-order wife. Is it true? Well, let's find out more about their marital life.

Maryna's Tug Boat Wedding with Michael

There are no precise records of how and when the duo met each other. According to some online reports, the couple first met in 2007 during a Ukrainian Parliamentary Campaign. While some reports suggest they were in a relationship since the early 2000s.

Maryna Ponomarenko marrying with Michael Caputo in a tugboat in India
Image: Maryna Ponomarenko (left) marrying Michael Caputo (right). 
Source: YouTube

Well, however, the duo met each other, they have a 22-year age gap between them. The age gap didn't stop them from falling in love. Maryna was impressed by Michael's confidence, bold, and determined personality. As per reports, Ponomarenko moved to India in 2008 to study Yoga. 

Caputo followed her there as he couldn't stay away from her anymore. He went to India where he took her on a boat and tied the wedding knot on top of a tug boat in 2009. The duo then went on for an extended honeymoon before settling down in East Aurora.

Maryna's Raising Three Children

Scrolling through the pairs' social media, the pair are often spotted spending time with their two youngest children. As per reports, the couple is raising three children. So far, the identity of their kids is kept a secret, but we can see some of their pictures on the internet.

Maryna and Michael with their children
Picture: Maryna and Michael with their children. 
Source: Married Celeb

Maryna gave birth to the duos' first child in 2016 and the second kid in 2018. They first met in 2007, so the duos' first child, who is now 17, could be the child from the previous relationship. 

During the late 90s, Michael was in a marital relationship with a Russian student. They parted their ways with each other in 2000, and then Caputo converted into Catholic. Apart from these three, Michael is also the father of Miranda Jansing, who claims to be Caputo's daughter from the previous relationship. 

Ponomarenko unimpressed with Caputo's Politics

After the pair decided to settle down, Caputo promised never to get involved in politics. But after the call from Roger Stone, Michael broke his promise and decided to help Stone in the election campaign.

After an unsuccessful campaign in 2010 for Carl Paladino, he and Stone bid for Donald Tump's 2016 Presidential Campaign. Michael works for Republicans like Lisa Marie Boothe and Kellyanne Conway. During the Campaign, Maryna was a little unimpressed as he wanted to help Trump win the election.

Michael Caputo and Dennis Vacco during a testimony at the court.
Frame: Michael (left) with his attorney Dennis Vacco (right). 
Source: The Buffalo News

With perseverance and a good strategy, he helped Trump to become the leader of the free world. After the election, Caputo resigned, and he also faced the Russia Scandal at the time. As per reports, he is even called a rogue CIA agent, and he met with Russians to sabotage Clinton's election campaign.

He also testified for this accusation in the court. As per him, he did only one job in Russia in 2012, but before that, for a decade, he never stepped foot in Russian soil.


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