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Sat Jul 25 2020
By   Selena

Matthew Prokop is a former American actor and gamer who received worldwide recognition after portraying the role of Josh Rosen in the Disney Channel's Geek Charming. More to that, he is known for starring as Jimmie "Rocket Man" Zara in 2008 's film in High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

He was born on July 29, 1990, in Victoria, Texas, United States. His parents are Anthony Prokop and Deborah Terry. Further, she has one older sister whose name is Stephanie Prokop. At the age of 16, he moved to Los Angeles to continue his acting career at age 16. 

Is Matt Prokop Dating Right Now?

Actually, the retired actor Matt has not mentioned his current affairs to the media. But some tabloids claim that he is dating his new girlfriend whose name is Kristen Turek for a quite long time. Still, the couple has not revealed anything about their relationship timeline to the media. 

 Matt Prokop's Ex-Boyfriend, Matt Prokop With His Current Girlfriend, Kristen Turek
Photo: Matt Prokop With His Current Girlfriend, Kristen Turek
Source: Liverampup

As per sources, they were first spotted together in August 2017. Mention to that, here we come to know that Matt and his lover Kristen are close to American singer, Ed Sheeran, as per Prokop's one Instagram post. The two were seen together with Ed in his 2018 Divide Tour. 

Further, Prokop, 29, has been taking a fatherhood responsibility of his girlfriend's young daughter from a past relationship. So there is a chance that Turek was a married woman before.

His Ex-Girlfriend Is Actress, Sarah Hyland 

Yes, the High School Musical 3: Senior Year's star had split with his former girlfriend, Sarah Hyland, aged 29, after five years of relation.

The ex-couple started dating in 2008 after meeting during the audition of High School Musical 3. Likewise, they had their first formal date at Casa Vega, in Mexican. They just felt so natural on their first date, Prokop told Seventeen in 2012. 

Matt Prokop's Ex-Girlfriend, Sarah Hyland Claims That He Choked, Pushed and Threatened Her During Their Four Year of Relationshp
Photo: Matt Prokop and His Ex-Girlfriend, Sarah Hyland
Source: E! Online

During their relationship period, they became co-star after working together in Disney's film Geek Charming and the hit High School Musical 3. But suddenly the things between them went sour. They had officially parted their ways in August 2014.

'Modern Family' star went against her ex-boyfriend Prokopsaying that he allegedly physically and verbally abused or threatened her life. TMZ reported that Matt called her "c--t" over and over, citing court records. And her TV mom Julie Bowen was witnessed some of the abuse.

Then the 1.57 m tall actress got a  permanent restraining order against him. According to the court, Matt has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Hyland and her dog at all times.

Holds Thousand Dollars Net Worth

As of early July 2020, Matt Prokop maintains a net value of $500,000, which is alike to Kenric Green and Tim Loden. He has made his total fortunes from his acting professional career featuring in several movies and TV series. 

In fact, Prokop has already earned a good paycheck from his TV career. Thus, his annual salary is assumed to be around $40,060. Likewise his portrayed American comedy 2010's film Furry Vengeance earned $36.2 million on a $35 million budget. His next hit film is High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which grossed $252 million worldwide against the budget of $11 million.

Image: Matt Prokop on High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Source: Flickr

His TV credits are Hannah Montana, The Office, In the Motherhood, Medium, Good Luck Charlie, Modern Family, and Perception. But after starring in direct-to-video film April Apocalypse in 2013, he has not appeared in the film industry. 

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