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Sun Jun 25 2023
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Matteo Joel Nash is a Canadian star kid who is mostly recognized as the son of a professional basketball coach and retired basketball player, Steve Nash. Likewise, he is also known as the first son of the executive producer Alejandra Amarilla

Unfortunately, Matteo's parents got separated from each other when he was just one year old. Today in this article, we will discuss the personal life of the cute star kid while having little insight into his renowned parents' profile and relationship status. 

How Old Is Steve Nash's Son Matteo Joel Nash? 

Steve Nash's son Matteo Joel Nash was born on November 12, 2010, in Canada as the third child of his parents. Like Steve, Matteo Nash is Canadian, whereas Scorpio is his zodiac sign.

Matteo Joel Nash during his eleventh birthday.
Matteo Joel Nash during his eleventh birthday. Image Source: Instagram @stevenash

Matteo is currently staying with his father, Steve, stepmother, and four siblings and is studying at a private school. And speaking of age, Nash's and Amrilla's son, Matteo, will turn 13 on November 12, 2023.

What Are Matteo's Education Qualifications?

Well, Matteo Joel Nash has reached twelve this year and is currently studying in seventh grade in a private school situated in his hometown. Moreover, he completed his pre-primary education at a reputed kindergarten in his neighborhood. 

Matteo Nash and his sibling took a picture in April of 2023.
Matteo Nash and his sibling took a picture in April of 2023. Source: Instagram @stevenash

However, there is no specific information regarding the name and whereabouts of his school in any media or blogging site.

What Is The Height of Matteo Joel Nash? 

Matteo Nash is a physically fit and healthy child of his parents. He has a cute round face along with rare blue eyes and blonde hair.

In comparison to adults, the body of a kid grows faster, so it is tough to know the specific data of their body measurements. As Matteo is also a growing child, his body measurement changes continuously.

Matteo Joel Nash Has Four Siblings

Matteo is blessed with two elder sisters, Lola Nash, and Bella Nash. Being the youngest brother, he gets several affection from his twin sisters.

Matteo Joel Nash along with his parents and four siblings.
Matteo Joel Nash along with his parents and four siblings. Image Source: Instagram @stevenash

Apart from his two elder sisters, he has two half-siblings, Ruby Jean Nash and Luca Sun Nash, from his father's second marriage with Lilla Frederick.

How Did Matteo's Parents Meet?

Well, Matteo's parents Alejandra Amarilla & Steve Nash met each other in Manhattan, New York City, in 2011. Although it can't be said the couple loved each other at first sight, it is sure that they had a certain feeling for each other when they first saw each other. 

The ex-couple Steve and Alejandra developed feelings for each other after knowing they had a lot of things in common and soon began dating each other. On October 14, 2004, the couple welcomed twin daughters, Lola, and Bella, after three years of relationship.

A Quick Tour At Matteo Nash and His Parents' Wedding Ceremony!

For those of you who do not know, let me tell you that Matteo's parents Steve and Alejandra were not married when they welcomed their twin daughter into the world.

The couple tied the knot after seven months to their newly born twin. They exchanged their vows in a private wedding ceremony held on June 11, 2005, in the presence of their family members, friends, and relatives.

 Steve Nash and his former wife Alejandra Amarilla posing for a photo shoot
 Steve Nash and his former wife Alejandra Amarilla posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Amomama

The couple happily lived together after their marriage and welcomed a new child, Matteo, into this world in 2010. However, things between them did not go as well as expected afterward, so they decided to separate.

After six years of marriage, they divorced each other in 2011 because of internal conflict.

The Net Worth of Matteo Nash's Father: Steve Nash 

Matteo's Parents are very rich and have millions of dollars of assets. His father, Steve Nash, is a professional basketball coach with a vast net worth of $95 million. He has earned this considerable sum of money through his basketball.

Steve Nash collaborated with Wold and Shepherd back in 2019.
Steve Nash collaborated with Wold and Shepherd back in 2019. Source: Instagram @stevenash

Steve started his career as a professional basketball player and played for three basketball clubs, including Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns. 

However, due to an accident in 2015, he resigned as a basketball player and started working as a head coach for Brooklyn Nets in 2020. He earned most of his net worth through his professional basketball career from 1996 to 2015 before retiring.

Likewise, Matteo's mother, Alejandra Amarilla, has a net worth of $1 million like Daniella Deutscher. She has earned her career as a director and filmmaker.

What Was The Main Reason Behind Matteo's Parents' Separation?

Steve and Alejandra had been together for more than nine years and were married to each other for six years, and had three adorable children. Despite all this, the former couple got separated in 2011. 

The news regarding their divorce made all their fans and followers speculate various reasons behind their separation. Although Matteo's parents expressed dissatisfaction towards each other in public, they never disclosed the actual reason behind their separation.

Photo of Steve Nash, Alejandra Amarilla and Jason Richardson. 
Photo of Steve Nash, Alejandra Amarilla, and Jason Richardson. Image Source: She Knows

Although some rumors were speculating regarding Alejandra's relationship with former Steve former Suns teammate Jason Richardson at that time was considered the reason behind their separation. However, the stories turned out to be untrue as there was no proof regarding this rumor.

More Details Matteo's Father: Steve Nash

Steve is a former professional basketball player who is mainly recognized for his exceptional basketball skills and talent. He was born on February 7, 1974, to his parents, John Nash, and Jean Nash

The famous basketball figure Steve was brought up in a decent environment making memories with his parents and two siblings, Martin Nash, and Joann Nash. He completed his bachelor's degree in sociology from Santa Clara University, situated in Santa Clara, CA.

Steve began his professional basketball career in 1996 after being selected 15th overall by the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the 1996 NBA draft. He served the Phoenix Suns for two years and started playing for Dallas Mavericks.

Steve Nash along with his former Phoneix teammate.
Steve Nash along with his former Phoneix teammate. Image Source: Instagram @stevenash

In 2004, he again returned to the Phoenix Suns. Before his return, Phonix was performing severely; however, after Steve started playing matches, the tide turned upside-down, and Phoenix Suns started winning more games.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Nash in a sign-and-trade deal with Phoenix. He played for three seasons in Los Angeles Lakers before retiring as a basketball player in 2015 after several injuries in his back.

Is Matteo Has His Social Media Accounts? 

Matteo Joel Nash is not available on any of the social media sites. He has not made any profile on either of the social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

His profile is relatively low-key compared to other celebrity start kids out there. To support that, Matteo does not make many appearances with his parents in public. 


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