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Adpoted Celebrity Children (1995)
Fri Jul 07 2023
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One of the lovable television personalities, Connie Chung, and her husband, Maury Povich, had the desire to have their own baby. Therefore, the couple who married in 1984 adopted a baby boy in 1995. The adopted boy is Matthew Jay Povich, and today we will know about his personal details.

Jay was born in 1995 in the United States, which means that he is in his late twenties in terms of age. He further was raised by his adoptive parents Maury and Connie, who treat him as his own biological son since 1995. So far, he holds American citizenship and belongs to the white ethnicity after being adopted.

Matthew Jay Povich Enjoys a Single Life

As of now, Matthew Jay Povich blissfully lives a single life like Ryan Philipe. So far, he does not seem to be involved in any sort of romantic relationship with anyone. Many also assume that he may be gay because of his silence about affairs. He has not, however, stated his sexual identity to the media or the public either.

Matthew Jay Povich with his father, Maury Povich
Image: Matthew Jay Povich with his father, Maury Povich
Source: Affairpost

Thus, for now, 6 feet 1-inch handsome boy has no girlfriend for now and also loves his singlehood with his mom and dad. Likewise, there is also no information available about his previous relationships.

Furthermore, Povich is always seen with his father in many events, and he seems to be a good son to his family. Plus, in his spare time, he likes to fly to new locations and try new dishes.

Parents Got Hitched in 1984

Jay Povich's mother, Connie, and father, Maury, are enjoying their strong marital life for decades. Likewise, the two had their first interaction when they worked together on Washington's WTTG-TV news.

Matthew Jay Povich's father, Maury Povich and mother, Connie Chung got Married in 1984
Photo: Matthew Jay Povich's father, Maury Povich, and mother, Connie Chung
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Then after seven years of dating, they finally tied the wedding knot on 2nd December 1984 at a private ceremony. Despite being together for decades, they are still going very strong, with no sign of conflicts. Although the two do not have their own kids, Matthew is more than biological.

Matthew Jay Povich's Dad Previous Marriage

Before Yu-Hwa Chung, TV reporter, Maury was in a marital relationship with his first wife, Phyllis Minkoff. They shared the vows in 1962 but later got officially divorced in 1979 after seventeen years of togetherness.

These exes Povich and Minkoff are parents of two younger daughters named Susan Anne Povich and Amy Povich. And a brother, Mathew, is believed to be a great brother too. His two sisters love him a lot, and he cares about them very nicely.

Matthew Jay Povich: Being an Adapted Son

American journalist, on June 19, 1995, Povich and Connie Chung shared the good news they had adopted a 6-pound-12-ounce child. ABC reporter had previously suffered miscarriages and failed to conceive a boy. Plus, they attempted to adopt a baby several times, but for some reason, their efforts failed each time.

Lastly, they succeeded in adopting a child in the year 1995 and followed all the protocols in a private adoption.

Matthew Jay Povich was adopted by TV reporters Maury Povich and Connie Chung on June 19, 1995 during his birth time
Picture: Matthew Jay Povich was adopted by TV reporters Maury Povich and Connie Chung on June 19, 1995, during his birth time
Source: Gawker

Empire News, however, has speculated that Maury is perhaps the real father of Matthew. The newspaper claimed in a 2014 story that Maury tried to take the DNA test on himself to show that professional writer Mark Satterfield was incorrect in his claims about the validity of the Maury Show results.

Later, Povich mentions that he had donated his sperm during the period many years ago when he needed fast cash. While the father-son's probability of being directly linked still stood at 99.99 percent but further research was still going on.

Who Are Povich's Biological Parents?

As mentioned earlier, Povich came into this materialistic world in 1995, the same year Connie and her husband Maury adopted him. He was adopted after the couple could have a child of their own.

As for his biological parents, there isn't any information available. It seems Povich's adoptive parents wanted to protect the identity of his birth parents; because of this, they never revealed any information regarding his folks.

Furthermore, when the celebrity son was asked about this, he said he did not know his biological parents. He even stated that his adoptive parents are his biological parents,

Holds Million Dollars Net Worth

In fact, Matthew Jay Povich has no influential role in any area, yet has a net worth of $1 million or more. He earned his fortune from his father's and mother's bequests. As for his parents, they're both in the world of journalism.

Matthew's mother Connie Chung is a Chinese American journalist who holds a total net worth of $15 million which is similar to Cillian Murphy and  Amy Heckerling. Likewise, some of her popular TV shows like NBC News at Sunrise, Big Miracle, and CBS Evening News. 

Maury Povich maintains a $60 Million worth with the annual salary of $14 million as of early 2020.
Photo: Maury Povich's TV show Laury
Source: Onedio

Whereas father Maury Povich maintains $60 Million worth with an annual salary of $14 million. His revenue is mainly from his various gigs as a journalist, newscaster, talk show host, actor, film producer, and author. Maury is also known for the tabloid talk show, Maury.

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