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Tue Jun 27 2023
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Maya Oakley is the daughter of professional Vet star Dr. Michelle Oakley. She rose to prominence after appearing alongside her mother and sister on the show. This show starred on the Nat Geo channel from 2014-2017.

Following this show, the TV personality and veterinarian assistant, Maya did not make much public appearance. What do Dr. Oakley's daughters do? People have been wondering ever since. So, let's look at Maya's current professional and personal life.

Maya Oakley Boyfriend: Know Who Dr. Oakley's Daughter Is Dating

The celebrity daughter, Maya Oakley does not seem to be dating anyone currently. As there is no evidence of her being in a relationship with anyone, it is safe to assume Dr. Oakley's daughter is single at the moment.

Maya Oakley with her friend.
Maya Oakley with her friend. Source: Instagram @mayaoakley

However, this might not be true. Oakley is quite private about her personal life and hardly shares any information on social media. Maya might have a boyfriend whom she truly loves but has guarded his identity. 

Insight Maya Oakley Age & College Details

The veterinarian assistant Maya Oakley was born on December 2, 1998, in Yukon, Canada. The Canadian native Oakley was raised alongside her two sisters by her parents. Based on her birthday details, Maya is currently in her mid-20s in terms of age.

Oakley after completing high school attended the University of Western Ontario in London. As she is a Veterinarian assistant, one might think Dr. Oakley's daughter had studied a course related to it. But, Maya graduated with a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice in 2010.

Who Are Maya Oakley Parents? Know Their Love Life

Maya Oakley was born to Vet doctor and TV  Personality Dr. Michelle Oakly and her husband Shane Oakley. Unlike ladies in his family, Shane is a firefighter from Yukon, Canada. Maya's parents first met in Yukon while Michelle was still a college student.

Maya Oakley's parents Shane Oakley and Michelle Oakley.
Maya Oakley's parents Shane Oakley and Michelle Oakley. Source: Facebook Dr Oakley: Yukon Vet

Michelle who is originally from Munster, Indiana, United States, had gone to Yukon to study arctic ground squirrel ecology. During her stay in Yukon, the vet star met Shane and the two fell in love.

The unconditional love of the romantic couple only grew more and more Finally, Shane and Michelle decided to take make a trip down the aisle. In December 1992, Maya's parents got married in Hawaii, United States. 

Maya Oakley Siblings: Dr. Oakley Has Three Daughters

Maya Oakley is popularly known for being the daughter of Dr. Michelle Oakley. But besides her, Dr. Oakley has two more daughters. Maya grew up alongside her two siblings Willow and Sierra Oakley.

Like Maya, her two sisters have also appeared on their mother's show, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet. Dr. Michelle has a huge influence on her daughter's career life.

Sierra Oakley

Born on July 15, 1997, Sierra Oakley grew up In Yukon, Canada. Sierra attended a local high school in her birthplace where she was on the hockey team. Maya's eldest sister played from the left-wing forward position.

Seeing Sierra's aptitude for hockey, she was named captain of the team. Later, Oakley also participated in National Aboriginal Hockey Championships in 2012.

Maya Oakley's elder sister, Sierra Oakley.
Maya Oakley's elder sister, Sierra Oakley. Source: Instagram @sierraoakley

Even though Sierra was interested in hockey, her love for Dr. Michelle's work made her study veterinarian. Yes, Maya's sister rolled in St. Francis Xavier College to study Bachelor in Science Pre-Med in 2019.

Sierra is a Vet assistant to Dr. Michelle Oakley. She assists her mother on the show. She has made various initiatives to save the life of animals alongside Maya and Willow.

Willow Oakley

Willow Oakley is the youngest of all three siblings. She was born on June 15, 2004, in Yukon, Canada. She is currently in a high school in Haines. Like Maya, she appeared on their mother's show but she decided to pursue her career elsewhere.

Maya Oakley's younger sister, Willow Oakley
Maya Oakley's younger sister, Willow Oakley. Source: Twitter @YukonVet

Since Willow has not been spotted on the Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet show. Not much is known about her life but Maya's younger sister appears to be an animal lover since young age.

Maya Oakley Net Worth: What Is Dr. Oakley's Daughter Doing Now?

Dr. Michelle Oakley is a well-known professional vet doctor who has a net worth of at least $800k. She is an on-call vet for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, American Bald Eagle Foundation, and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. 

Maya Oakley is an activist and supporter of the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Source: Instagram @ mayaoakley

On the other hand, Maya has not officially talked about her professional life and net worth. Currently, Oakley is an activist and a strong supporter of the Minnesota Freedom Fund. She helps to raise funds and fights against the cash bail policy.

How Tall Is Maya Oakley? Know Her Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

Maya Oakley stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 6 inches (167 cm). The celebrity daughter has maintained a decent weight and has a slim body. Dr. Oakley's daughter has naturally blonde hair like herself.

By the looks of her social media posts, Maya has a strong sense of fashion. Additionally, Oakley's makeup knowledge enhances her appearance.

Maya Oakley's Dog Daisy Died In 2021

The Vet assistant, Maya Oakley lost her pet dog named Daisy on April 23, 2021. She spent 14 years of her life with her beautiful dog. Oakley believes herself lucky to grow up with Daisy.

Maya Oakley with her pet dog Daisy
Maya Oakley with her pet dog Daisy. Source: Instagram @mayaoakley

Oakley's heart was shattered when she had to bid Daisy last farewell. She has posted pictures of her dog with the caption:

"a girls best friend 🥺"

Maya Oakley Instagram's Presence

The celebrity daughter, Maya Oakley is quite popular on Instagram. With her ravishing posts, Maya has successfully amassed more than 24k followers on her Instagram profile. 

Oakley uses an Instagram account with the username @mayaoakley. She shares glimpses of her professional and personal life on this social media platform.


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