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Reporter and Anchor (1981)
Mon Mar 27 2023
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Meisha Johnson is a very famous American film, TV show, and web series Actress. She was born on 24 June 1981 in Minnesota, the United States of America. Her birth name is Meisha Phoebe Jean Johnson.

Although she is an actress, she is very famous as a reporter and anchor. She is a full-time reporter and anchor at "Eyewitness News on CBS". She is also very famous for her nickname Meisha. 

Parents Details

Talking about Johnson's parents, her father is Dwaine Johnson and her mother is Dian Johnson

Her mother was a ballet dancer and her father was a boxer. Also, her father is also a member of the theatre.

Physical Appearance

Meisha Johnson is a beautiful actress who has a very attractive and dashing personality. She is about 5 feet 5-inch (165 cm) tall and her weight is about 55 kg. She looks very pretty with her light brown hair and very attractive light green eyes.

Meisha Johnson (Source: Meisha Johnson 's Instagram)

Being an actress, she looks very fit and goes to the gym regularly. She is very health conscious and cares about her looks and appearance.

Daughter of  Dwaine Johnson

Meisha's father Dwaine Johnson is also known for his professional name "The Rock". He is a very famous American actor, businessman, and wrestler.

He started his career as a boxer and later he became a very famous wrestler. After his wrestling career, he joined the film industry and played a lot of movies as a lot of roles. 

Apart from Johnson's career as an actor, he is also a voice actor. He gave a lot of voice to the different characters in cartoon movies. He is very famous for voicing Maui, Cliffjumper, and Captain Charles T. Baker.

Talking about his net worth he is a millionaire. His total net worth was estimated at about $320 million

Earlier Life

The Bequeather Betty Benn actress Johnson is a very hard-working girl from earlier days. She was very serious about her career since childhood. 

Meisha Johnson captured with her friend (Source: Meisha Johnson's Instagram)

Talking about her childhood lifestyle, Her father The Rock is a very rich guy. So we can say her childhood was really awesome. She does not have any problem with money and other things.

She got all the things she wants. She got a lot of love and care from her parents. 


Fall In To Me actress Johnson is a well-educated woman. She is a very intelligent child since her childhood.

Talking about her education, she completed her graduation from Bethel University. She is also a master's degree holder. She completed her master's degree in sacred theology from Saint Joseph’s College, where Celeste Barber also graduated.

Relationship status

Talking about Meisha Johnson's relationship, she is currently living a single life and has not been married to anyone in the past.

A picture of Meisha Johnson (Source: Meisha Johnson 's Instagram)

In past, she had had a relationship with a nice guy but his name has not been revealed on any of her social media. She likes to keep her love life private.

TV Series and Movies

Being an actress Johnson played a lot of roles in different movies. She is very famous for her roles in movies like "Fall In To Me", "Cold Feet Carol Deering", and ''13 Hours in a Warehouse Jennifer Wilkins''.

Moreover, she played the roles in other a lot of movies like "Known For The Control Group Nurse Lee (2014)", "Actress Ultimate Redemption Dave's Girl 2 (2016)", "The Control Group Nurse Lee (2014)", "The Bequeather Betty Benn (2014)", and "Skinned Dr. Nicole Ridley (2011)", etc.

Journalist And Anchor

Meisha Johnson is a famous actor as well as a famous reporter and anchor.  At first, she became the anchor of the snowmobile TV show. After ending this show she was hired as the anchor of a weekly show "Sledhead 24/7" on the TV channel Fox Sports. 

Later she went on to become a host for many media organizations like Yokal Sports, Verus, and Speed channel. During this time she hosted a lot of sports programs like Softball 360, Trial Nation, and Yamana DVD.

Meisha Johnson (Source: Meisha Johnson's Instagram)

She also performed anchoring in a lot of motorcycle races like ATV and supercross in 2013. She worked for a TV station, KMSP, and worked as their traffic reporter for two years.

Additionally, she has also hosted the Dream Drive Segment although she was working for KMSP TV station.

CBS Philly

After anchoring a lot of programs and races on different TV stations, CBS hired Johnson as a traffic reporter in July 2015. This news was announced by some news channels including Philly Mag.

The contract was made for three years. Her contract with CBS ended in July 2018 and after that, she never joined any other TV shows.

Johnson's Life After Leaving CBS 

After leaving CBS Johnson started her new life and started to talk about the Christian religion. During that time she found some devout Christians around her. After talking with the she realized that her Instagram photos are not liked by the audience. They told her that she is showing off her things.

Also, they told Johnson that her dress and her lifestyle is also the wrong ways to grab the attention of other. After that incident, she went as far as possible from social media and removed all the photos from her social media account. 

However, she did not stop her career approach after leaving CBS. She condo at the Residences at Dockside on the Delaware River waterfront. She came back to her hometown and started to learn both, law and theology degrees at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.

From No religion To A Master Of Sacred Theology

In the first 29 years, Johnson was not involved in any religious activities, or promoting religions. But once she was employed as the director of Church Mission

Picture of Meisha Johnson with her friend. (Source: Meisha Johnson's Instagram)

In church, she learned a lot of things about religion, religious activities, and Sacred Theology. Her curiosity about the religions and Sacred Theology was increased more and more.

She started researching those things related to her curiosity. As a result, she becomes the co-founder and CEO of Psalm 91. At last, she became a Master of Sacred Theology.

Net Worth

Meisha Johnson is an actress as well as a full-time reporter and anchor so her primary source of income is reporting and anchoring. Her salary is estimated at about $45 thousand.

Her total net worth is estimated at about $1.5 million. Although her income is not sufficient, knowing her father's net worth we can estimate that she is living a luxurious life.

CEO Of ''Psalm 91''

Meisha Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of She is also a Christian Minister.

Psalm 91 is a very trustable and popular line in the bible. It is a prayer. The main theme of Psalm 91 is "how the god protects us and rescues us from the dangers". 

Meisha Johnson (Source: Meisha Johnson's Instagram)

Meisha Johnson and her team created the website so people can read the bible online and pray to god.

Some lines from Psalm 91:

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.

Social Media

Meisha Johnson has seemed active on social media like Instagram, and Facebook. She frequently uploads posts related to her profession and enjoyment. She has more than 18K followers on Instagram and more than 29K followers on Facebook. 

She seems to release inspirational and spiritual videos, on the topics like prosperity, forgiveness, and conflict resolution inspired by the bible on her Facebook page which gains a lot of views.

YouTuber Johnson

Talking about Johnson's life on social media she is also a YouTuber and has a youtube channel "Meisha Johnson" with above 2.2K subscribers.

Additionally, she has also an official account on LinkedIn. and she seems very active on it. She has above 500 connections on her LinkedIn. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • Meisha Johnson loves reptiles and one day would like to own an animal rescue or sanctuary.
  • Apart from Johnson's anchoring and journalism career, she also loves boxing.
  • According to Johnson, she would be a zoologist if she has not followed her career in TV shows.

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