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Mon Feb 24 2020
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Melissa Lonner is an Executive Producer of Getting Younger who has served more than two-decade as a booking, producing, and in the television sector. She, furthermore, worked as a Vice President as well as General Manager of Sirius XM Entertainment Talk. On the other hand, she also worked as a Senior Producer of NBC News; for almost five years she was list as Billboard's top women in music.

Lonner hasn't spilled beans about her birth date or age, however, she was born in Bangkok and raised in Munich. Her career breakthrough show was Making The Difference for NBC Nightly News coordinated the dateline hour specials of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, etc. What's her current relationship status? 

Who is Melissa Lonner Husband?

Although everyone has seen Melissa on many TV shows her personal details are still hidden from the public. She is not active on social network platforms because of that as well it makes it difficult to know about her relationship status. 

Many people have not spotted Lonner with any of her male companions as of now. So, there is very much the possibility of her being single but nothing is confirmed as of now.

Melissa Lonner At Her Office in front of her achievements in the form of Awards
Image: Melissa Lonner At Her Office
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However, she was married once but information regarding her husband and marital life is a secret. During the 2010 sexual harassment case that she filed against her former colleague, it was reported that she was in a marital relationship before.

Before the case, she separated with her hubby but no details are provided about the split. Not just that, any form of identity of her previous spouse is kept well hidden from the general public.

Lonner Sued Matt Lauer For Sexual Harassment

Back in 2010 When Melissa was in Rockefeller Plaza office on a couch for small talk with Matt Lauer she faced something unthinkable. Matt is a former co-host of NBC's Today show and a contributor for Dateline NBC. As per Daily Mail, he unzipped his pants and exposed himself to her.

Lonner claims that after the incident Lauer stopped talking with her. Firstly, she tearfully confided with her co-host Ann Curry and begged her not to mention her name to NBC executives for fear that Lauer would destroy her career.

 Melissa Lonner and Matt Lauer
Image: Melissa Lonner and Matt Lauer 
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Later on, Lauer was fired by NBC News in November 2017. NBC, moreover, gave Lonner a six-figure payout which she understood to be a condition of her not speaking in front of the media.

The bombshell allegation is dropped from the book called Catch and Kill written by Ronan Farrow. In his book, not only Melissa, her former colleague Brooke Nevils also accused Matt of raping her.

What's Melissa's Net Worth?

Lonner has yielded an enormous amount of fortune and wealth from a journalism career. Similarly like NBC anchor Laura Garcias, Melissa's net worth is estimated at $650,000. Whereas her former NBC colleague Sarah Bloom has a net worth of $500,000

Melissa Lonner Presenting Her Show On NBC News
Caption: Melissa Lonner Presenting Her Show On NBC News
Source: mailuk 

Her income ranges from $48,000-$60,000 as a salary which is an average wage rate of NBC personnel. Similarly, another mate NBC Host Sarah Montague earns a salary of around $50,000 to $65,000. Besides, there are no other revenue streams of Melissa as mentioned.  


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