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Thu Feb 02 2023
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Mercedes Kilmer is an American actress and producer who came into recognization and the limelight after appearing in popular movies like Pay Dirt, Ingrid, and Preetyface. Also, she is famous for being the daughter of a famous actor, Val Kilmer

She has been in the American film industry for over a decade and has contributed significantly by giving many superhit and successful movies. 

Furthermore, Kilmer was born on October 29, 1991, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and she holds nationality in America. 

Kilmer's Parents Are Renowed People

Kilmer has fantastic parents who are very popular among the US audience. Interestingly, both of her parents are in the same profession, i.e., acting. 

Mercedes Kilmer's parents are Val Kilmer (father) and Joanne Whalley (mother).
Mercedes Kilmer's parents are Val Kilmer (father) and Joanne Whalley (mother). Image Source: Fabiosa

She was born as the eldest child of Val Kilmer (father) and Joanne Whalley (mother). Following in the footstep of her parents, she decided to become an actress. 

In addition, Kilmer's parents live separately as they divorced in 1996 with a mutual understanding of taking care of their child. Some people say that the reasons behind their divorce are Val's relationship with Mare Winningham

Know More About Val Kilmer 

Val Kilmer is one of the most famous American actors who became famous after appearing in comedy films like Top Secret! and Real Genius

He is also featured in the military action film Top Gun and the fantasy film Willow. Because of his remarkable acting in the movie mentioned above, he has won many prestigious awards. 

In addition, one of the reasons behind Mercedes' popularity is her parents, especially her father, Val, who was already established as a superstar in America.

Kilmer Has A Actor Brother

Besides lovely parents, Paydirt actress Kilmer has a fantastic younger brother named Jack Kilmer, an American actor and model known for starring in the 2013 film Palo Alto

Mercedes Kilmer with her brother, Jack Kilmer.
Mercedes Kilmer with her brother, Jack Kilmer. Image Source: SheKnows

We often see their beautiful bond as brother and sister on various social media platforms, including Kilmer's Instagram posts. Furthermore, people in the US take the example of their sibling bond. 

Is Mercedes Kilmer A Millionaire?

Kilmer has a massive fortune of $3 million in his bank account, which she earned through her successful acting career as an actress. 

She made most of her money by portraying unique roles in TV series and movies. Besides this, she has also earned money by appearing in TV commercials and ads. 

Furthermore, Kilmer's parents are also a millionaire; by combining their bank balances, they will have a networth of $30 million. Without a doubt, Kilmer and her parents are a millionaire and living comfortable life. 

Inked Three Small Tattoo On Her Body

Pool Party actress Kilmer is a certified tatoo lover and has done a tatoo on her right thigh, left hand, and left ring finger which looks impressive. She has inked with black ink. Unfortunately, the tattoo details are still unclear as it is tiny. 

The tattoo seems to be like the footsteps of a young baby, which indicates new life. Furthermore, her Instagram handle includes only one picture where she shows her fantastic tattoo. 

Know About Kilmer's Relationship Status 

Mercedes Kilmer is a very secretive person when it comes to her love life. She always remains silent when asked about her boyfriend or past affairs. Therefore, information regarding her love life is still behind the curtains. 

However, as per online news, she is currently single and is not dating anyone. Her Instagram handles also prove this news as she is not seen with any boy except her brother. 

Kilmer Is A Pet Lover: Owns A Cat 

Preetyface actress Kilmer is a pet lover as she is often seen playing with her wonderful cat. She has also shared pictures of her and her cat with a beautiful, inspiring message. The message was about animal care and love. 

Image of Mercedes Kilmer's pet.
Image of Mercedes Kilmer's pet. Image Source: Instagram @mercedeskilmer

As mentioned above, Kilmer has a beautiful black cat, an ordinary domestic cat of no particular breed. Isn't It Amazing? Kilmer has even wished him a happy birthday and has considered him a friend via Instagram posts. 

Body Measurements: Height & Weight

Mercedes Kilmer has a lovely face and stands at a decent height of 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm), weighing around 58 Kg (128 lbs) which is suitable for her size. 

Furthermore, Kilmer has stunning black eyes, amazing brown hair, and fair skin. People admire her perfect body and pretty face. Also, she has done an ear piercing just like Arienne Mandi.

TV Series & Movies 

Without a doubt, Kilmer is one of the most successful and renowned American actresses who has been in Hollywood since 2014. She has given many popular TV series and movies throughout her career. 

Kilmer's popular movies include PaydirtVal, Preetyface, There IsNo GravityCloser to God, and Pool Party. Her latest and most popular movie is Paydirt.

Besides movies, we can also see her in many TV series such as Hollywood First Look FeaturesGood Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight

Career As An Producer 

As mentioned above, Kilmer is also a producer and has produced one film throughout her career. She is the producer of Val, a 49-minute-long biography released in 2021.

The interesting fact is that we can see Kilmer as one of the lead characters in this documentary. Moreover, this documentary is based on the true story of her father, Val Kilmer.

Kilmer Is A Blues Singer 

Besides being an actress, There Is No Gravity actress Mercedes Kilmer is also a singer and is one of the members of the ''Blues,'' a music genre and musical form which originated in the Deep South of the United States. 

Image of Mercedes Kilmer during her practice.
Image of Mercedes Kilmer during her practice. Image Source: Instagram @mercedeskilmer

Furthermore, she is considered a talented blues singer known for being microtonal, using pitches between the semitones defined by a piano keyboard.

IMDb Profile 

Kilmer has an outstanding IMDb profile with six acting credits. Besides this, she has also achieved four self-credits, one producer credit, and one archive footage credit. In total, her IMDb profile consists of twelve credits. 

Furthermore, we can have information about her movies, TV series, personal details, contact info, and many more on her IMDb profile. According to her IMDb, her debut film is There Is No Gravity

Social Media Presence 

Like other celebrities, Closer to God actress Kilmer has a huge fan following on social media platforms and is highly admired by US people. It could be the result of her unique and inspiring posts. 

She has a profile on Instagram, where she has amassed more than 14.2K followers in a short time. Her Instagram handle, @mercedeskilmer, mainly includes her fascinating pictures. 


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