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Thu May 04 2023
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Maria Soyoko Stammer aka Mia Stammer is one of the famous YouTubers of America. Although she was born in Japan she choose to pursue her career as a Youtuber in America.

She has been continuously entertaining people through her videos of fun, vlog, and tutorials on youTube.

Childhood of Stammer

The vlogger has not shared her exact birth year. But she celebrates her birthday on the 1st of August every year. She was born in Okinawa, Japan.

She was interested in making videos on mobile, doing makeup, and making funny videos from an early age. She converted her childhood passion into a career due to which she has gotten an incredible return of it.

Maria Soyoko Stammer aka Mia Stammer posing for a photoshoot
Maria Soyoko Stammer aka Mia Stammer was captured in a beautiful look with thigh-cut hair. Photo source: www. Youtube. com

Parents and siblings

The YouTuber Stammer has not shared any information regarding her parents and siblings on any of the social sites.

She loves to keep her personal stuff away from the media. It is the reason behind not sharing her parent's and siblings' names.

Stammer Loves to do

The You Tuber Stammer loves to dance, listen to music, do yoga, go to the gym, read books make makeup tutorials, in her free time.

She also loves to travel to different new places and explore the beauty of nature. She also loves to spend quality time with her family and loved ones.

Personal life of Stammer

The beautiful vlogger Stammer has always been a hard-working and dedicated personality from her early life.

Like Suzy Berhow, She has established herself as one of the most famous Youtuber in the world within a short time interval through her hard work and dedication.

Mia's Youtube subscribers

The famous vlogger Stammer has 42.8k subscribers on her Youtube channel Mia Sakayo as of the year 2022.

She posts funny vlogs, makeup tutorials, truth and dare games with her friends, and recipes for cooking on her official YouTube channel.

Stammer's ex-boyfriend

The beauty vlogger Stammer was previously dating a famous Youtuber Alex Denmon aka Rashnu. She was in a relationship with him for a couple of years.

But the lovely couple Stammer and Alex could not continue their relationship and finally decided to get apart from each other as girlfriend and boyfriend in the year 2015.

Maria Soyoko Stammer aka Mia Stammer posing for a photoshoot
Maria Soyoko Stammer aka Mia Stammer posing for a photoshoot wearing grunch pants and a cropped t-shirt showing her tattoo. Photo source: Famed Directory

Stammer's relationship with Kyle Hatch

The fashion vlogger Stammer is in a relationship. She has been in a relationship with a famous Youtuber and a web video star Kyle Hatch.

But the lovely couple still could not continue their relationship and finally ended in the year 2018. She is single at present.

The networth of Mia Stammer

The famous Youtuber Stammer has a total net worth of $3 million. She has access to such an amount through her career as a YouTuber.

She does not have any other personal business or other kinds of stuff that generates money for her.

Controversies of Stammer

The Fashion Vlogger Stammer. She was once controversial for forgetting her culture. Her fans are ashamed of her for forgetting her own culture and trying to be an American.

She, later on, apologized for it and passed a statement saying I am both Asian and an American making a separate video. 


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