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Mon Aug 07 2023
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Michael Miccoli is an American rising talent who played the younger self of Noah Flynn in the Netflix series, kissing Booth and its sequel. His amazing performance was well-appreciated.

Many people confused Miccoli with Jacob Elordi, who is the adult Noah Flynn. Michael has not appeared in any movies and TV Series lately. What does he do now? Let's find out.

What Is Michael Miccoli Age Now?

It has been a while since Michael Miccoli last appeared on screen. He was quite young when he portrayed the character of Noah Fylnn in the popular Netflix series Kissing Booth. Miccoli was interested in acting from a young age.

Michael Miccoli with his headphones on.
Michael Miccoli with his headphones on. source: Instagram @totalfootball_za

Now, Miccoli is in his early teenage days and is growing to be a handsome man. He was born on March 15, 2010, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Speaking of education, Michael was home-schooled, and later the child actor enrolled in acting courses.

There is one thing Miccoli loves equally as acting and that is playing football. Since young days, he used to play football a lot.

Michael Miccoli's Relationship Status: Is He Dating?

Apparently, Michael Miccoli is not dating at the moment and is single. He posted a TikTok of himself with a girl, but they do not seem to be dating. Well, the child actor-cum-model is yet to disclose his relationship status officially.

Michael Miccoli with his celebrity crush Joey Courtney.
Michael Miccoli with his celebrity crush Joey Courtney. Source: TikTok @michaelmiccoli

In the meantime, Miccoli has revealed that his celebrity crush is Joey Courtney. Additionally, the model admitted that if she was of the same age, Michael probably would have dated Courtney.

Michael and Joey have acted together in the Kissing Booth. Miccoli has even shared a TikTok in which he can be seen together with his celebrity crush.

Michael Miccoli Parents Are Into Modelling Too!

Well, the modeling thing must be in the genes of Miccoli's family. Both of his parents are in the modeling business too. Speaking of Michael Miccoli's mother, Irina Miccoli is a fashion model, actress, and artist.

One can see Irina's beautiful poses on her Instagram account @irinamiccoli which has over 20k followers. She is associated with the modeling agency such as 3d model agency, and De Sweden model agency.

Michael Miccoli with his parents Irina Miccoli and Justine Miccoli.
Michael Miccoli with his parents Irina Miccoli and Justine Miccoli. Source: Instagram @irinamiccoli

Speaking of Miccoli's father, Justin Miccoli is also associated with the 3D model agency and Micaffe. Not only this, but the celebrity father also likes to be physically and mentally healthy. Thus, he practices as well as volunteers Yoga, Taichi Zhineng Qi gong at Isha Center.

The family of three is quite happy in their own world. Michael's parents are very supportive of his decision. Irina often shares a family picture on her Instagram.

Michael Miccoli's Net Worth: What Does He Do For A Living?

Michael Miccoli has an estimated net worth of $60 thousand based on his lifestyle and professional life. Another Kissing Booth actress, Meganne Young has wealth worth $800 thousand. Miccoli has not appeared on the screen following his appearance in Kissing Booth.

Michael Miccoli wearing Local Rickz's cap.
Michael Miccoli wearing Local Rickz's cap. Source: Instagram @michaelmiccoli

If you are wondering what Michael is up to now, he is a model. yes, Miccoli is now associated with a 3D model agency alongside his parents. This agency is based in Capetown South Africa and was founded in 2002.

Besides this, Miccoli can be seen endorsing products of Local Kickz. It is unknown if the model owns the clothing brand but he wears Local Kickz's products often. In the meantime, Jacob Elordi, who played the adult Noah Flynn in Kissing Booth has a net worth of $4 Million.

Michael Miccoli And Jacob Elordi Are Not Related

When Miccoli first appeared on the screen, people guessed that he was related to the American actor Jacob Elordi. It was because of their uncanny resemblance and similar facial structures. Moreover, Michael and Jacob have an amazing relationship.

Jacob Elordi holding Michael Miccoli.
Jacob Elordi holding Michael Miccoli. Source: besttoppers

However, it was later clarified that Michael and Jacob are not related and are just co-actors. The acting duo Miccoli and Elordi have played together in The Kissing Booth, The Kissing Booth 3, and Euphoria

Some Favorites Of Michael Miccoli

Favorite ThingsInformation
Travel DestinationParis
Favorite CuisineItalian
Favorite ActorHugh Jackman
Favorite ActressMila Kunis
Interests and Hobbies- Dancing
- Singing
- Playing football

How Tall Is Michael Miccoli? Know His Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

Well, as per the birthdate, Michael Miccoli is just in his early teen days, but he is quite tall than people of his age. Yes, Miccoli stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 8 inches. 

Michael Miccoli is quite tall now.
Michael Miccoli has a height of 5 ft and 8 inches. Source: TikTok @michaelmiccoli

Similarly, Michael has a lean body with a sharp edge defining his body. As a model, he keeps his physical appearance well-maintained. 

The model resembles his mother, Irina, in his appearance. Without a doubt, he is going to be a woman magnet in the future.

Michael Miccoli TikTok & Instagram

Well, Michael Miccoli has turned his Instagram account private now. His account @michaelmiccoli has over 20k followers. Meanwhile, Miccoli has almost 200k followers on TikTok.

Miccoli has also started posting on YouTube and has subscribers in the range of 500 only. But it is just a beginning and the American rising star will surely grow his channel.


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