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Choreographer, Comedian, Multimedia artist
Tue May 10 2022
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American multi-talented actor, Michael Portnoy is well-known for his work as a multimedia artist, choreographer, and musician. Michael, who was born in Washington DC, holds American nationality and belongs to a white ethical background. 

Now, what about the personal life of Michael? Is he dating someone or is still single? Let's find out.

Current Relationship Status: Single

Michael Portnoy is currently living a single life as of 2019, without any dating rumors. He prefers to keep the information about his intimate life under the limelight, which might be the reason why he talks less about his personal life towards media.

Michael Portnoy with his friend
Image: Michael Portnoy with his friend 
Source: Instagram @michaelportnoy

Michael shares a good bond with his friends and family members. He also uploads many videos and photos with them. Additionally, his dedication and hardworking towards his work shows, he will get someone special in his life soon. 

Is Michael Portnoy Related to Mike Portnoy?

Michael Portnoy is not related. There is the confusion with the similarity in the surname, Portnoy. Two American artists are famous with the same surname. So, let us clear your distraction.

One is Michael Portnoy, who is a former comedian, a choreographer, and multimedia artist, and another is, Mike Portnoy, who is a drummer and a songwriter. 

Drummer, Mike Portnoy
Snap: Drummer, Mike Portnoy 
Source: Twitter @MikePortnoy 

Drummer, Portnoy is also the co-founder of the band 'Dream Theatre'. Mike was born on April 20, 1967, to the father Howard Portnoy who was a DJ at the local radio station. 

Multimedia artist, Michael was from dance and theater acting background. He used to dance with other artists behind Bob Dylan during the performance. Michael is also a great comedian. His talented and comedian collaboration performance will surely make us laugh out loud (LOL).

Michael's latest work is a 'Progressive Touch', a Total Body Language Reprogramming. It was performed at Berlin in 2017. Michael likewise, presented his work internationally Like documenta, which is an art exhibition performed under the theme Collapse and Recovery. 

Salary and Net Worth

Michael is one of the famous faces in comedian worlds all around the United States of America. He is earning enormous wealth as his remuneration and is also enjoying his net worth of around $100,000

According to the Payscale, the average salary of a comedian in America is $30,000, so Michael might be earning the same wage. His wage can be comparable to another comedian, Patrick Kieltyand blogger David Portnoy. Michael likewise, is also a choreographer, and the median pay for a choreographer in the United States of America is $48,420

Michael is living lavishly, enjoying his good salary as of 2019. As of newsart.net, Michale is also making music and singing in a few brands. 


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