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Food Eater, Teacher
Tue Feb 28 2023
By   Manish

American speed-eater, Michelle Lesco rose to fame after eating more than three jars of mayonnaise in only three minutes. Isn't it unbelievable? More to that, the star who is famous by her nickname, Cardboard Shell holds three Guinness World Records titles.

Recently, the International Federation of Competitive Eaters (IFOCE) and Major League Eating ranked Lesco at #9 position in the world after looking at her ravenous appetite for eating competitions.

Michelle Lesco & Brian Hochheim's Marital Life

Michelle Lesco is married to her boyfriend turned husband, Brian Hochheim. They tied the knot on 15th February 2017 in Pine Bush, New York. 

The bride and groom celebrated their wedding ceremony with their friends and close relatives. Their marriage was held at "The Emilia Grace" venue.

How She Met Her Husband?

While studying at the University of Arizona in 2010, Michelle Lesco met her spouse. At the time, they were classmates.

Michelle Lesco and her husband Brian Hoccheim visiting exotic places.
Photo: Michelle Lesco with her spouse, Brian Hoccheim.
Source: Facebook

Upon graduation, Lesco's longtime partner, Hochheim proposed her at the time of the evening on the beachside in Arizona. With so much happiness, she said yes to him. 

Recently, she and her soulmate purchased a ticket to World Slopper Eating Contest on 1st September 2019.

Mother Of A Beautiful Children

The married pair are blessed with three children. Together, they welcomed their first child as a son in 2017. Similarly, they share their twin kids, a daughter, and a son in 2018.

Michelle Lesco's husband, Brian Hoccheim playing guitar with the kids.
Photo: Michelle Lesco's husband, Brian Hoccheim, teaches their children playing the guitar. 
Source: Facebook

Henceforth, the pair are raising their children prosperously. Together, they also visit many exotic places. 

Vocation as a Math Teacher

Michelle Lesco serves in The Rising School located in Tucson, Arizona since July 2018. She also served in the Pima Vocational High School from July 2017 to 2018. Likewise, her other works are in Vail School District, Youth Volunteer Corps, and various others.

Holds Three Guinness World Records

Lesco competed in the Guinness World Records to become the fastest person to eat pasta. Moreover, she made an impressive record of eating a bowl of pasta in 26.69 seconds and listed her name in the book of Guinness World Record.

Michelle Lesco is trying to eat noodles as fast as possible.
Picture: Michelle Lesco is eating noodles in the fastest time. 
Source: Guinness World Records

Michelle also recorded her name twice in the Guinness World Records while eating a hot dog with no hands in only 21.60 seconds. Later, she made the world record of eating 2,448 gram (86.35 oz) mayonnaise in three minutes which is the equivalent to 3.5 jars. Just like her, Jenna Bandy also holds a Guinness World Record for the farthest American football thrown into a target by a female.

Net Worth - $1 Million

Michelle Lesco maintains a hefty sum of bank balances. Her net value is pretended to be around $1 Million. Similarly, her spouse has a wealth of $1 Million (estimated). 

Lesco earns a hefty sum of money from her profession. So, she makes an income $450 Thousand annually.

Charity Works

Michelle Lesco is working as an active member of various charities and organization to help the poor with water training and food supply. Currently, she is working with a non-profit organization, Charity: Water. She donated $2159.75 to the organization.

Lesco also gave $92.50 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Similarly, her other notable works in charity practices are with Clark County Fire Department, United Visions for Change, and many others. All her works proved that she has hearts of gold.

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