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Lawyer (1998)
Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of michelle odinet

Husband : Dr. Kenneth Odinet
Michelle Odinet exchange her wedding vows with Dr. Kenneth Odinet.

Michelle Odinet is an American lawyer disliked by most people because of one of her past behavior. The lawyer made it to the news when a video of her where she was heard using inappropriate words led to her being labeled as a racist.

The Louisiana native, who also served as a court judge of the city, was born in 1998. She has no one to blame but herself for ruining her career.

She Is Married To A Plastic Surgeon

Michelle Odinet has been in a married relationship with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Odinet. The Lafayette, Louisiana-based Kenneth is a certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. 

Dr. Kenneth Odinet is wearing a lab coat in the picture.
Michelle Odinet's husband, Dr. Kenneth Odinet (Source: Park Place Surgical Hospital)

Odinet has been married to Kenneth for more than twenty-five years now, and some of the hate Odinet received for the video where she used a racial slur was also translated to her husband. More details on their marriage are yet to be discovered.

Odinet's husband, Kenneth, is one of Louisiana's most successful plastic surgeons. He was previously involved with Lenox Hospital in New York and the University of Pittsburgh.

How Rich Is Michelle Odinet?

Michelle Odinet is a professional lawyer, which is her main income source. Her estimated net worth is believed to be $1 Million, and it would have probably been more if it wasn't for the controversy that single-handedly ruined her career.

Odinet has been quiet since the controversy, so it remains to be known what she is up to nowadays and if there is any other way she is making money. But her husband, Dr. Kenneth Odinet, still has a successful career as a plastic surgeon with an estimated net worth of $2 Million.

Kenneth has his own Skincare company called Odinet Plastic Surgery and Skincare. Odinet Skincare is a huge success and has significantly contributed to his wealth.

Odinet Is A Mother Of Two Sets Of Twins

The American lawyer Odinet has experienced what it is like to become a mother with her four kids. The interesting fact about her kids is that they have twin siblings. There are many instances of women giving birth to twins, but it's not every day you hear women giving birth to twins on two separate occasions.

Michelle Odinet and Dr. Kenneth Odinet are wearing white shorts as Elijah and Elizabeth are sitting next to them for the picture.
Michelle Odinet and Dr. Kenneth Odinet with Elijah and Elizabeth Odinet (Source: TheGrio)

The first twins she had were a brother and sister named Elijah Odinet and Elizabeth Odinet, respectively. She gave birth to other twins a few years later with Kenny Odinet and Caroline Odinet. 

Education Background 

Michelle Odinet is a professional lawyer, and it's not easy to become one. In contrast, there are many amazing fields where you can make a career without a formal degree. To be a lawyer, having a formal education and degree helps. Odinet has a degree from the Tulane University School of Law, as Kristen Deville mentioned in her article on Cypress Lake Wire.

Odinet has a degree in J.D. from the Tulane University School of Law. Before that, she had graduated from H.Sophie Newcomb Memorial College in 1990 with a B.A. degree. You can tell she has worked hard to become a lawyer.

Being a lawyer is no walk in the park; Odinet was not just any lawyer. She was the city judge of Louisiana up until the controversy. It is unfortunate to see how her career ended.

Body Physique: How Tall Is Odinet? 

Odinet is a normal woman with a normal body type. She made her career in law, and that industry is not strict with your body size like some other industries like modeling. 

She has the same body height as the popular dancer Janella Ginestra at 5 Feet 7 Inches (170 cm), complementing her routine body, which weighs 143 lbs (65 kg). The information on her shoe size is also available to the public, which is 7.5 (U.S.).

A Brief On Her Carrer

Michelle Odinet's image may have been ruined forever, but there was a time when she was respected highly in Louisiana. Here, we will be focusing on her career in Law and everything she managed to accomplish before ruining it all.

Michelle Ordinet is wearing a suit in the picture whereas Tim Breaux is on a suit.
Michelle Odinet with The Lafayette Republican Executive Committee Tim Breaux (Source: Reddit r/Acadiana)

The biggest achievement she made was becoming the city lawyer of Louisiana, which happened in the same month Alex Trebek passed away, November 2020. According to Nola, she previously worked as an assistant district attorney in New Orleans. 

She now lives a life full of shame, as what she did is unforgivable. Odinet was suspended from her job, and District Attorney Jason Williams also launched a probe to review all the cases she had worked on.

One of Her Children Was Removed From The University's Track Team

The effect of Odinet's controversial video, where she used the n-word, was not limited to her. Her son Elijah Odinet was also suspended from his college track team. Elijah, Caroline, and Kenny were all part of the track team at Louisiana State University, and while Caroline and Kenny didn't find themselves in trouble, it was Elijah. He was kicked out of the team because he was found to be stirring up her mom in the controversial video.

The University released an official statement regarding this whole situation which Brooke Leigh Howard has mentioned in her article for The Daily Beast. The statement, as mentioned in LSU's Instagram, was:

LSU Track and Field is a diverse group of student-athletes, coaches, and support-staff, and we respect these differences because they make us stronger. We will never tolerate racism, and we will continue to do our part in the ongoing work towards its eradication - through educating ourselves, engaging with our community, and honoring the distinctions that empower us.

The Famous Controversy That Ended Odinet's Career

It's a shame what happened to Odinet's career, as despite all her achievements, this is the only thing people will remember her for. She found herself in hot water when a video surfaced on the internet where she was heard using the n-word to describe the burglars.

She gave a formal statement asking for an apology for her inappropriate behavior. The statement was:

I take full responsibility for the hurtful words I used to describe the individual who burglarized the vehicles at my home. I am sorry for the pain that I have caused my community and ask for your forgiveness, as my words did not foster the public's confidence and integrity for the judiciary.

But there was no recovery from this damage as Odinet had no choice but to step down from her role in the Louisiana court. She was appointed the city court judge in 2020, and many people approved of her resignation.

Odinet's Battle To Keep Her License

After losing her credibility as a lawyer, there is a high chance Odinet could also lose her license to practice as a lawyer. To make matters worse for her, she could have her license to practice Law snatched from her, as the case is still going on at the time of this writing.

While she is doing everything to ensure her license doesn't get canceled, there is a slim chance of her winning, as all evidence is against her. It also doesn't help that everyone hates her and would probably like it if her license gets canceled.


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