Mickey Kelley The MMA Fighter, Know about his true story, Is he Still Alive?

Mon Jan 17 2022
By   rojina

Mickey Kelley is not a reality-based story of a man but a fictional character of the movie Born a champion.

The movie has portrayed by the story of Mickey Kelley an MMA fighter of the USA and the first black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Personal info of the actor who portrayed the character mickey Kelley

The actor Sean Patric Flanery of Born a champion who portrayed the character Mickey Kelley is really a martial arts player.

He is a martial arts specialist who started practicing martial arts at the age of 9 and has his own martial arts academy in the USA where he teaches martial arts to the kids.

Mickey kelley aka Sean Patric Flanery
Sean Patric Flanery ' Born a champion's Mickey Kelley. Source Sherdog. Com 

Is Born a Champion is based on a true story?

Born a champion actually is a hard sports drama film about a former marine, Kelley. The movie is not based on a real story.

The movie portrays the character, Mickey who prepares for a Jiu-Jitsu and rematch against his opponent who had cheated him on the first match.

Is Mickey Kelley a reality-based character?

Mickey Kelley is actually a famous fictional character portrayed in the movie.

 The character is somehow based on Sean Patrick Flanery the actor who played the role in the movie Born a champion.

Mickey kelley aka Sean Patric Flanery
Sean Patric Flanery ' Born a champion's Mickey Kelley. Source: Kiai Kick

Did the fictional character Kelley become a Champion?

Mickey in the movie Born a champion becomes an American black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion by playing for the second time.

 He got to know about the cheating of his opponent after 5 years from the internet sensation and again re-matched the game and wins it.

Is Kelley still alive?

The movie Born a champion shows that Mickey Kelley died after his climactic fight from health complications. But the final moments of the movie show that he is alive and well.

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