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Sat Nov 11 2023
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Miles Robbins came to fame at the start of his life. Firstly, Miles gained the spotlight as the son of an award-winning actor. Today's celeb in focus is the kid of the Golden Globe winner, Timothy Francis Robbins, or Tim Robbins' child. 

As a child, Miles became accustomed to the fame brought to him by his parents. While his father, Tim, is a big name in showbiz, so is his mother. Robbins is the third son of Susan Sarandon. Much of his early life went on without a hitch. So, how is Robbins' life going now?

Who is Miles Robbins Wife? Is Miles Married?

Miles Robbins doesn't have a wife or an ex-wife yet. However, Robbins might take his long-time girlfriend as his spouse in the future! And who is Miles romantically connected to? Keep reading and find out who Robbins is dating!

Miles Robbins and his girlfriend photographed together in a limo.
Miles Robbins and his girlfriend were photographed together in a limo. Source: Instagram

Miles has been dating the Australian actress Geraldine Viswanathan for a long time. Geraldine and Robbins sparked their relationship in early 2017. The following year, Viswanathan and Robbins finally revealed their connection.

Throughout the years, Robbins and his loving partner stayed away from controversies. Likewise, for the most part, Miles and Geraldine kept their relationship behind closed doors. Much about their days as boyfriend and girlfriend stay out of the fans' reach.

Robbins and Viswanathan kept their relationship afloat for over half a decade. So, Miles could be waiting for an opportune moment to propose. But for now, Tim Robbins' son isn't married to a wife yet.

Miles Robbins Bio-Wiki, Parents and Siblings!

Miles Robbins comes from a significant family in Hollywood. Both his parents are renowned artists. As mentioned above, Miles was born to Susan Sarandon and her third husband, Tim Robbins.

Miles Robbins and his family took a picture when Miles was young
Miles Robbins and his family took a picture when Miles was young. Source: Instagram

Tim and Susan gave birth to Miles in New York on May 4, 1992. The celebrity child, Miles, was named Miles Guthrie Tomalin Robbins. Also, Robbins holds the zodiac sign of Taurus. Robbins recently turned to age 31 on May 4, 2023.

Miles grew up in a loving family. However, he wasn't the only child of his parents. Tim and his ex-partner, Susan, had one son before welcoming Miles. Yes, the Blockers actor Robbins was raised alongside his older brother, Jack Henry Robbins.

More on Miles' family, Jack isn't his only sibling. Sarandon had a daughter from her previous affair. Susan had given birth to her first child with her ex-boyfriend, Franco Amurri. Franco and Susan named their child Eva Amurri.

Parents of Miles Robbins Never Married!

Yes, you heard that right! Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins never became husband and wife. Shockingly, Susan and Tim, Miles Robbins's mother and father, shared a relationship of over two decades. But Tim never wifed Sarandon over the years.

The relationship between Robbins and Saradon bloomed in 1988. Susan and Tim first locked eyes on a set of a movie. Tim met his long-time girlfriend while filming Bull Durham. Soon after meeting, Sarandon and her baby daddy started their relationship.

Miles Robbins was photographed with his parents and brother.
Miles Robbins was photographed with his parents and brother. Source: Pinterest

After their breakup in 2009, Robbins went on to marry Gratiela Brancusi on February 1, 2017. However, Tim and Gratiela decided to split in 2020 and finalize their divorce in 2021. 

Miles's mother, Susan, started dating Jonathan Bricklin. But Bricklin and Sarandon broke up by 2015. Later, the talented actress came out as bisexual in 2017.

How Tall Is Miles? Height and More 

Miles Robbins stands tall in both career and literal height. Moreover, Miles stands at 187 cm. Or in meters, Robbins is 1.87m. Lastly, the actor from Holloween is 6' 2".

How Rich Is Miles Robbins? Net Worth & More

Miles Robbins isn't the richest among the celebrities out there. But his wealth isn't anything to laugh at. As of 2023, Miles, the son of Tim Robbins, owns an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Miles Robbins took a picture next to a minicar in London.
Miles Robbins took a picture next to a minicar in London. Source: Instagram

Miles may own millions as his assets. However, his parents' net worth is much higher than his. Tim Robbins commands an estimated net worth of $70 million as of 2023. Tim earned his massive assets through over four decades as an actor.

Robbins's mother, Susan Sarandon, is as successful as her ex-boyfriend, Tim. Like Robbins, Sarandon lived a long career as an actress. Miles's mother debuted in the 1970s, and with fifty years in showbiz, Susan collected over $80 million as her net worth.

Despite his wealth, Miles keeps his assets hidden from his fans. Robbins hasn't flaunted his car or real estate on his social media.

Miles Robbins Started Acting As A Child!

Miles Robbins first came to the limelight as a background artist. Interestingly, Miles appeared briefly in the movie Dead Man Walking as a toddler in 1995.

Miles Robbins posted a picture of himself in his workroom.
Miles Robbins posted a picture of himself in his workroom. Source: Instagram

It would be over a decade before Miles would begin 

his career as an actor full-time. For his debut, Robbins appeared in the TV movie Possible Side Effects in 2008.

Robbins would take another break from acting after 2009. Almost after a decade, Miles returned to the acting field. He would then get his big break in 2018. Robbins found massive success in his projects, Blockers, The X-Files, and Holloween, in 2018.

Miles is said to appear in two more films in 2023. Likewise, Robbins is in the Y2K, which is in post-production. Similarly, Tim Robbins's son will also be in the movie Odd Dads. Like Y2K, Odd Dads is also in Post-Production in September 2023.

Is Miles a Musician as well?

Yes, Miles Robbins is also a musician. However, unlike his acting profession, Miles's musical career stays lesser known by the world. Robbins started a psychedelic pop with several songs released.

Miles Robbins Collected Over 70K Follower On IG!

Miles Robbins has been in the spotlight since the early 90s. Firstly from his relationship with Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. And then, Miles gained stardom as an actor and musician.

Miles Robbins took a picture of his Pow Pow Family character.
Miles Robbins took a picture of his Pow Pow Family character. Source: Instagram

Given his thriving career, Miles managed to gain a massive online presence. Firstly, his largest online presence sits at 72.8k followers on Instagram. Similarly, the multi-talented actor Miles shared over one thousand posts on IG.

After Instagram, Robbins is also on Twitter. However, unlike his IG, Miles has around 10k followers on Twitter, now known as X. Despite the low number of followers on the app, Miles regularly posts on X.

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