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Tue Aug 15 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Millie Blackmore

Ex-husband : Warren Jeffs
Millie Blackmore married Warren Jeffs and later they divorced.

Warren Jeffs, a now-arrested cult leader, is understandably hated by everyone. Religious Cult has always been an issue and looking at Warren's story, you can see why everyone is disgusted when they see him.

Millie Blackmore is one of the wives of Warren. So, who is Millie, the woman once part of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

Millie Blackmore Married At The Age Of Thirteen

Millie Blackmore married the infamous cult leader Warren Jeffs at just thirteen. The disturbing marriage is believed to have happened between the two in 2004.

Warren Jeffs face is shown is some kind of light coming from him.
A picture of Warren Jeffs (Source: Netflix @Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey)

Looking at her age when Millie married Jeffs, you could easily guess that it wasn't a consensual marriage. And you wouldn't be wrong to assume that the marriage was not consensual. 

Millie Blackmore's Parents Forcefully Married Her

Imagine your parents forcing you to marry an older man when you are still in your childhood. Poor Millie Blackmore was born into the wrong family. Her father, Brandon J Blackmore, and mother, Gail Blackmore, forced her to marry the now in-jail cult leader Warren Jeffs.

The only good thing about this story is that her parents were found guilty of doing it. Abigal Miller and Regina F. Graham for the Daily Mail have mentioned in their article that her parents had brought Millie from Canada in 2004 alongside Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Collen Blackmore to marry Jeffs.

Warren Jeffs Made A Lot Of Money Through His Disgusting Acts

Warren Jeffs was not only famous but an affluent cult leader as well before landing himself in prison. You can tell that the money he made wasn't honest work. His estimated net worth is believed to be around $100 Million, which seems a lot for someone who was supposed to do religious preaching. So, how did he make that much money?

Warren made most of that money through the FLDS church. He received a lot of donations from his followers during his time as the head of the church. FLDS also has considerable property, and Jeffs also had invested a lot in real estate, which was responsible for the money he made.

The house is two stories but has a huge land.
The House where Warren Jeffs's wives and kids lived (Source: YouTube @Inside Edition)

The hated religious leader also had a huge family and a lot of kids to take care of. He needs to have a huge house to keep them together. And the place must have been expensive, considering how big it was.

The house where he forcefully kept his underage wife and kids and was barely allowed to get out is in Hildale, Utah. The vast house had 42 bedrooms, which is a lot, but it still didn't sound enough to keep all his wife and kids. The now-seized house has now been turned into a visiting site for people to see, receiving mixed receptions from the people.

Warren Jeffs Has Asked Millie Blackmore's Parents To Marry Her

Millie Blackmore's parents were followers of Warren Jeffs. And Brandon J Blackmore and Gail Blackmore had taken her young daughter to marry Jeffs upon his asking.

Nate Carlisle for Vice has taken an excerpt from a journal entry found by the Texas authorities where Jeff has asked Millie's parents to marry her. It read:

I sat down with Brandon [J] Blackmore and his wife and his daughter, gave a training on the redemption of Zion in brief, in summary, and this girl was called on a mission, and they received it joyfully. And there Mildred Marlene Blackmore, age 13, was sealed to Warren Steed Jeffs for time and all eternity.

Millie Blackmore's Time During Her Marriage To Warren Jeffs

Warren Jeffs married a lot of women. And there isn't much information available on most women. The same thing can be said about Millie Blackmore. But Warren's daughter Rachel Jeffs has spoken to the media where she has talked about how Millie's marriage with her father was.

Rachel Jeffs is talking as there are people behind her listening to the interview.
Rachel Jeffs in an interview at Megyn Kelly Today (Source: YouTube @TODAY)

While speaking to the Vice, Rachel talked about the time Millie came to live with them. She didn't tell much, but one thing she said about Millie was that she used to cry a lot, which shouldn't be a shock to anyone since she was forced into marriage by her parents. These are her words about Millie:

I saw her struggle emotionally a lot. She wasn't really stable.

Millie's whereabouts remain unknown to this day. No one where she is, what she is doing, is even alive or not. Her half-brother Brandon S Blackmore also saw her last time in 2009, a few years after she was taken to the pedo religious leader, Jeffs. This is where he also discovered that Jeffs had married his sister.

Millie's Sister Was Also The Victim Of Warren Jeffs

Not only was it Millie who was forced into the marriage, but her sister Alyshia Rae Blackmore was the victim of this predator as well. Alyshia was brought with Millie from Canada to marry Jeffs.

This information was brought to light by her half-brother Brandon S Blackmore. Brandon revealed how his parents took his sisters to marry Jeffs. During an investigation post the cult leader's arrest, Vice reports that Brandon was asked to listen to the recordings of Jeffs having non-consensual intercourse with Millie, which was disturbing.

Consent is important in all kinds of relationships, whether you are a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. And poor Millie was forced upon by the predator Jeffs.

Who Is Warren Jeffs?

Now let's talk a bit about one of the most controversial religious leaders of all time, Warren. He is the former head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was born on December 3, 1955, in Sacramento, California.

To understand him, we must first know about his father. He is the son of Rulon Timpson Jeffs. Like Warren, he was also the president of the  Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a polygamist. Warren is a polygamist like his father.

Warren's good days are over, and there haven't been many more deserving jail sentences than his. He is currently rotting in jail as he was given life imprisonment for his crime in 2011. He was arrested on the charge of raping two minors.

Warren Tried To Take His Life

Jeffs, while in jail, tried to take his life in 2007. The suicide attempt was made by him just around when he was convicted of raping minors.

CNN reports that on January 28, 2007, Jeffs tried to kill himself by hanging. That wasn't the only time he wanted to hurt himself, as two days later, on January 30 and February 2; he did more harm to his body by banging his head on the wall.

Warren Jeffs is on his prison uniform.
Warren Jeffs presented to the court (Source: YouTube @ABC News)

In their November 7, 2007, published article titled Polygamist Jeffs tried to hang himself in jail, documents say; CNN has also brought up the fact that his brother Nephi, who had gone to see him at the jail, was warned by Jeffs that he was about to take his life. He had said:

"I am not the prophet. I never was the prophet, and I have been deceived by the powers of evil ... I ask for everyone's forgiveness." Jeffs also told his brother: "Farewell forever."


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