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Sun Jun 04 2023
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Misty Loman became viral after a series of her mugshot was uploaded by a Wisconsin sheriff, Adam Bieber. The viral picture of the United State's denizen, Misty in 2019 mainly showcases the transformation of her face and body. 

The change was due to Loman's meth addiction as well as her disease. She was out of the public eye for some time. Where is Misty Loman now? and What is she doing? Let's unravel this mystery.

Where & How Is Misty Loman Now?

Misty Loman is now leading a normal life. She has been living sober since 2020. One can see her enjoying her life again on her Facebook. She has started to love herself and do self-care.

After Misty's disappearance from the public eye, people thought she might have passed away. Furthermore, people even searched for Misty Loman's Obituary. 

Misty Loman is sober and living in kentucky now.
Misty Loman is sober and living in Kentucky now. Source: Facebook Misty Loman

Misty had gone to Sisters in the sobriety center in Bowling Green, Kentucky for recovery. Now, she frequently posts about her nephews. She likes how they amaze her with what they say and do. 

Additionally, Loman is a religious person now like Patricia Phypers. She has great faith in Jesus and has found peace. Now, Misty encourages everyone saying there is a god that helps you even at your weakest point.

Relationship Status: Is Misty Loman Married?

The viral Internet personality, Misty Loman is said to be married to Gary Glass Jr. Their current marital status is a little fuzzy. She has updated her relationship status as single on her Facebook. However, Loman also wished Gary his birthdate on April 13, 2023.

Misty Loman married Gary Glass jr.
Misty Loman married Gary Glass jr. Source: Facebook Misty Loman

Misty wished Gary on his birthday saying;

"Happy bday garyglass (bubby)hope ya have bestest day ever *"

Apparently, Loman still has a good relationship with her spouse, Gary. Besides this, not much in their relationship has been in the public eye.

Misty Loman Story: Lost Her 3 Children, Family, And Job 

Misty Loman shared the story of her sad past and the reason for being a meth addict like actress Jodie Sweetin. She has lost her children as well as her family. Furthermore, Loman was diagnosed with diseases like lupus and scleroderma. 

Loman was at her lowest point as she had lost everything which she held dear. Her infant child died which caused her great pain.

After the Internet personality was diagnosed with a fatal disease, Misty became pregnant with twins. She was excited about it. However, luck was not on her side as Loman lost one of her children in the womb.

The one who survived also died after 28 days after the birth. It was her breaking point and to deal with all the pain she felt, Misty started doing drugs. 

Many people might think, her children died due to the use of drugs. But, Misty clarified that her children's death has nothing to do with drugs. 

Know About Misty Loman's Two Sons

Besides the three children that she lost, Misty Loman still has two sons. She shares her two children with her husband Gary Glass.

Misty's two sons Corey and Jacob seem pretty close with her. Loman was ready to be out of her insane state only because they begged and insisted on recovery.

Misty Loman Face Transformation & Appearance

The viral internet personality, Loman gained media attention for her appearance. She used to be a good-looking woman with average body weight. 

Misty Loman before and after transformation.
Misty Loman before and after transformation. Source: YouTube @Alpha Talkz

Loman's change in appearance was her physical weakness and mental trauma.  As aforementioned, Misty was diagnosed with lupus and Scleroderma which both changes body appearance. 

Furthermore, Misty experienced a challenging period as she became involved in substance abuse, particularly meth, which added scary times that she faced. She was now all skinny. Her face was different from before. Misty Loman's mugshot that went viral shocked many people.

Misty Loman Net Worth: Dealing With Financial Problems

Misty Loman is living a comfortable life now. She uses the cash app for her financial transaction. However, she dealt with financial problems in the past. She has also been in and out of jail many times.

Misty Loman is living a comfortable and peaceful life now
Misty Loman is living a comfortable and peaceful life now. Source: Facebook Misty Loman

Loman was homeless as she had lost her home as well as her job. She did not have money to cure her disease. Her addiction was the root cause of this. 

Later, Loman was able to continue her treatment with the help she got from people from different corners of the world. 

Misty Loman Early Life: Age & Education

The Internet Viral Personality, Misty Loman's exact date of birth is not revealed yet. However, there are several speculations about her birthdate on the internet. 

Misty Loman before her body started to change.
Misty Loman before her body started to change. Source: Facebook Misty Loman

Based on her picture, Loman might be in her early 40s in terms of age. But, this might not be true. Loman was a disciplined student who completed high school at Bowling Green High School.

Misty has a brother named Glenn Bud. Her brother was proud and happy when she completed two years of being sober in 2022. Her brother is also in his early 40s as Glenn has posted a picture mentioning his age as 40 in 2022.

Misty Loman Is Active On Facebook

Misty Loman can be found on Facebook. Her Facebook posts show her stunning recovery. She has 6k followers on her Facebook account.

Besides her recovery, Loman also posts about her brother and nephew. She seems to love her nephew so much. Additionally via Facebook, Misty encourages others to have faith in god.

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