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Sun Feb 05 2023
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Mitzi Kapture is an American actress who got into the limelight and recognization for her exceptional acting skills. She is known for appearing in popular movies like The ProcessPerfect Crime, and Rules of Engagement

Apart from her acting career, she is also widely known as a successful director. As a result, she has achieved three directing credits on her IMDb profile. She made her debut film in 1994 by directing Silk Stalkings

Kapture Parents' Are Celebrities

The Process actress Kapture belongs to the acting family as both parents are renowned actors known for their acting skills. She was born on May 2, 1962, in Yorba Linda, California, USA, to her father, Patrick Donahue, and her mother, Bobbie Donahue

Picture of Mitzi Kapture and her father Patrick Donahue
Picture of Mitzi Kapture and her father, Patrick Donahue (Image Source: Ned Hardy)

Furthermore, Kapture and her lovely parents are often seen at numerous award functions. It seems the family of three lives a blissful life without any tension and loves each other.

Did You Know? Following her parents' footsteps, Kapture decided to become an actress from a very young age. As a result, she went to acting classes. Today, her hard work paid off as she is one of the most famous American actresses. 

Kapture Is Single: She Lives A Solo Life

If you believe in online tabloids, then, Mitzi Kapture is currently single as of now. There are no traces of her being in a relationship or dating any men. She seems to enjoy her solo life and is more focused on her career. 

However, she does have one beautiful love history with whom she stayed for a long time and shared a lovely twin. Yes, she was previously in a married relationship with an American actor. 

Keep scrolling to learn about Kapture's previous love affairs and her ex-husband.

Who Was Kapture's Husband?

As mentioned above, Kapture was previously engaged and married to an American actor. The actor is Bradley Kapture, who gained fame after playing a role in Silk Stalkings.

Picture of Mitzi Kapture and her former husband Bradley Kapture
Picture of Mitzi Kapture and her former husband Bradley Kapture (Image Source: Profvalue Blog)

The former couple exchanged their vows in 1982 with a grand celebration in the presence of their family members and close friends. However, they could not hold their beautiful relationship and separated around 2006

In addition, the former love birds stayed for twenty-four years without any worries and internal conflicts. They used to be an example of pure love and honesty. Unfortunately, Kapture and her ex-husband made their separate way. 

Kapture's Bank Balance: Is She Rich?

Perfect Crime actress Mitzi Kapture is a millionaire with a massive fortune of $2 million in her bank account. She earned that tremendous money through her successful career as an actress just like Keyna Reynolds.

On top of that, her successful and popular movies also assisted her in making her rich. Without a doubt, she lives a wealthy life owning many expensive items, including cars and watches. 

Former Love Birds Is Blessed To Twin

Mitzi and her former spouse Bradley share lovely twin daughters. The twins Emerson Kapture and Madi May Kapture came into this materialistic world on January 24, 1996

Picture of Emerson Kapture and Madi May Kapture
Picture of Emerson Kapture and Madi May Kapture (Image Source: Ned Hardy)

The lovely twin is often seen together via social media posts. The fun fact is they are currently residing with her mother, Mitzi, as she got custody of them after her separation from Bradley. 

However, Mitzi allows her twin daughters to meet their father. As a result, the twin gets an opportunity to bring love and affection from their mother and father. 

Is Kapture Tall? Know Her Height & Weight

Liberty & Bash actress Kapture is a short actress who stands at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm), weighing around 65 kg (143 lbs). Despite being small, she appears tall, which could result from the camera angle and a suitable dress. 

She has hazel brown eyes, amazing black hair, and fair skin. Interestingly, she dyes her hair with brown color and has wrinkles on her face. It seems she has wrinkles due to aging.

Movies & TV Series 

Undoubtedly, Kapture has been one of Hollywood's most famous and successful American actresses since 1987. She has appeared in numerous movies and TV series throughout her acting journey just like Regina Blandón.

Kapture's popular movies include Lethal Pursuit, The VagrantHis Bodyguard, Perfect Crime, Private Road, and Liberty & Bash. Talking about her debut film, she started her acting career in 1987 by portraying the role in House II- The Second Story

Besides this, she has also appeared in successful TV series such as Silk Stalkings, Baywatch, and Night Terror. She is currently working on the popular TV series Rules of Engagement.

Kapture Won The 2018 IFS Awards 

It is not strange that Kapture has been honored with one of the prestigious awards called the "IFS Awards." She won that award in 2018 for his fantastic portrayal in The Process

Interestingly, she has won an award only once, i.e., IFS Award is her debut. She was delighted when she was acknowledged for her acting skills. As a result, she got tears when she achieved that award. 

Was The First Choice In She-Hulk 

As we all know, She-Hulk is an American TV series based on Marvel Comics. It is the sequel to The Incredible Hulk (1977) series starring Bill Bixby.

Mitzi Kapture was first approached to play the main character of She-Hulk. She was offered to portray the role of lawyer Jennifer Walters. Without any delay, she accepted the offer and confirmed the position. 

Picture of Gabrielle Reece wearing red dress
Picture of Gabrielle Reece: She-Hulk (Image Source: Parade)

However, after some time, the project was dropped. The cause of this was studio execs reportedly didn't like Kapture. As per them, she was not suitable for acting. 

As a result, instead of taking her, the studio team choose Gabrielle Reece to play the main character, i.e., She-Hulk. Currently, this show is getting excellent responses with 5 IMDb ratings. 

IMDb Profile Info

Rules of Engagement actress Mitzi Kapture has received twenty-two acting and three directing credits on her IMDb profile. Her IMDb page also consists of two self-credits, one producing credit and one archive footage credit. 

As per IMDb, she has appeared in more than twenty movies and TV series. Her IMDb profile includes her mini bio, personal details, and awards. Regarding her horoscope, she is Taurus. 

Social Media Presence 

Mitzi does not seem to be fond of social media. However, she has a Facebook profile, which she rarely uses. She shared her last posts on Facebook in December 2022. Her Facebook handle, @Mitzi Kapture, has more than 3K followers.

Early Picture of Mitzi Kapture
Early Picture of Mitzi Kapture (Image Source: FamousFix)

Though she is not active on social media, she is very admired by US people. This could be the result of her activeness in numerous films. She seems busy watching movies and does not have time to use Instagram, Twitter, or other sites. 

Some Amazing Facts About Mitzi

  1. In 1973, Kapture appeared as a contestant on The $100000 Pyramid. In that show, she won $1,100 and a 7-day Caribbean Cruise.
  2. She was the writer, producer, and director of PSA for Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society in 2005.
  3. Kapture was one of the lead characters in The Dark Pilot for TNT.
  4. She was once featured on the cover page of Social Life Style Magazine. There, we can see her bold pictures and inspiring articles.


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