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Sun May 22 2022
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American sales manager, Miya Ali is well known for working at the 4-star hotel, Isla Bella Beach Resort & Spa Florida Keys. She is notable as the youngest child of Muhammad Ali, who's regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. She has made her appearance in the sports biographical documentary movie; I Am Ali.

Miya was born in 1972, in the United States of America and holds an American nationality. Born in African-American parents, she belongs to mixed-ethnicity of Irish and English heritage. So, is she married or single?. Find out more in details about Ali's personal life.

Miya's Current Marital Status

The 47-year-old, Miya is reportedly unmarried and lives a single life as of now. Despite born in a high-profile family, she keeps her personal life private. Nevertheless, she will surely tell about her love life in the media one day.

Miya Ali with her sisters, Maryum and Hana Ali
Photo: Miya Ali with her half-sisters, Maryum and Hana Ali, at Tribeca Grand Hotel on 2nd October 2014 in New York City, NY. 
Source: Getty Images

Miya further is currently busy with her works while pursuing her career in the field of business. She aims to be like her father, who was a very successful person, which might be the reason why she isn't dating anyone until now.

Ali's Parents (Muhammad & Patricia)'s Relationship

Miya's guardians, Muhammad Ali and Patricia Harvell were involved in a romantic relationship during the time of early-1970s. The couple, however, didn't last long and separated.

After the separation, Muhammad began to date Aaisha Fletcher. Unfortunately, they separated after they welcome an adorable child, Khalilah Fletcher Ali.

Miya's Dad, Muhammad's Other Marital Affairs

Ali's beloved father, Muhammad, was married to his first wife, Sonji Roi on 14th August 1964. Unfortunately, they file for divorce after two years of their conjugal life. Later, the registration court finalized their divorce on 10th January 1966.

Muhammad Ali with his first wife, Sonji Roi
Picture: Muhammad Ali and his first spouse, Sonji Roi. 
Source: Answer Africa

Upon the divorce, Ali tied the knot to a film producer, Khalilah "Belinda" Ali, on 17th August 1967. The pair were happy together, but something happened that led them to divorce on 29th December 1976.

Muhammad Ali with his second wife, Khalilah Ali
Image: Muhammad Ali and his second wife, Khalilah Ali posing for a photo shoot. 
Source: The Muhammad Ali Alumni

The former couple further shared four children from their marriage. Belinda gave birth to their first child, Maryum Ali, on 18th June 1968. They further welcomed twin daughters, Rasheda and Jamillah Aliin 1970. Their younger son, Muhammad, Jr. (born in 1972), is an entrepreneur.

Muhammad Ali with his children and wife, Khalilah Ali
Photo: Muhammad Ali with his wife, Khalilah Ali, and their four children. 
Source: Daily Mail

The former World Heavyweight champion, Muhammad, additionally was married to his third wife, Veronica Porche Ali, an actress on 19th June 1977. After living together for nine years in a marital relationship, they divorced by the end of 1986.

Muhammad Ali and Veronica Porche Ali's wedding day
Portray: Muhammad Ali with his third wife, Veronica Porche Ali, at their wedding ceremony. 
Source: Instagram @hanayali

Muhammad and Veronica have two beautiful daughters, Hana Ali and Laila Ali. Both of their daughters are involved in the field of acting and appeared in the sports biographical documentary, Muhammad Ali: The Greatest in 2016.

Muhammad Ali with his fourth wife, Lonnie Ali
Image: Muhammad Ali and his fourth wife, Lonnie Ali. 
Source: Pinterest

Ali was then married to his fourth spouse, Lonnie (Yolanda) Ali, on 19th November 1986. Their wedding was held in a small, private place where they invited their closed ones.

Miya Ali and her half siblings with their beloved father, Muhammad Ali
Photo: Miya Ali and her half-sisters with their father, Muhammad Ali. 
Source: Daily Mail

After staying in a conjugal life for around 3 decades, the couple's marriage ended with the sudden death of Muhammad due to septic shock on 3rd June 2016. Before the demise of Ali, he and Yolanda adopted a child, Asaad Amin.

Net Worth - $100 Thousand

Miya Ali has a net worth of $100 Thousand as of 2019. According to Glassdoor, a senior sales manager at Isla Bella Beach Resort makes $130,230 as an annual salary.

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Ali's beloved father, Muhammad, moreover was an active humanitarian who helped 22 million people from various charitable works. Before his demise, he sold his name and fame for $50 Million to gave food for the underprivileged communities in 2006.

A Book about Miya's Father (Muhammad) Life

Miya Ali's half-sister, Hana, wrote and published a book, At Home with Muhammad Ali: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Forgiveness. In the book, she expresses her emotional view of her great father, Muhammad Ali.

The cover of At Home with Muhammad Ali: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Forgiveness
Frame: Miya Ali's step-sister, Hana Ali wrote a book At Home with Muhammad Ali: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Forgiveness. 
Source: Amazon

The book addition is rated out of 5 from the readers. As of now, it is listed on the price of $25.99, but you can buy it for $12.68, saving $13.31 (51%). On the other hand, it costs $18.59, which includes 18 used ($7.12) and 29 new ($11.30).

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