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Sun Feb 12 2023
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Myles Lashley is the son of the famous wrestling superstar Franklin Roberto Lashley, also known as Bobby Lashley. His father Bobby Lashley doesn't need any introduction if you are a wrestling fan. He is part of the main roster in the WWE.

Myles was born in 2008 as the youngest child of The Dominator. As of now, he is the one and only son of the famous wrestler Bobby Lashley. 

Reasons Why Myles's Parents Are Not Together:

Myles Lashley may be lucky to be a son of The Boss, but his parents didn't have luck with their relationship. They don't live under the same roof, so at the age of 14, Miles has been left with no choice but to live in two separate houses.

His parents, Bobby and Kristal, were in a relationship for only over three years as the couple dated from 2007 to 2010. They were not married but engaged, which they called it off. 

They are getting picture clicked while hugging each other.
Bobby Lashley and Kristen Marshall spending time together (Source: Pinterest)

It was Kristal who cleared the air regarding her relationship with Lashley at Noonan Speaks Podcast by saying:

That relationship came about… let’s see… at the beginning of 2007. I’d say about, no, no, that happened WrestleMania 2007. That’s when we started dating and that happened quick! Lots of things happened quickly at that time. I have never been married in all of my adult life. 

Lashley also added:

My name is Kristal Marshall. It has always been Kristal Marshall. I’ve never been married. We were engaged. We had a very long engagement. We’ve had two kids together, but there was no wedding. That didn’t happen and I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It just didn’t happen.

What Is The Net Worth of Bobby Lashley?

Wrestlers might not make as much money as film superstars, but Bobby Lasley is a big name in the Industry. Father's fame and influence have helped Myles to become a bit of a celebrity. His estimated net worth is believed to be around $100 thousand. His parents have made much more fortune than that.

Bobby Lashley estimated net worth is around $4 million. His income comes from his wrestling works, and MMA works. Myles's father is not the only one who is rich as his mother; Kristal Marshall is also a wealthy woman with a net worth of $1 million. Like her ex-fiance, Bobby, most of her income comes from her time in the WWE.

Know More About Myles Lashley's Father Bobby Lashley

Imagine being the son of the wrestling giant Bobby Lashley. Myles is a lucky boy. But who is Bobby Lashley? If you are not familiar with the world of professional wrestling, one thing you should learn about him is that he is not the guy you mess around with. He has worked with some of the most prominent wrestling associations, like the WWE and TNA.

He is holding the belit by his right shoulder as his body is covered in sweat.
Bobby Lashley with his Championship Belt (Source: Instagram @bobbylashley)

He has crushed every wrestling division he has fought in. He has won the World Championship eight times and the TNA world Heavy Weight Championship four times.

Myles's Mother Kristal Marshall Worked In WWE Too:

Kristal Marshall might not be as famous as Bobby, but she was with the WWE until 2007. But her leading role wasn't in the ring.

She is wearing a denim jeans and a fancy black handbag.
Kristal Marshall getting her picture clicked (Source: Instagram @bajanbombshell83)

Although she wrestled for a while, most of her work in the WWE was related to ring announcements, backstage announcements, and manager roles.

Bobby Lashly Son Myles Loves Cooking:

Myles Lashley developed an interest in cooking at a young age. His father calls him the little chef. He loves cooking and can cook many unique dishes.

Bobby, in an interview, talked about his son's cooking skills. He was nothing but praises for his son. He said:

My son's a little chef. The stuff he puts out is phenomenal. Like, I don't cook. I'm like Myles what you need, he's like dad I want some steaks. He's cooking steaks. But then he's not eating. He's just cooking for us. Like no don't. You eat it! And now he has such an intelligent palate that if I cook my little garbage that If I put together, he's like this sucks. Like, alright lets order something.

Myles Has Two Sisters

The Dominator's son, Myles Lashley, is not only a son but a brother. He has two sisters. Their names are Kyra Lashley and Naomi Lashley.

They are in a mini golf course.
Bobby Lashley spending time with his kids, Kyra, Myles, and Naomi Lashley (Source: Instagram @bobbylashley)

Myles is like a sandwich if you compare them with their age. Kyra was born three years before him in 2005, which makes her his elder sister. Naomi was born three years after him in 2011, which makes her his younger sister.

A Quick Look At Bobby Lashley's Time At UFC:

Lashley was a colossal figure in wrestling, but many people seem to have forgotten that he is an MMA fighter. He once even left WWE and joined UFC.

Lashley didn't quit wrestling because he lost interest. Instead, he wanted to compete in both WWE and UFC simultaneously. WWE's owner, the notorious Vince Mcmahon, didn't provide him with the option to compete on both of them. Lashley talked about it in an interview with Sean Ross, where he said: 

I wanted to fight in both at the same time. But I understand that Vince didn't like that idea.

Though Lashley's stint as a UFC fighter was short, his record will put some professional mixed martial artists to shame. With a height of 6 Feet 1 Inch (191 cm) and a body weight of 273 lbs (124 kg), it's no wonder he dominated the fighting scene over there. He fought seventeen fights, where he lost only two and won the remaining fifteen matches.

Celebrity Son Myles Is on TikTok

Myles is present on the Internet. He is on TikTok. It is a platform that people have used to show their talents to the world, and he is doing the same as his content revolves around his cookery skills.

His TikTok account is @myleslashley. He might not be a massive name on the platform, but he is still young and can only improve. Plus, it also helps he has talent that will take him places. 

Most of the content is related to cooking, but he is still a kid, so he also loves to have some fun on the platform, whether traveling to places or spending quality time with his dog.

Did You Know That Myles's Father Was In The Military?

One of the famous faces among celebrities kid Myles comes from a military family. His father, grandfather, and his uncle all served in the army. His uncle was part of the Vietnam war, and his grandfather worked as a sergeant with a career than spanned over two decades. 

Not only that Myles's father Bobby Lashley carried on the tradition when he joined the army after finishing college. 

He is wearing a military uniform in the picture.
A file photo of Bobby Lashley in a military (Source: Wikimedia Commons) 

Bobby's time in the military wasn't as illustrious as his father's. His stint in the military only lasted for three years. It may have been short, but he is still proud and sees it as an accomplishment. It doesn't matter that he wasn't in the army for the same duration as his father. 

Bobby just wanted to serve in the military like his dad and succeeded. In an Interview with WWE, he talked about it. He said:

I grew up in a military background. My dad was in the Army for 24 year, retired, and he always taught me a lot of things about the military. I grew up and I did ROTC in high school so there was so much that I did in the military, outside the military, grew up in the military so I always knew that the military was gonna be a direction that I went somewhere in life.


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