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Sun Jun 04 2023
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Nala Davis is the daughter of a famous Basketball player Anthony Davis. Her father is a big deal among basketball fans as he plays for Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. 

Nala celebrates her birthday every year on November 2. Likewise, Anthony welcomed his daughter in 2017. She was born in Chicago, Illinois. At such a young age, Nala has already become famous, all thanks to her father.

Who Are Nala Davis's Parents?

Nala Davis is the daughter of Anthony Davis and Marlen P. The couple has been living a married life for a while now. It is unclear where and how these two first met. But the couple married life is no secret from anyone.

He is wearing a tuxedo, she is wearing a white wedding dress as they are holding hands.
Anthony Davis and Marla P. at their wedding photo shoot (Source: Instagram @antdavis23)

Although Nala's mother chooses to live a life outside of fame, she does make public appearances now and then. The two exchanged their wedding vows on September 19, 2021

On the first anniversary of their wedding, Anthony took to Instagram and showed his love for his wife, sharing pictures from their wedding. He captioned it:

1 year down and forever to go! Happy Anniversary! Love you 

Anthony's Courtside Antics Caused Outrage Among Fans

Nala Davis's father has been no secret to fans hating. Man has received criticism from fans and even professionals like Lebron James. However, this case was a bit strange.

When the Lakers played the Phoenix Suns in a preseason match in 2020, one thing caught everyone's attention. And that was Anthony, while on the bench trimming his toenails.

Some were fuming, whereas some just laughed about it. It made people angry because it happened after he signed a new five-year contract of $190 million.

This wasn't the first time the people had trolled him. His injuries have only given people more chances to hate him, from getting booed by the fans to people like Charles Barkley, Darvin Ham, and even Lebron James criticizing him.

Nala's Father Has Made A Fortune With His Basketball Career

Nala Davis is blessed to be born into a family that could afford almost all your wishes. Her mother, Marlen P., may not have disclosed much about her life, including her job and wealth, but her father, Anthony Davis, richness is no secret from anyone.

He is grabbing the hoop net while school bus is in the background.
Anthony Davis in a photo shoot for the 75th Anniversary of the NBA (Source: Instagram @antdavis23)

The star of the Los Angeles Lakers has a net worth of a whopping $130 million. He is currently on a five-year contract at $190 million with the club.

And it shows in the things he spends his money on. His famous Bel Air Mansion cost him $32 million. He also loves fancy cars, with his prized possession of Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII.

However, despite all the money, Anthony reminds himself to remain humble. He credits his father for injecting him with those values. He will most likely give her daughter Nala the same values he got from his father. 

Davis'father constantly stops him from recklessly spending his hard-earned money. He said:

I’m a big car guy. I love cars. My mom really don’t care. Get her excited, ‘Oh, have fun, spend your money, it’s your life.' Fathers, on the other hand … I’m like, ‘I wanna get that new car, I’m about to get this Lamborghini truck.’ And he’s like, ‘Aaah, no. You have seven cars already.

The Tattoo In Nala Davis' Father's Arms Indicates How Much He Loves Her

If you had doubts about the Lakers' number three love for his daughter, you might want to look at the tattoo on both his forearms. He has not one but two tattoos dedicated to Nala.

He has a tattoo on his left forearm for Nala. The tattoo is a picture of a baby. Not just that, there are two flowers right on the top of the baby's head. Although, the symbolism and meaning behind it are unknown.

The Lakers player has another tattoo done to show his love for Nala. This one is on his right forearm and is not as complicated as the previous one. It is just the spelling of his daughter's name. 

The letters are spelled vertically, covering his sleeve with the first letter 'N' wearing a crown. Stars and doves surround the letters.

Nala Davis's Father Was Rumoured To Have Dated Brittney Griner

Anthony has been rumored to have previously dated the controversial WNBA star, Brittney Griner. The rumor is limited to their relationship and that they were once engaged!

Neither of these two has confirmed it. But it didn't stop people from talking about their alleged engagement. 

She is about to throw the ball while the opponent is trying to block.
Brittney Griner in action for her national team (Source: Instagram @brittneyyevettegriner)

Griner is constantly known for making headlines for all the wrong reasons. She is one of the most disliked athletes, and most dislikes come from men primarily because of some of her remarks in the past.

The news of Nala's father and WNBA star is old news but again came to headlines after Griner got arrested in Russia. She was arrested on a charge of carrying vape cartridges. She was found guilty and has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

Why Many Laker Fans Wants To Get Rid Of Anthony?

Anthony Davis's injury issues have significantly affected his playing career. He has been one of the most frustrating players for the Lakers fans as he has missed essential matches. Not only fans but even his club are worried, considering the amount they are giving him to keep at the club.

He has a history of injuries. He was only fit for 36 of the 72 games in the 2020-21 season. The man has picked on over 50 injuries throughout his playing career. Some fans hope he will bounce back, but many have become impatient with him. Thus, they want to get rid of him from the club.

He is wearing a Pelicans cap and sitting on the stands with a smile on his face.
Anthony Davis Sr. watching a match of New Orleans Pelicans (Source: Daily Express)

It's no secret to Anthony how the fans have felt about him for a long time. Not just The Brow but even his father, Anthony Davis Sr., is well aware of it. 

Davis has even said that if his son considers leaving, he should never join the Basketball giants Boston Celtics. It is because of how the Celtics got rid of their player Isiah Thomas while he was still recovering from his hip injury.

His father said this back in 2019 while speaking to ESPN. He said:

I would never want my son to play for Boston after what they done to Isaiah Thomas. No loyalty. Guy gives his heart and soul and they traded him. This is just my opinion, not Anthony's. I've just seen things over the years with Boston, and there's no loyalty.

A Brief On Nala Davis's Father: Anthony Davis

Anthony Marshon Davis Jr. is a professional American Basketball player currently playing for the NBA team Los Angeles Lakers. He was born on March 11, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois.

Now coming to his physical stats, the man stands tall at the height of 6 Feet 10 inches (208 cm). He weighs 253 lbs (115 kg).

The former NBA Champion plays as the power forward for the Lakers. He has achieved a lot on the court. He is eight times NBA All-Star and has four matches with over 50 and 165 games with over 30 points.


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