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Sun May 30 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Nick Sylvester

Wife : Mina Kimes
Nick Sylvester Married To Mina Kimes

In the world of investigative journalism, Mina Kimes is a well-established name. She currently works at ESPN as a senior writer besides being an NFL analyst on NFL Live. Fans are curious to know about her married life with Nick Sylvester. So, who is Nick? What does he do? Do they share any children?

Nick Sylvester is best known as the celebrity husband of business and sports reporter, Mina Kimes. He is a songwriter and producer who have been working in the music industry. Nick is the co-founder of Godmode, an artist development company based in Los Angeles. Also, he is the founder of a music app called Bounce.

Nick Sylvester Wife: Mina Kimes

Nick and Mina has been married since September 19, 2015. Their wedding ceremony took place in Philadelphia in the presence of friends and families. Most of the online tabloids has written their marriage date as 2014, but that is completely false.

Nick Sylvester and his wife, Mina Kimes.
Image: Nick Sylvester married investigative reporter, Mina Kimes in September 2015.
Source: [email protected]_kimes 

When did they meet? Sylvester and Kimes first met in 2012 through their mutual friends. Soon their relationship grew stronger and after three years the lovers became husband and wife. They don't share any kids but has a pet dog named, Lenny.

The couple hasn't shared anything about their plans of welcoming a baby soon. It seems due to their hectic schedule, Nick and Mina want to wait for a child.

Know a little about Mina Kimes

The 35-year-old, Mina Kimes is an American investigative journalist. She is an expert on business and sports reporting. Kimes works as a senior writer at ESPN. Born to an American father and Korean mother, Mina graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a degree in English.

Mina Kimes works as a senior writer at ESPN.
Image: Mina Kimes is an investigative reporter working for ESPN.
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In 2013, Kimes joined Bloomberg News as an investigative reporter. While working at Bloomberg, she won the Front Page Award for business reporting.

Nick Sylvester Net Worth

There is no exact information about Nick Sylvester's wealth. Unlike his wife, Sylvester is a lesser-known name in the general public. Meanwhile, his spouse, Mina Kimes has a net worth of $1 million as of 2021. As per reports, she earns an annual salary of over $136, 453. Some of the well-known reporters whose fortune is similar to Kimes are Susie Gharib and Jennifer Horton.

Nick's wife, Mina Kimes' net worth is $1 million.
Image: Nick Sylvester, a songwriter, and producer is the co-founder of Godmode.
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Nick tried his luck in several professions. He is the first writer to review albums and musical works for Pitchfork. Also, Nick has written numerous reviews for bands including Man Man, Death from the Above 1979, Love Is All, Lil Wayne, Soulwax, and The Roots among others. Do you know, he was a member of a Brooklyn based post-punk indie band called, Mr. Dream?

At present, Sylvester manages artists and their works through his company, Godmode. Besides, he also made a music app called, Bounce.

Nick Sylvester's Scandal

Sylvester previously worked at The Village Voice as a senior associate editor. In 2006, he was suspended after being accused of fabricating a cover article titled, a look at the "secret society of pickup artists."

Sylvester acknowledged that a scene depicted in his cover story never happened. The disgraced writer offered an apology which stated: “I deeply regret this misinformation, and I apologize to Lookner for his distress, which I certainly never intended.”

Early Background

There is still no information on Nick's age and his family background. It is known, he studied Computer Music at Harvard University. Also, he was born into a musical family, where his father used to be a drummer. As per Nick, his grandfather encouraged him to take music as a career.

Nick first started playing in wedding and bar mitzvahs. After graduating, he moved to New York and developed some music production skills.

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