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Fri May 06 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Nicolette Gray

Boyfriend : Blake Linder
Nicolette Gray is currently dating to Blake Linder

YouTube vlogger with a self-titled channel known for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle documentation Nicolette Gray is living a very successful life. She has already accumulated over 1.1 million subscribers from her channel. Read entire article if you are one of her fans and want to know more about Gray's personal life. 

Bio & Early Life 

Nicolette Gray was born on April 15, 2002, in the United States of America. Gray grew up along with her single mother, Nina Gray. Her mother Nina is Dental Plus California's founder and CEO. She is also a member of the American Dental Association and the Professional Women's National Association. 

Likewise, in her YouTube videos, Nicolette has mentioned quite a few times that she has a sister named Blair Gray. The family shares such a close bond reflecting on the YouTube videos of Nicolette. 

Did Father Sue the famous Youtuber? 

Nicolette's father and her mother separated when she was young. But recently, when Nicolette was about to release her life documentary, her father came back into her life. 

Nicolette Gray at the premier of Beatycon
Image: Nicolette Gray at the premiere of Beatycon Source: Gettyimage

As per the report, her father sued Nicolette in court for talking about him in her documentary. Nicolette's dad didn't want anywhere to show his portion of Nicolette's life; so he took the huge step to sue her. However, in her documentary, Nicolette hadn't talked anything about her dad, which helped her win the case over her father on July 1, 2019.

Academic Qualification & Career 

As for her education, it is not quite known whether or not she goes to a high school for her education. It may seem Nicolette could be homeschooled as she is a famous media figure and YouTuber.

At a very young age, Gray came across Youtube exposure and got very fascinated with the limelight. So, she mustered up her courage to face huge mass behind the camera and started her own Youtube Channel. 

Current Relationship Status 

The famous Youtube vlogger is now dating a guy named Blake Linder. The couple hasn't really given their official statement about their relationship, however looking at the picture the couple share we can definitely say, they are in a relationship. 

Image: Nicolette Gray with her rumored boyfriend Blake Linder Source: Instagram

A few months back, Linder shared a picture with Blake and captioned it a heart emoji. The pair looks pretty cute together, and many fans want them to make thing official already. The most interesting thing is both of them belong to the Youtube industry. 

Past Relationship 

Before Blake, Nicholette was in a relationship with an anonymous guy. On February 16, 2019, she posted a video where she mentioned she celebrated her valentine day with her boyfriend who obviously appeared for few second in the video. 

However, going through the comments of her fans and admirers, we acknowledged that the pair broke up. The reason for their split hasn't surfaced yet. 

Net Worth & Salary 

Working as a Youtuber with hundreds of followers, Nicolette is earning a huge amount of money. Gray earns around $1 thousand - $16.6 thousand monthly from her channel. Her earning ranges from $12.5 thousand - $199.6 thousand in a year from the same channel.

Nicolette Gray in New York enjoying her holiday
Snap: Nicolette Gray in New York enjoying her holiday Source: Instagram 

On the other hand, her another channel earns her $54 - $867 monthly and yearly she gets around $651 - $10.4 thousand

Nicolette also owns her house in one of the most expensive cities of America called Beverly Hills. 

Income Via Social Media 

Her source of income is not only her channel but also her social media. Since she is one of the most prominent social media stars, Nicolette earns huge amount of money from her each Instagram posts. She also posts some of the ads and commercials earning her a huge grant of money. 

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