Nikola Jokic Wife: Natalija Jokic Welcomed A Daughter?

Tue Jul 04 2023
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Nikola Jokic is a Serbian professional basketball player who is currently playing as a center at Denver Nuggets. Following Jokic's entry into Denver Nuggets, the club has seen many victories. Recently, in 2023 Nikola held the Bill Russell Finals MVP Trophy after they beat Miami Heat in an NBA game. 

Aside from being a great player, Jokic is a great father too. He took his daughter while lifting the trophy. The hunky athlete stole the spotlight by including his adorable daughter in the celebration. Talk about being a champ on and off the court. 

Who Is Nikola Jokic Wife? Know About Natalijia Jokic

Nikola Jokic is married to his long-time girlfriend Natalija Jokic. Nikola and Natalija married in October 2020 after their engagement in January 2020. TikTok star Baby J also married in October 2020. Initially, the wedding bell was supposed to chime in June 2020 but was pushed back after NBA scheduled the game in Orlando, Florida.

Natalijia Jokic and Nikola Jokic got married in October 2020
Natalijia Jokic and Nikola Jokic got married in October 2020. Source: Instagram @jokic.natalijia

Following the wedding, the Denver Nuggets player rocks his wedding rings in his shoes every time he plays. Apparently, Nikola wants to keep a piece of his bride with him all the time.

The basketball player has known his now-wife since his teenage days. Moreover, the romantic couple are high school sweethearts. They initially met in Brazil at the age of 16. Hailing from Sombor, Serbia, Nikola, and Natalijia attended the same high school where their romance bloomed.

Denver Nugget's star will be celebrating three years of togetherness as a husband and wife duo in October 2023 with Natalijia. Natalijia has proved herself to be a loyal wife and the biggest supporter of her husband Nikola. 

Did You Know Nikola Jokic Wife Natalijia Jokic Was A Former Athlete?

Natalijia Jokic was also an athlete and was good at Volleyball. She even went to the United States prior to Nikola to play volleyball at Seminole State College in Oklahoma in 2013. 

Natalijia Jokic was former volleyball player
Natalijia Jokic was a former volleyball player. Source: Instagram @jokic.natijia

Nikola Jokic's wife was a setter and played two seasons in Seminole State. Natalijia being in the United States was one of the reasons why the Denver Nuggets star wanted to pursue his career in the United States. 

Natalijia Jokic Moved To Denver Alongside Nikola Jokic

Denver Nuggets's wife has been the biggest supporter of her husband since day one. Yes, Natalijia even sacrificed her promising volleyball career and packed her bags to join Nikola in Denver.

Natalia Jokic with Nikola Jokic lived in a three-bedroom apartment in Denver.
Natalia Jokic with Nikola Jokic lived in a three-bedroom apartment in Denver. Source: Instagram @jokic.natalijia

Nikola and Natalijia stayed in a cozy three-bedroom apartment. They were accompanied by the basketball player's two older brothers. The apartment was more than just a place to live; it transformed into a mini basketball court to them after hanging a mini hoop. 

Natalijia Jokic regarding playing basketball in the apartment:

"It's a little small for us now, but we're still playing one-on-one, taking charges, swearing at each other."

Natalijia Jokic Welcomed A Daughter In September 2021

Now, the Serbian professional basketball player has got two most supportive females in his arsenal. Natalijia welcomed her mini-me in September 2021. The romantic love birds named their daughter Ognjena. She will be two years old in September 2023.

Natalijia Jokic showing her baby bump.
Natalijia Jokic showing her baby bump. Source: Instagram @jokic.natalijia

Ognjena means fiery in the Serbian language. The couple hopes as their daughter to have a will of fire as her name suggests. Natalijia posted a picture from the baby shower with the caption:

"Thank you 2021, you were my favorite so far."

Nikola's daughter made her first Instagram debut on May 28, 2022. Ognjena was wearing a pink outfit and holding a basketball trophy. The child's birth has only strengthened the bond of this lovely couple.

Natalijia Jokic Takes Her Daughter To Nikola Jokic's Game

Ognjena is often spotted watching and showing unwavering support to her father in the stadium. Most recently, Natalijia and her daughter went to the 2023 NBA championship. 

Natalijia Jokic and Nikola Jokic with their daughter Ognjena.
Natalijia Jokic and Nikola Jokic with their daughter Ognjena. Source: Instagram @jokic.natalijia

Upon winning against Miami Heat, the dotting father, Nikola, took his daughter to court. He proudly received Bill Russell Finals MVP Trophy as his daughter witnessed this special event.

Balancing Fatherhood and NBA Life Is Hard Says Nikola Jokic

In an interview, Nikola Jokic says balancing his NBA life as well as fatherhood is quite hard. While dominating on the court, the Denver Nuggets star misses his daughter. 

Even though Jokic wants to stay with his daughter, Ognjena, and take care of her, the professional player has to stay away from home. Nikola said:

"I play 100 games away, I'm not home for 100 days, When I come home, Ognjena is different. Literally in five days, she changes you know."

The Serbian basketball player worries about being unable to watch her beautiful princess daughter grow. On this matter, Natalijia is quite lucky as she got to be on Ognjena's side all the time.

Natalijia Jokic Age & Bio: A Short Glimpse Of Nikola Jokic Life

As of now, Natalijia Jokic is in her late 20s in terms of age which is the same as her husband. She was born on January 4, 1995, in Sombor, Serbia. The Celebrity wife graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2018.

Natalijia Jokic graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2018.
Natalijia Jokic graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2018.. Source: Instagram @jokic.natalijia

Natalijia's mother's name is said to be Danica Macesic. Speaking of height, the celebrity wife is 173 cm tall. Nikola Jokic towers over his wife as he stands at a height of 211 cm.

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