Nina Dobrev And Shaun White's Relationship Timeline, Learn All About It Here

Fri Jul 23 2021
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Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s relationship started in early 2020 and their relationship has slowly blossomed into one of the most high-profile celebrity relationships in the world. 

The well-known TV actress has been dating the snowboarder for over a year and their romance has become a serious relationship. During the last year, they have taken numerous trips together and have produced some sizzling PDA. 

Additionally, the couple seems to be infatuated with one another and seem to be one of the sweetest couples on the internet. Read about the power couple and their relationship below. 

Nina Dobrev And Shaun White Started Dating In Early 2020

Dobrev and White’s relationship started in February 2020 as per this source, they were first seen in a South Africa safari. They did the classic ‘uploading photos from the same location’ which made Instagram users aware of their relationship. 

Nina Dobrev And Shaun White started dating in 2020
Nina Dobrev And Shaun White started dating in 2020
Image Source: Eonline

Around a month later, they were seen together on a bike ride. They also had their dog on tow which made fans suspect that their relationship was getting serious. 

In April 2020, Us reported that the pair had become a serious item right around the time Dobrev uploaded a picture of the two of them washing groceries together. 

Their romance started heating up in May 2020 and fans spotted them together frequently. In fact, in August 2020, they were photographed locking lips. 

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How Serious Are Nina Dobrev And Shaun White? Will They Get Married?

The couple had a joint family Thanksgiving dinner which shows that they are very serious about their relationship, the skateboarder and actress even uploaded pictures of their family dinner together. 

Dobrev and White seem to enjoy each other's company
Dobrev and White seem to enjoy each other's company
Image Source: The List

Dobrev and White also captioned the photo to express their love for one another. As the end of 2020 neared, the two uploaded even more pictures of them together. 

Half-pipe snowboarding star Shaun White has also uploaded several pictures of them together and seems constantly swooned over her in the media. The 3-time Olympic snowboarding gold medalist also celebrated Dobrev’s birthday with her in January 2021. 

After the birthday, they have shared almost all major events together. While they have not shared any plans to get married anytime soon, they seem to be enjoying a healthy and happy relationship that might prosper into a marriage. 

As of July 2021, they seem to be enjoying a fun-filled relationship. As a matter of fact, according to sources they are letting things flow naturally. They have been together for over a year and might take the relationship further in the near future. 

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