Nina Warhurst Married Life With 2 Children

Sun Nov 17 2019
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The art of balancing personal and professional is challenging. Nina Warhurst, however, is convenient when it comes to balancing work and life. Many people fail and only has one side of the coin successful, especially talking about celebrities. Nina has contributed her skills to many News network. 

Her career graph is quite similar to other English journalists like Wendy Hurrell and Lara Lewington, to name a few. The mom of two, Nina does not miss out on any opportunities to show her love to her hubby and kids. We can see this love on her Instagram, where she frequently posts pictures of her family.

Nina met her better half in Croatia

Love is never planned; it just happens. In this case, as well, Nina might've never thought that she would find her soulmate in the land of Croatia. It is still unclear the purpose of Nina's visit to Croatia; it might be work or just a pleasure trip.

Nina Warhurst with her husband Ted and two sons
Frame: Nina Warhurst (left) with her spouse Ted (right) and two sons. 
Source: MarriedCeleb

Either way, the British journalist met her future husband, Ted, in 2013. After instantly falling for each other, the couple started dating for almost a year before making a big move. In 2014, however, the pair felt it right for each other to take the big step in their relationship.

The duo walked down the aisle in an intimate wedding ceremony. The pair, about their big day, has not provided many details. Nina's hubby Ted is a caterer based in Manchester, England. Isn't it amazing how both of them lived in Manchester and never encountered each other until and unless they went to Tisno, Croatia? 

Nina Warhurst enjoying dinner with her husband Ted
Picture: Nina Warhurst (left) and her husband Ted (right). 
Source: Instagram @ninawarhurst_

It looks like destiny played a part in the lovely couples' relationship. It's been five years to their marriage, and the lovebirds still has the same old love for each other.

Warhurst is a proud Manchester Mum

In her five years of marital life, Nina gave birth twice. She is the proud mother of two sons, and she does not leave any opportunity to show her love via her Instagram posts. 

Nina Warhurst with her hubby Ted and her elder son
Image: Nina Warhurst (right) with her husband Ted (in the middle) and elder son (left). 
Source: Instagram @ninawarhurst_

As far as her Instagram post goes, we can tell Nina gave birth to her elder son somewhere around 2016. The couple is very discreet about their children, so they haven't provided any birth date and name details about their kids. Nina and her husband seem to enjoy the company of their son as we can see them traveling with their children around England.

Not long after that, Nina became pregnant with another child about which she provided an update via her Social media. The BBC correspondent's birth of her second child became quite famous as it happened around the same time as Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child.

Nina Warhurst after her delivery eating the hospital food while making a remark about Kate Middleton's birth of third child
Picture: Nina Warhurst (right) eating hospital food and Kate Middleton (left) with her newborn child. 
Source: Instagram @ ninawarhurst_

According to Manchester Evening News, On April 24, 2018, Nina posted a picture on her Instagram where she is eating the hospital food post-delivery. Not just that, she further wrote,

"You're not the only one who exudes class 7 hours after having a baby, Kate...".

Warhurst, Furthermore, urged Manchester mums to post their delivery photos with their kids on their social media.

Nina's Controversies or Rumors

There aren't many rumors or controversies surrounding Nina as she stays away from such scandals. Even though there aren't any rumors about her personal life, there is, however, one controversy, including her, which is reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the Daily Mail, Labour MP John Woodcock apologized to Nina in response to his tweet. As per the report on August 26, 2017, Nina posted a tweet referring to the beer prices in London. In response to Warhurst's tweet, John re-tweeted, which sparked rumors about him shedding light in Prostitution. 

Labour MP John Woodcock apology post for his earlier remarks on Nina Warhurst tweet
Frame: Labour MP John Woodcock apology post. 
Source: Daily Mail

After Labour MP Sarah Champion, who is also a prominent campaigner against sexual exploitation, talked with him, John took his post down. He later posted an apology tweet about his misunderstood post earlier. The Twitter users, however, got divided, and many lend support to John, saying that he made a joke, and he shouldn't apologize for that. Nina has responded to any of this controversy.


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